Gold Break Out In Progress

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Perhaps those 2 days of December 1,800 gold call purchases we discussed yesterday indicated someone (not Doug Kass mind you), knew something...Gold has just surged by $20 in minutes. Unless Blythe can find a way to contain this, this could get very ugly, very fast.

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"To infinity.......and beyond."

Buzz (Gold Bug) Lightyear

unwashedmass's picture shortable shares left. time for revenge. time to SQUEEZE....

unwashedmass's picture shortable shares left. time for revenge. time to SQUEEZE....

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Looks like double bottom maybe?

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The market manipulation in silver is so blatantly obvious.


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"(not Doug Kass mind you)"


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"The market manipulation in silver is so blatantly obvious."

Indeud, observe what happens when you let go, even for a fraction of a second, a beachball that you've been working day and night to pull deeper and deeper underwater.

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My favourite analogy GoinF.

Not a pretty picture, Mervyn King, Dominique SK, Benbabwe and Blythe.....riding herd on Silver.

Silver's moonshot will leave the most hardened of us smiling.

It's just not that time yet.


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Only so much they can do now...see my blog for more details folks...

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FOFOA called it to the day.  Gotta hand it to him.

Looking at my order for Krugs locked in at $1328 earlier this morning.  Time to head to the bank.

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Isn't that the sound Sputnik made????


To da moon Alice

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Hormuz?  Yemen? Or just TPTB manipulation?  Glad I've held onto Gold.

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Eat it Blythe you beotch!

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ya gotta let 'em know...

gold aint a bitch o' a ho'...

ma grillz jus' went lock limit down on sumthin pink & fleshy pinky

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I still say we need to pull a zerohedge train on blythe



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I will sit that one out as well. Now if we're talking an old school steam-powered locomotive with a cow catcher, that would be something I could support.

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I still say we need to pull a zerohedge train on blythe

I might say that as well, if I had any idea what it meant.

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My question is whether it is a rape train or a consensual train...

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In soviet America, Blythe runs train on you! What a country!

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Still might melt your dick off.

Just sayin'.

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Oh come on now. Is it weaponized?

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I'd hit it...  with a whiffle ball bat

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That, High Plains, would be bestiality.

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Oh come on now. There is no such thing as bad p.....?  Haven't you ever heard that before?  You guys are picky......Have a couple more drinks and then take another look. Hey go to bed at 2 with a 10 and wake up at 10 with a 2.....You got to believe!!!!!!!

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Finally. So happy that The Turd seems not having to shut down his blog :-)

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me too, less of the gang rape male bonding fantasies whenever the metals move up, unlike here.

seriously, CogDiss could do a post on the correlation between gold charts moving up, and male gang-rape fantasies, it's pretty consistent for some of the dudes here - the ole "money is power" meme?  or is it just "I love you bro' - let's go fuck someone up"?

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"Is that Wednesday' gold price in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"

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Do you really want to huuuuurt meeeee

Do you really want to make me cryyy

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I guess people figured out that if you can eat FAKE RICE, you can alsao eat GOLD!

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Lol.  At least gold covers the 'minerals' part of 'vitamins and minerals'.

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ROFL @ minerals

But of course Glass-Steagall is better than betting on either side (as both are wrong).  As gold at 1 million an ounce will be great for the owner on paper, the rest of the world however, would collapse. 

17 trillion debt gone overnight.  Why print money, when you can destroy fraudulent debt?


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Wait, Robo said it was being thrown overboard...


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thrown overboard but tethered to a rocketship

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So did Spaulding... we'll cut them some slack as they both have gnat-like attention spans.

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I should give Robo some slack...he is busy buying up Estee Lauder on a break out.


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it's only fitting for robo to buy este lauder. he uses a ton of makeup when he dons his yoga tights to spend an evening with the girls.

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So your saying the bottom is in ?

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your bottom is the meat grinder