With Gold Just 1% From Record Nominal High of $1,444/oz The Risk Of A Dollar Crisis Increases By Day

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O Rly?
I think it's too late to say 'near' boiling point.

It's 226 degrees.

Fukushima nuclear storage pool near boiling point CTV.ca - ‎25 minutes ago‎


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'Incredibly, the dollar has lost 7.5% of its value in less than 3 months (since January 7th 2011) and more than 17% in just 8 months'

Nope, never would have thought that possible...

'Thus, the dollar’s safe haven status is being increasingly questioned.'

But that was inevitable...

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Picked up some krugers, sure love those babies.

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Oh, and I bought a Rolex AirKing, discontinued model from the early 90's. What a beaut! Might come handy at the border, not everyone wants a Kruger...

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Yes, but no earthquake, so bullish if you ask me...

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17% in just 8 months'

Look at it on the bright side, it could have been 34%.

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Ben can raise rates in 15 minutes, gold is a bubble <sarcasm added>



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yes, and I'm trying to strap myself to it when it goes.

Need some extra strong braces if you have any spare. I used up all my nails when I affixed my tin foil hat to my head...

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Forgive me for blatantly posting OT, but spring is upon us, and thus, the season of revolt. Lot of big talkers on these pages, and that Operation Empire State Rebellion thing looked promising( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D6neBzTnOQ ). So, who has what plans? Time to carve out a corner of the internet and get things in motion. Things are slow in here right now, but join in.  Leave the page idle in the background and check on it occassionaly. Participate bitchez


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I admire ron paul's fortitude and  zeal, but i do not think his policys will be taken serioulsy.

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I don't think his policy is avoidable...

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yep, love Ron Paul, voted for him in the primaries


but he's had almost the same effect as tits on a boar hog


heightening awareness has been about the size of it

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So if no QE3 or extension of QE2 market goes down right.  Can we just call this skirmish in Libya what it is (wars = inflation).  It’s not a UN coalition effort it is just QE3 in disguise


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Thought up a new term for US  rather than stale old ones like democracy, representative republic blah blah blah.....


Genetically Modified Banana Republic

Whacha think? 

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It has a certain ring to it.

I was thinking more along the lines of 'Terminally Fucked Mickey Mouse State.'

or 'Land of the Skint and Terminally Bewildered'

Whacha think?

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I like it but won't work in "polite" company, you know, non-government folks.

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Love the America bashing, it makes it easy to single out the leftist brainwashed pogues.


Without America shedding blood and dollars over the last century this world would reside in the new dark ages.


Thank an American today for your freedom to post your drivel openly on the internet. You owe.


Good luck with your love for totalitarians, I'm sure they will repay your loyalty handsomely.

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Yes!  Isn't Al Gore an American?  Didn't he invent the internet?  See, you do have an American to thank for being able to post anything (drivel or not) on the interwebz.

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Hey, creed, besides being a stupid koolaid drinkin motherfucker, how about reading a book not wriiten by G.Bush or O. North. Start with some Edwin Black.

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Peace out Cossack. Trolls feed on anger. 


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Of course you are right ORI. I have always really, really hated nazis and they bring out the beast in me. May be something to do with an uncle that didn't come back and one that did less than when he went. The last "good war". Maybe so.  Thanks for the chill pill.

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There's more then one type of koolaid and it's obvious the American haters are sippin' as fast as they can.


Read some history and you'll find out that your betters sacrificed so you could have the freedom to spew your thoughtless vomit without consequences.


Oh yeah...some of your betters who died for your freedom were rednecks...how does it feel to owe a redneck, boy?


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we won't mention rendition then...

Surely you can't think that anyone with anything even romotely sarcastic or defamatory to say about a piss take of the US is 'a leftist brainwashed pogue'?

No one's that fuckin' stupid, surely.

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Well they need to buy a new F-15 today....that is good for the economy

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This is awesome! Comeon guys, lets take it viral!

Crash JP Morgan, Charge Silver!
(With a JP Chase Freedom 0% APR card!)



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JP Morgue will not be ¨crashed¨ by silver.  They either have the physical or the Fed will just step in and give them the money.  I believe that the COMEX is allowed to settle silver in cash anyway.

This DOES NOT invalidate the larger point; that gold and silver are likely to rise BIG TIME vs. the dollar and even the inflation to come.

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 fuck fisher, he's just another apple in the feds basket..Manipulation and propaganda through stratigic leaks to further there agenda..Fuck em all..

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Yeah?!?! Someone needs to tell Fishhead it's also hard to unfall off a cliff....moron.

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Unfall off a cliff. Classic!

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Rickards says the Feds cash flows are now so large from it's large balance sheet it can effectively back door monetize the debt to $750 billion/yr without breaking a sweat and no new official QE. Stealth QE.

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Rolling it over and over, Rickards is my favorite.  The Fed might find out they will need to monetize the entire amount soon enough if interest rates rise much more.

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Well, someone needs to tell Fisher to get his head out of his ass.

Bernie Bernak has been doing it for 2yrs now.

And this clown works for the Fed?.Who's he think he's fooling?.

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Yes, and so prepare accordingly.

Anyone with a Gold Buffalo avatar probably already has!  Good on you.

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Mister Market is more powerful than the privately owned banking cartel known as the federal reserve bank.

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Mister Market died long ago and replaced with Zombie Market. 

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It may be a zombie market that can be manipulated for a while. But in the end the market will always be the final arbiter. It will overpower anything they can throw at it.

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Doc E, I believe the "market" will long be redundant before it's time to swipe these vermin to the ground even shows itself.

Note the current war, now openly in progress. War is the ultimate reality distorter and the self-same money-men control the keys.

It's going to take Acts of God (Force Majure) to a greater degree than even the Clubbies of Rome ever imagned to finally bring this cartel down. And you can bet they will take many/most with them. 

Our salvation lies not in the invincibility of the market but in the innermost recesses of our "selves", long forgotten and the only, truly real thing we "possess".



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International currency diversification is favouring EUR.  For instance China is known to be dollar-swapping through the PIIGS back-door.  And when DXY no longer has international support, we get EUR out-performing (up 8% in three months v. USD).


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"It will shock the world." -- James Turk

James Turk has been saying for a month that when the dollar goes, it will go fast and "it will shock the world."  Says the DXY has support at 71-72, but after that it's a cliff diver. It's at 75.37 this mourning (sic).

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"Incredibly, the dollar has lost 7.5% of its value in less than 3 months (since January 7th 2011) and more than 17% in just 8 months since August 2010."

How are these moves "incredible". The Dollar has been much more volatile and has seen much steeper declines over periods of the last 30 years. The last 8 months do not stand out in any way whatsoever.


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And our debt is in uncharted territory.  How do you propose the dollar gets stronger under these conditions?  The only reason the $ isn't totally in the shitter, is because every other gubbamint is printing too.  Short gold if you are such a believer in The Bernank.

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That's why the US is posting rape gangs...err...TSA at airports now. We need to let you tourists feel welcome the American way, by fondling you or blasting you with rads.

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Last time going to Peru I got my free grope from TSA.

This time I did not, no radiation either.  Lucky me!

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My dad had been funding a Vanguard IRA for me- I withdrew all the contributions and spent some on gold and silver, other I keep in cash, made a few other purchases. He keeps telling me it's increasing in value, I keep telling him if it goes up 5% and the value of the dollar goes down 7%, it's a net loss.


Am I wrong? I don't think so.

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for being the one in a hundred that knows the difference between real and nominal.