Gold, Silver Surge At Open Of Electronic Trading

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As the dollar plunges (supposedly on news of that Frankenstein of a Euro treaty announced on Saturday morning and on capital repatriation in Japan) the real reason for the plunge can be found in the action of the precious metals, where both gold and silver are about to take out period highs on more imminent global fiat dilution.

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Lots of local, topical reasons, but still its all about the Bernanke

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What did Blythe get hit with ?

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She got the big one in the other hole today.

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All three holes are getting plugged right now while someone else is raiding her USD index purse.

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a japanese delivery truck in the tsunami.

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656 PM EST 3/13/2011 Gold=$ 1431.5 ask

656 PM EST 3/13/2011 SILVER=$ 36.38 ask

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03/14 - 9:25
9,703.01 -551.42 ( - 5.38%)

03/14 - 9:04
81.41 - 81.44 -1.37


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The S&P is down 9 points. Still, it's a long way to the open. I expect a 2AM ramp. Gotta open and close Green. Can't let the sheeple think that a small thing like one of  the greatest earthquakes on record could possibly effect the FEDs control of the markets. That would shake their confidence and faith in their masters.

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i really hope blythe gets to work on silver and bring the price down so that i can buy more.

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If you're long on Silver what does price have to do with it. I think the real issue is delivery at this time, not [fiat] price.

Been buying at Perth Mint. Only 10oz bars in inventory, 1kg bars come in spazmodically, 100oz bars don't exist...1kg bars are probably coupled with Blythe's Orgasms from sitting on the Printing Press.

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Look at May & July Silver soar...eerie but why is Sept lagging ?

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Oh Lordy.  Gee Schmailes. Is that risk on, or risk off?

Michael's picture

Don't you mean wax on or wax off? I hate that new mantra.

It would be very generous of the Federal Reserve Corporation and the US government to allow Japan to repatriate US treasury holding redemptions without prejudice for the cleanup.

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I'm thinking we'll see a bunch of US involvement (subsidization) in Japan's reconstruction. They are probably making the deals right now. The Japanese will not be allowed to dump treasuries that easily.

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Nice to see oil caught a bid too. Will be commodity run of the week imo, watch it.

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The IMF is reading, willing and able to help them. They are in the helping business with SDR's.

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^N225 Nikkei 225 9,850.91 8:07PM EDT Down 403.52 (3.94%)

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^N225 Nikkei 225 9,714.04 8:11PM EDT Down 540.39 (5.27%)

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A camel toe is always a gap up, but not all gap ups are camel toes.

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camel toes, bitchez!

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Do camels consider this a pussy foot?

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Is "hindsight" really 20/20? ;-)

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Love you guys <3

Long Gold and Silver, forever!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Not forever , just until the world ends.

impending doom's picture

Last week you were asking if you should sell all the gold you procured from your summer job...

MsCreant's picture

Do you have room for a young person to be inconsistent as they are figuring things out? God forbid you held me to the shit I thought was true when I was younger.

impending doom's picture

Certainly. It just strikes me as odd to see such a swing in so narrow a time period. I also offered multiple times to buy baby blythe's stash and never got so much as a reply. I think too much, I suppose...

baby_BLYTHE's picture

Even If I were to die, which I believe I will within 1-3 years...

My PMs are in my family safe.

It is comforting to know they will not have to starve and die in the streets once a loaf of bread costs 10,000 dollars+.

Therefore, I don't plan to sell any of my PMs.

JW n FL's picture

why do you need to die within 1 to 3 years?

This is a good hand gun, very little recoil..


Why not spend some time learning to defend yourself? incase the police force in your part of the world is cut in half.. and you need to be able to defend yourself?


As well a shotgun around the house is a great way to go..


If you have any questions, speak up.. lots of people here will help gladly to help keep you alive well beyond the 1 to 3 year(s) that you have set.



impending doom's picture

(s)he's a college student JW. A 5-7 is probably way out of the price range. Glock + Mossberg is probably the way to go.

JW n FL's picture

I am sure we can help keep'em safe in any price bracket Brother Doom!

We are here to help any and all members of Fight Club!

If anyone has questions, just ask.. lots of people will offer what they know.. and maybe even help some others who dont post that just read.. which was a Lot of us before we decided to take the plung into the Fight Club!

God Bless You All!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

We're here to help.  ONE of the reasons I like this place so much.

samsara's picture

BB,  Pace yourself.   Got a long way to go. 

Some advice from when I was young...


....Look out kid, don't matter what you did
But walk on your tip toes don't tie no bows
Better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose
Keep a clean nose, watch the plain clothes
You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows....

Cheer up,  You can die anyday.  Don't make it today.

Stick around to see some of them go down.

impending doom's picture

Look out kid,

look what you done did,

got sent up on an eight year bid,

now your manhood is took and you're a maytag,

spend the next few years as an undercover fag,

gettin' used and abused and served like hell,

until one day you're found hung dead in a cell,

It was plain to see your life was lost,

you were cold and your body swung back and forth,

but now your eyes sing the sad sad song,

of how you live so fast and die so young,

it's like a jungle some times it makes me wonder how i keep from going under

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

why wait 3 years to do what you can achieve tonight?