Gold Rises To New Record In GBP - Close to Near Record Highs In Euros And Most Currencies On Global Debt Contagion Risk

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You can still buy gold? Who knew.

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try to find a weak currency and it is always record against gold

but what is the point?

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Bob Chapman explains what 'Trading Over The Counter Gold & Silver to be Illegal starting July 15 ' really means

Bob Chapman  of the International Forecaster explains in details what the 'Trading over the counter gold and silver " becoming illegal starting from July 15 really means , he says you should not worry about it , it is not going to affect the general public of bullion gold and silver buyers this is a market for professionals the aim for this legislation is to create panic confusion among the public and scare them from longing gold and silver while shorting the dollar bob Chapman says it is psychological warfare and you should not worry about it....







Gold price will shoot to jupiter this summer

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Be careful with the Put/call Ratio at highs of last years...

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yep PM's are pretty much the best performing asset class out there for the past decade James Turk said the other day, the real "Barberous Relic" is central banking

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Gold seems to becoming a risk off asset. I dont think it would be that eay with a sustained contraction and positive real rates, but we may never see that combination again with today's central bankers.

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"barberous" as in haircut-worthy ?

sorry Zero Govt not normally nagging on typos/spelling mistakes, but too funny.

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and Silver is that Hot Blond that takes you to bed after dinner and then acusses you of rape the next morning.

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Crap! I get a bit overdrawn on my line of credit and the bank is all over it like a rash. The Greeks get a lot overdrawn and the banks are falling over themselves trying to give them some more. Maybe if I change my name to AL Exandro

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As the tide goes out all boats decend, I stand on an island of gold.

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Default risk has not changed; it is still 100%.

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Watch and learn Gold bears.

Inflation threat - Gold goes UP

Deflation threat - Gold goes UP

The ONLY thing to bring Gold down is changing margin requirements.

This isn't about 'investment' - this is all about safety.

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Sinclair and Norcini on the depressed miner's share prices.

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Praise be to Die Spiegel.

Without a free press socialism might have lived a bit longer.

All of you do know socialism depends on trust that tptb are expanding government and taxes to benefit the people. When that trust disappears socialism dies.

Individual liberty thrives in weak governments where people are cynical and dont trust any politician.

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On the other news, Gold and Silver are down based on USD. This is what the market follows and measures per any other currency is ancillary. BTW, GOLD and Silver have been falling with equities and on a relief rally, they too will rise for a little while with equities. 

Gold and haven my ass!

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Forgot your dot gov again, badzooka

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New to the shill game?

I think you can do better.

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Gold cant survive a contracting economy with positive real interest rates. The question is does the government have the resolve and power to prevent it.

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"Gold and Silver are down based on USD"


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I say, gold bitchez!