"Gold Set To Rally" - Goldman Expects Gold To Promptly Rise To $1,480

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As we are experiencing a furious regime change, the sellside positional updates are coming fast and furious. The latest major recommendation change comes again from Goldman which has just reiterated its belief gold will reach its 3 month target of $1,480 shortly. Of course, after a Cramer recommendation to buy the metal, this is the only call for a higher gold price that should be of great concern to everyone. From Goldman: "We expect gold prices to rally toward our 3-month price target of $1480/toz, and continue to recommend a long gold trade. While the protests and threat to oil supplies in the Middle East and North Africa drove COMEX gold prices to a new record high of $1437/toz on March 2, the events in Japan have paradoxically sent gold prices back below  $1400/toz despite the ongoing decline in US 10-year TIPS yields. Given the decline in US real interest rates, we see the recent retracement in gold prices as offering a good buying opportunity, and maintain our long gold trading recommendation as we expect gold to rally to our 3-month price target of $1480/toz."

Full report:

Gold to Rally

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ZeroPower's picture

GS on other side of the trade? Hmmm..

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Yea, big time sell signal. Or for those of us with dry powder on standby and gold in our hands, it means our time to buy is approaching.

Sam Clemons's picture

It looks toppy in the medium term (long term, up of course) to me and now GS says this. 

Silverhog's picture

These Goldman guys must sleep under logs. Where the hell have they been.

TradingJoe's picture

And here to time to short PAPER GLD?SLV?

silvertrain's picture

 Add another state to the gold-silver debate tyler,


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I think silver is set to explode . Apmex's inventory is down to crumbs , my two local coins shops have no silver in stock.They have both taken there phone's off the hook because of calls for silver.I am in Western Canada and there is NOTHING to be had.

Henry Chinaski's picture

$4-5 premiums on maples and eagles and delayed deliveries.  Are there any reports yet of people camping out overnight or lotteries to buy silver?

Reminds me of the condo market here in FL about 6 years ago. 

I Got Worms's picture

Bought 20 oz of American Eagles at my coin store last week - spot was a little over 36$ at the time, and they charged me $41 each.

Thisson's picture

What's the big deal?

You can get all of the silver you want online at the nucleo exchange on bullion direct.  As I post this, there are 1000 silver eagles on offer at $38.70, and spot is $35.11.   

LawsofPhysics's picture

GS knows that the zionists have clamped down on physical and a run on physical is coming.  So what is the trade?  Especially if all the holders of physical are getting ready to say "piss off".  I see only two options now, new world currency or WWIII?

Watauga's picture

Looks almost as if you want such a thing to occur.  WWIII, obviously, would be of Armageddon proportions.  How would this happen?  Arab nations cut off flow of oil and Western nations invade, followed by China or Russia coming in to stop Western wealth/power grab?  Please explain how WWIII occurs.  As for dollar collapse, please explain how that occurs.  PM hoarders want to believe that their PMs are the only safe haven as the dollar dies, but with MENA unrest, the Japan catastrophes, China every day being revealed to be at least in part a fraud, and the emerging markets being just that, the dollar may be the only sound investment option left at some point, in spite of its troubles (because, realistically, the world is not going to turn to gold and silver as currency).

If physical PMs are the only way to go, then something like 99.99% of Americans--indeed, world--investors are going to get crushed.  Don't see that happening. 

Gold to $1225--buy at $1250 to be safe.

Silver to $23--buy at $25 to be safe.

After these pullbacks, sometime before June, look for long-term gold bull to resume climb to at least $1500, possibly $2000, and silver bull to resume climb to $40, possibly $50.

Even in PMs, there will be pullbacks.  We are due for a more honest pullback in both gold and silver than the recent two day hiccup.  And yes, they will pull back.  That bottom is key buying opportunity.

Finally, any true gold bug would be doing all he could to push prices back down so he could buy more and thereby make more in the long term bull runup.


Thisson's picture

There is no alternative here in the US except a currency crisis that will force a complete restructuring of US debt.  Because we will never resolve the Federal Budget, debt, or entitlements voluntarily, it will require a crisis to return us to equilibrium.  Since it will require a crisis, that is exactly what we will get.

I do not want to be counterparty to any dollar-denominated promises.  I am buying gold as my savings permit, regardless of price.

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in Germany still everything available, Kookaburra, Maple, Eagles... 27-29 Euros (excl. VAT), quite constant since a week or so.

kadriana123's picture

Apmex is down to only 8 100 oz. bars too. They're suppose to be getting in more at the end of the month.

Thisson's picture

Well seriously, what do u need 100 oz bars for? 

They are too big to use for barter, and too small to use in industry.

It seems to me that the best denominations are 1 oz units and 1000 oz units.  Do you disagree?

wandstrasse's picture

is there anybody in the world who a) is able to read a GS recommendation AND (boolean) bases his financial decisions on it? in my eyes, this excludes each other.

AmazingLarry's picture

Gold is krunk, bitchezzzz.

apberusdisvet's picture

Manipulaion?  What manipulation?

Are they setting up the sheeple?

Inquiring minds want to know.

cbaba's picture

Considering the Shortage of physical silver and their relation with gold, i expect Gold prices to increase $1800-$2000 range within few months or latest at the end of the year.

The Squid can see this so they are trying desperately not to lose their credibility( if there is left any), but their target is $1,480, way below where it can go. They are giving the impression that after the $1480 we should sell our gold.No way, we will not sell any and buy more.


Henry Chinaski's picture

Long GLD has been good to me so far, but I may be selling into a rally from here.  Not that USD cash is a great investment these days...  Long PHYS is a different story and not for selling. BTFD.

Frank Redner's picture

Gold 1480 is reasonable. Im looking to short silver at 40 or close to it.

Xibalba's picture

1380 buy target. 

dick cheneys ghost's picture

when you get 47 seconds check out this clip.....Japanese driver captures tsunami as it hits



Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Pricing gold in dollars is disingenious while the Fed is printing dollars/debt to the moon.

After dollar sinks to Euro $1.50 what will be the price of gold in dollars be? What will the price of gold in Euros be?

And what will be the price of gold in the new world currency (the IMF SDR?) if that should become reality?

The truth of the matter is that gold is gold, and pricing it in fiat is a waste of mental effort.

Our mental effort should be aimed at pricing gold in other important commodities, like oil, wheat, copper, etc... Thinking of gold in terms of paper fiat is a waste of time.

akak's picture


I am always amused by all the medium and long-term price predictions made for gold and silver, which as far as I'm concerned are pure shit since they invariably do not take into account what the value of the dollar might be at that same time relative to today.  One may as well try projecting the future price of gold in Beanie Babies.

Thisson's picture

uhhh, I price it against my paycheck.

monkeys.pick.bottoms's picture

To me it looks like managing explosion: let the price go up a bit, bring it down, let it move sideways for some time, let it go higher etc. Was that the pattern for the last 10 years? Why would it change now?

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

"Why would it change now"...

It won't change now. The pattern will change if the Fed stops printing. No chance of that happening.

The pattern would change if China stops accumulating gold to hedge it's treasury holdings. No chance of that happening.

The Fed/Treasury/some Central Banks have been putting up resistance to gold at dollar and half dollar incremental moves. As the dollar weakens we will see more of the same, imo.

Questionmark's picture

~3%  move up in silver right now and ~1.25% in gold.

LawsofPhysics's picture

When is a natural disaster going to exterminate these zionist fucks?  What are they doing on the other side of this trade?  Rates can't go any lower.  If you don't own physical, it is now officially too late.

Oh regional Indian's picture

+ 35.06 Ag as I type.

no dead ZioPigs yet though.

that too shall happen, in time.


The Rogue Trader's picture

I see this as a back handed way for GS to cap the upside expectations for Gold at 1480 as the powers that be are terrified of a move much much higher in Gold....it is just another psy-op trying to shape the sheeple's psyche....

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

I believe that GS, the Fed, and US Gov are glad that some quantity of dollars will still purchase an oz of gold.

As long as some people will still accept some amount of dollars for an oz of gold, the dollar is still a player.

When no quantity of dollars will purchase an oz of gold, the dollar is through.

The goal of GS forecasts is to convince people that the dollar is still a player.

zaknick's picture


I agree that this has to be the reason. People would expect the joooden fetzen MFs to bad mouth gold but then their motivation would be clear to people on the fence and they would have no input in massaging it's rise.

Foooking scumbags.

The Rogue Trader's picture

reapeat removed...fat finger

monopoly's picture

It just gets so old with these dead fish, sell gold, buy gold, Cramer is worthless and a shame. I will admit when I am down 10% from the highs on my holdings I begin to worry a bit. That has happened at least 10 times the past few years, then back up we go. I have long ago filtered out the noise, do my own research and, if I sold all my holdings in gold, silver, miners, and physical I would not be able to sleep at night.

I just keep adding physical on every dip and do not sell. I do not have all the answers, I feel strongly though that all that is going on with this planet is Wrong.

So now we kill Libyans, Japan not any better, Intervention in MM and we rally. What a sick market.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Why do you waste your time watching Cramer? I watch no main stream media and have not for years. Doing so simply adds confusion and distraction to the thought process...and, that is what they want. Turn off the morons and sleep better holding physical.

We cannot control what our gov or the govs of any other soverign do. Yes, the market is sick. Capital continues to be misdirected by our centrally planned economy...but, there is nothing we can do about that either.

Remember... "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"...

You can't fix the world, no one can. If you try to carry it all on your back, it will break your back. Good luck to you.

luk427's picture

Well put. Individual thinking is not taught in schools or learned watching Jersey Shore.

Bokkenrijder's picture

When GS says "buy" that means "sell" right?