"Gold For Beginners" - All You Need To Know About The Precious Metal From UBS

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Motley Fool?

Excuse me while I ignore that piece.

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The article is multiple contributors opining on gold and gold related equitites.  That and the comments are interesting; more than you are giving credit for without reading it.

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As suggested earlier,  the EURUSD daily chart is giving bullish signals.

Gold info at blog.



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Grand Superbore, as usual: myopic, monomaniacal ,moronic,

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Gold is simple and easy to understand. It's only confusing to those who are already confused.

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Julien Garran's last job was as Natural Resources PM at Sofaer Capital. Where he spectacularly failed. Back to the sell side for you, sunshine. Those who can't do, teach etc. Flippancy aside, the guy is knowledgeable, but clearly doesn't understand trading

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As i see it, part of the 'problem' that needs to be understood is how gold is priced. It reflects the currency, for example a few grains of gold is worth many hundreds of trillions of dollars... Zimbabwe dollars that is. Another example is to look at gold price climb as rated in Euros during the past one year time period.

My point is, gold is valued at 1:1 and always has been. It is when a valuve of gold as compared to ___ that the 1:1 value is altered.

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What rate are you referring to when you say gold is valued 1:1?

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aside from some peripheral cogency regarding the most elemental understanding of the gold market, this article was devoid of insight, blighted with the same smug, self satisfied, complacent analysis which has pervaded and paralyzed conventional analysis into gold for decades. these "experts" are typical of the straight jacketed mentalities which are hidebound in the proprietary dimensions of their own trading stations. give me the imagination and insight of Alf Field, Martin Armstrong, Jim Willie and Jim Sinclair and leave these insipid day traders to ply the dismal circuits of their hopelessly limited financial hamster wheels. gold for beginners indeed. gold for old ladies and idiots more likely. must read? a terrible lapse and a terrible read by the usually astute TD!

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If you're a subscriber to the Hat Trick Letter, then you know way too much about this gold stuff to be looking for insights from ZH.

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yes hat trick , Sinclair , Russell.. .  now in its 11th year

so many top callers all the way from 300..

you would think all these just came to the dance people .

are so brain bound . and now they want to call the dance tunes lol

so we hear the same top is in .. at 1200.. as gold springs to 1650.

like broken  records of imbecilic economic understanding . standing on a pile of Keynesian sludge.  of course the sludge is eatable ,  



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+$1230 dumpster

I won't even bother to download the report.  I have learned so much about gold from fofoa, Sinclair, Jim Willie, etc.

I cannot see how Obama & Co. gets us out of the messes we have.  Too many problems.  Start a business here in the US now?  Forget it.  Taxes going up.

I am opting out and just want to preserve what I have.  Gold.  Silver good too.  And if you like yummy PMs, take a look at Platinum, its ratio to gold is relatively low by historical standards.  Protect them with guns & ammo.  So simple.

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What is money if not a means of storing wealth?

What is gold if not the best store of wealth that governments cannot create out of thin air?

I am storing more wealth today at spot plus $10.

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Please if there is anyone out there reading this and they think GOLD is in a bubble and would like to sell their bullion at present prices, then i'm your man.

At present i'm in a position to buy as much gold as someone wants to sell me whether it be 1 metric tone or 500 metric tone. 

This is no joke I will buy it so please e-mail me on domhk2000@gmail.com



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black swan

dont hold the breath ,, those that call the top have zero gold , zero wealth, zero understanding .

and like lemmings run to to the edge of the cliff.. and all together plunge into the ocean below .

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What he said!    ^--- dumpster & I don't think you will get many offers.

Wish I could buy a metric ton of Gold.  I buy Gold as income arrives, small quantities at a time.

Been doing that for decades.  With luck will buy for decades more.

Good luck finding BIG GOLD.  Seems that it is hard to buy LARGE amounts of physical gold now.  May soon get hard to buy small amounts soon...

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I met a strategist last year who worked for the Reagan economic team. I asked him about gold and he said, "Look, I never trade things that are only controlled by 3 people. Assuming he's right, whats your guess who the 3 people are?

1. SNB



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Read Jim's opine.............

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Gold for beginners:


1.  Gold is money.

2.  Money, like every other economic good, is subjectively valued by individuals.

3.  Gold, like every other form of money, has advantages and disadvantages.  Its advantage is that its supply is damn near impossible to inflate much.  Its disadvantage is it's not as liquid as fiats and not legal tender in most states.

4.  People demand money when most other investments are turning to crap.  They demand gold when most other forms of money are turning to crap.

5.  Stocks are crap.  Bonds are crap.  Fiats are crap.  What's that leave?

That'll tell you more than that article does.

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"If you don't trust Gold, do you trust the logic of taking a beautiful pine tree, worth about $4,000 - $5,000, cutting it up, turning it into pulp and then paper, putting some ink on it and then calling it one billion dollars?"

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