Gold Robust Despite Death of Bin Laden, Geopolitical Risk Remains Elevated due to MENA And Increasingly Pakistan

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PM's getting beat down this week it seems.

Oh well, own phys paid with fiat.


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All commodities will be beaten down.

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Osama was likely dead many years ago.  The real issue is why is the claim being made now?

But why consider the truth when Ben can print money and make this world that serves Mammon happy?  The "strong delusion" will not last...

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Once Obama's poll numbers fall into the 30's it over for him. Think of the US Dollar dropping into the (DXY) 60's....

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Funny that GoldCore refers to bin Laden's death as murder.   Barry Soetoro's NWO handlers sure have a major hard on for Muslim radicals (and their grandchildren) in the Middle East these days.   

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Nuke Bitchezzzzz!!!!!!

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What! Osama's dead!

The media better get on this.  Sounds like a big story.

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First sentence, "Gold has remained robust despite the potentially negative short term implications for safe haven demand due to Bin Laden’s murder." 


I am thinking murder should be killing.


Good luck all...

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I feel perfectly confident with "murder"

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gold delivery intentions for tomorrow:  2;  total for may: 22

silver?  77 contracts(X5,000 = 385,000 oz)  75 of them going to jpmorgue customers.  may total:  87

DJ Comex Silver Delivery Intentions Breakdown - May 3

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Oh, now gold was just a 'safe haven' to offset Bin Laden? And not a collapsing US LOLlar in print'n'pump america?

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Another horrific gap down in SLW and AG this morning.

Flat out, the worst sector ever in relative performance.

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LOL, youre such a douche nozzle.

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You're giving "douche" a bad name.

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Is that right?

So what has gone up more than 132.5% in the last 12 months?

Douche nozzle indeed.

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Thanks for posting that.  Not sure what it means.

We have had freezes in the area the last two nights.  They didn't quite make it to my home, luckily, or I would have lost all my fruit (lost the apricots and some of the peaches back in March).  First time they haven't been killed by late freezes or hail in probably four years.  If we can resist any more hail and/or extremely late freezes (the last freeze is normally in MARCH), we'll have a bumper crop this year.

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Huh, I seem to remember you posting multiple erection charts of TZOO, which is now off more than 20% over the last week or so.  How come you never post charts of your goofy pretend stocks when they correct, but always pile in with the same tired whining about SLW?  If you don't like SLW don't fucking buy it for fucks sake, just shut up about it already.

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Considering this is a Gold related thread,you could have said Gammon,Jaguar or Kinross smartie.

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Execution suggests some sort of systematic review and organized death.  This SOB was just shot.


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I agree with Grantham in regards to shortages, but I think he is looking at the future as a linear projection of the past.  This is a cycle and it is going to accelerate.  Commodities are up due in part to demand, but the real explanation is the destruction of the dollar. 

Continued demand from China, or any other country depends upon the game not changing.  All fiat currencies are failing, and global trade is beginning to unwind.  The issues of the past, like low taxes, will give way to the issue of the future, jobs.  The markets of the future will not be open to China.  Their success will be their undoing.  Overcapacity will collapse their society.  Jobs will migrate back to soon-to-be closed economies like ours.  The Century of China which everyone foresees is going to be delayed for a decade or two.

A global collapse of our financial system and complete destruction of the dollar, plus the end of Free Trade, is bound to create demand destruction.  On the other hand, these types of system crashes tend to create global conflicts, and those eat huge amounts of resources.

Bottom line:  Grantham is right, commodities will never be cheap again.  However, these things don't go one way all at once.  They will fall in price and then ramp when the wars get started.

Gold is a special case, it is falling now but will recover quicker than other commodities because of the flight to safety with the destruction of the dollar.  There is record demand everywhere.  That leaves price only one way to go in the long run.  We won't see cheap gold again in our lifetimes.  I hope we will, but I can't see it. 

Note to self: 1) buy gold 2) find big rock 3) crawl underneath

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if silver is the poor mans gold, then what is the poorer mans silver?


two plus weeks ago when i headed off to my mountain camp to do after winter repairs, silver had just crested a surreal 40 dollars an ounce, and i see it hit almost 49 while i was there...the dollar tanked further, and gas rose 20 cents a gallon

bin laden is allegedly dead, though it seems like another gubmint lie based on what i've seen so far

no progress on fuku that i can see

up at camp, thousand year flooding took out half the nearest town and didnt even make the news

and the local news here is showing how to shine indoor plant leaves with banana peels


so the question is, why did i want to come back to this world exactly?

better off up in the hills with no tv, radio, or big picture news, where my only concern was fetching water and getting the fire started in the wood stove


bye all....dont think i'll be back any time soon

taking my pm's and food stash and i'm outie

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I thought this wouldn't happen until the first week in June, but 'desperation is as desperation does'.

We are now in the eye of the real 'weak-hand shake-out' storm.  I personally welcome it and in the spirit of full disclosure have gone 'all-in'.  BTFD does not apply here because this horse could buck either is the time to do a gut-check and truly question what you believe in, because I'll tell it to you straight: there are many, many tricks left in their bag.  My advice is to think about how you envision your life and society eight months from now and act on it.  If you think the markets will be stable and the geopolitical environment will be peaches n' cream, then sell, sell, sell. (a'la Cramer) If you believe the opposite to be true, then buy, buy, fuckin' buy. (a'la ZapBranigan)

Again, this comes down to what you feel in your spine...act accordingly. ('cause I am personally sick and fucking tired of the weak-hands, leave already)



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So killing OBL didn't completely change the course of history? Odd.

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what more can one say...


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Ask yourself this: What am I suppose to be distracted from by the alleged OBL summary execution?  Open your eyes.  What your suppose to see isn't.  Look behind the curtain.