Gold, Silver And Oil As Market Yet To Price In Armageddon

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Judging by the incomprehensible action in both WTI and gold, both of which are surging, it appears the stock market may not have priced in the full impact of Bernanke's Put on the Armageddon. And after all, what disaster, man made or otherwise, can not be circumvented through the printing of a few [...]illion in new linen-cotton forms of monetary exchange.


and Oil


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Tyler uses the "A" word.

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Its seems its really happening! Neutron beam from Plutonium and Uranium being relased 1 mile away!

This is the real china syndrom!


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But China is to the west.. wouldn't it have to melt and float sideways to get to China from Japan?

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I'd say Armageddon pricing was at least two more zero's possibly three...

markmotive's picture seems like we're in the perfect storm.

Next thing will be a fragile consumer that gets the wind knocked out of him by higher gas prices and the boom-bust merry-go-round continues...

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Exactly. As one close friend and colleague said in 2008, "this won't end well, because it will never end."


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looks  like to me the only people that weill make real money are those who bought and hold on


why this insane attempt to guide a bevy of non traders to the fire

90%  lose

best to just buy and hold the gold and silver

do a richard russell lol

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The funny thing is that you are not "making real money"... to first order you are only keeping what you already have...don't be fooled into thinking otherwise...

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People who bought gold at 300/ounce about 7 years ago, I haven't made money?

People who bought gold at 35/ounce in the 70's havent made money?


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Yes, they did... a 3 or 4 bagger is nice, but it is not making "real money". They bought an undervalued asset class, smart investing.

Compare the rise in the price of gold to rise in the price of the "important" things in life, food and energy. Not so great a gain measured in those terms...

Don't worry I am not some gold troll, between my clients and myself, there is ~50% PM exposure...

Real money is 20-40 baggers.....

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It's OK. The Fed sez:

How Much Will the Rise in Commodity Prices Reduce 
Discretionary Income?

Jonathan McCarthy

"Overall, it appears that the discretionary income effects of commodity price changes generally have been a fairly small factor in aggregate consumption fluctuations."

There are two paragraphs of disclaimers, about further study being needed for a) those who are not wealthy, thus needing more of their income to pay for food & energy, and b) the nonlinear nature of the effect of these increases. But all is well, what we are seeing is a mere blip.

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I Shoulda bought the Fu$&!N& Dip!

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Sux, here in Britain there wasn't much of a dip in the physical world. Dollar strength watered down the dip in metal, so we only got a few cents shaved off in reality.

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Ya know, I think there's a conspiracy at JPMC (Just Pull My Chain), to keep the Gold close below the magic number of $1440, my two-bagger magic number. Just Print Money Constantly keeps allowing my magic number to appear, then disappear, just before I can get the champagne into the glass.

  MeNeeds a close above $1440, please, Sir. Me Glass is empty, and needeth refillage.

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 LOL. Just Pull My Chain; that's a good one.

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It's just consolidation at 1440.  From there...

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Don't worry too much about losing dips. Just keep buying a certain amount each month and you're set.


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Yeah, until the tax man cometh...

dumpster's picture

a 100% of nothing guy 




so you buy ot goes up double sell  pay a little if your a dumb shift


Harlequin001's picture

Nope, didn't get a word of that.

You seem to have developed your own language...


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WTI was a bargain at 19.50 a share/etf

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Golden Parachutes being loaded on this Con-Air flight as we speak

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Sometimes just need a break and a laugh  Which begs the question - - - instead of trying to kill Ghaddafi, maybe we should be trying to take out "whoever" we owe all our money to. That is what this short sketch plays too.  A one minute bit of amusement.  Performed in October and only more true today.

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That radioactive dip tastes a bit metallic.

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I bought some silver on the radioactive dip, its glowing neon a bit but its good to me

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That should save you a bit on interior lighting.

Harlequin001's picture

yeah, like a vault bulb for starters.

and just wait to you put it in your pocket. You'll never be short of change in the dark again, ever...

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Ultimately the price gold and silver are trading at is inconsequential. Pay attention to your spouse and children instead, probably 80% of us won't make it past the first year after SHTF, which, judging from the accelerating pace of world crises, is fast approaching

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How depressing.  The sun is shining here in Europe!

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:) Sure. When I said "us" I mean all of us, not just the United States.

As has often been said, on a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. I've lived a short but happy life (26 years and still counting). Lots of love, lots of laughs, and I've learned quite a bit. Plenty of fresh subjective observations contributed to the Great Objectivity of which we're all a part.

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Please stop watching Glenn Beck. He's bad for your health.

Arthor Bearing's picture

Never have and never will. I read books. Try The Limits to Growth. but first read the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.

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If you are really 26 and not bullshitting us....Good for you...

From where I sit, I can glance over at, "The Republic", "Meditations", Collected Essays by Cicero and "Utopia"...

I recommend adding "Twilight in the Desert", "The Long Emergency" and "American Theocracy" to your library.... 

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and Playboy might cheer you up a bit...

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Thanks, just bought Meditations of Marcus Aurelius & "American Theocracy" got the rest.

Thomas's picture

...and some Jared Diamond as a chaser.

Flakmeister's picture

Yep... overlooked some of his stuff..

Arthor Bearing's picture

I've read Collapse, solid and worthy read

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+1000 on Jared Diamond

Also... "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" - Charles Mackay

Flakmeister's picture

Should add J.M Roberts "History of the 20th Century"

I thought "Guns, Germs..." was a landmark work. He carried out a thesis to its logical conclusion very well

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GGS was crap.  Subsequent archeological evidence refuted a lot of one of his central theses.

Diamond cherry picked particular sets of facts to try to get around a simpler conclusion- genetics.

Flakmeister's picture

Please elaborate on this evidence.

Edit: I will be back in ~2 an errand to run

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One of GGS's central theses was that lesser agricultural species were present in Africa compared to Europe.  Let's leave out competing cultures which tended to be more advanced, such as China (we will confront the absurd E-W axis theory for agriculture later if necessary).

My retort was that this is simply not how agriculture works.  In reality, people settle in fertile lands and they carry whatever foodstuffs they have with them.  It is irrelevant what indigenous grains or edible plants exist in a region, as migrants will bring what they know how to grow with them and may even regard edible foodstuffs as poison (see "tomato").  Diamond's assertion was that the relative grain bounty of europe was somehow responsible for decidedly late-stage development amongst Europeans and this thesis doesn't even stand up to passable scrutiny.

Subsequent evidence, some of which was presented in Science, showed conclusively foodstuffs migration with population.  In fact, in India for one, the grains and agricultural products migrated literally 1000 miles up the coast and westward from the southern portion of the subcontinent.  Along the way, these grains were deployed in fertile areas.

The notion that Africa and MesoAmerica were technologically inferior as a result of native grains (a factor perhaps 20,000 years ago, prior to the advent of agriculture [which Africans HAD at least 10k BCE]) is utterly and patently absurd at least when comparing the duration of human agriculture versus EITHER guns OR steel.

Nevermind the superiority of Toledo Steel from Ghana or any number of other holes I can poke straight through GGS.

Diamond is a jew apologist for african lack of achievement.  He is neither the first nor the last of his kind, but perhaps the best-worded.  Unwittingly, he made a claim on his PBS series about GGS which in essence stated that Africans had evolved away from civilization.  I'm not sure he understood the implications of what he said, because he was in effect apologizing for relative lack of W. African cities and civilizations by making excuses.  When I heard the statement and took the second it takes me to think through things such as this I went holy shit he just said Africans lack civilization as a result of evolutionary behavior.  I concur with this premise.

If we want to address the East/West axis theory, I can simply say China and Central and South America versus Europe and N. a comparison of civilizations in these regions of genetic peers versus latitude or of nonpeers across different continents and just take a short look at the geographic orientation as compared to the height of civilization therein.  To be short, there were more advanced civilizations on islands and in strong N/S axis regions than the opposite.

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 We getting to the RH margin here... Will cut and past and start a new comment at the bottom..  Give me a moment or two...

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i won't read this thread again once it goes below the fold; if you want to discuss further, gimme some sort of off-site contact