Gold Surges With DXY Positive For The Day

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No, you are not reading that chart wrong. Gold just surged to near two month highs, hitting $1130/oz, or $12 higher, even as the dollar is green for the day. The fiat currency inferno is picking up, as traders refuse to keep their money in anything but gold or dollars - proof of tungsten gold counterfeiting is not helping the gold shorts. From the 2010 lows, the currency devaluation "safety trade" has been Gold and the USD, in a ratio of 5-1!

Intraday chart...

And from the February market lows: note the relative performance of the DXY and GOLDS:


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Anonymous's picture

Nothing to see here, move on !

BrianOFlanagan's picture

but but but, my charts said gold was going down!  It broke through support!  I saw an inverted teacup & sugar formation.  It's soooooo overvalued, definately going down below $600!

It's going up?  This can't be!  You fools!  ARRRRRHHHHH



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

the teacup and sugar formation turned into the butterfly effect.

Anonymous's picture

The thing about markets O'Flanigan, is that people who post comments like yours are right one minute and look like asses the next. Congratulations, you've managed to pull both off simultaneously. No small feat.

faustian bargain's picture

I'm having trouble deciding if you did or did not understand his sarcasm.

Hulk's picture

I believe O'Flanigen is giving one ZH'er with the initials MB
a bad time. But thats just my guess

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

MB is notorious!  he must be reading the posts with glee!  "I am well known on ZH only due to my observable negligence!  Muhahahaha!!!!!!"  As Phil "Eminem" Knight once said, "Any publicity is good publicity."  MB get back here and tell me what your "giolden triangles" tell you!

Hulk's picture

MB is a good counterbalance to my dark side though
I look out my window and see the coming financial nuclear winter.
I have no doubt it is coming, I have read way too much history
and know all to well how much fraud and corruption is in the system.At times I am even too much for my own self,so occasionally, MB's posts remind me there are other, brighter, possible scenarios.
Long Au
Long Ag
Long complex CH4 chains
Long Pb wih a BL-C(2) backer!

Anonymous's picture

Is it safe to say we won't like you when you're mad?

Hulk's picture

You definitely wouldn't like me when I am angry !

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

if i held my own opinion as law, i would be a fool.  everyone's comments are welcome, and i await the day that my mom and dad are posting on ZH, even if to say thanks for the news.  MB is appreciated, even if I disagree.  All things must be considered to understand this "crisis" or "sh*t storm" that commenced circa '05 and will continue until further notice.  MB and I agree on most things, just not PMs.

Master Bates's picture

Why thank you.  I don't dislike anybody here except for the people that are asses to me just because I disagree with them.

But yeah, thanks.  I appreciate you too.

Mad Max's picture

Complex CH4 chains would be some sort of polymerized methane.  I think you meant CH2 chains.

And my preference is Alliant powders, but to each his own.

Hulk's picture

I'll grant you that
Heating Oil can be C14H30, C15H32, C16H34, on and on
I'll just make it simple and say Long Oil, as in permanetly

We use Aliant too. also other powders, depending on bullet grain, temperature, humidity, how much we have had to drink.....

35Pete's picture

I can't believe that you reload while drinking. That's the most amazingly irresponsible thing I have ever read. 

FINISH your drink before reloading. You risk spilling a good scotch onto your recipe. Powder is expensive and hard to come by. Dry powder is essential for good ballistics. 

You should know better. Shame on you. 

35Pete's picture

IMR, Hodgens, and Accurate are fine choices too. 

Gold...Bitches's picture

MB's posts just serve to remind me how early we are in this cycle.

35Pete's picture

Long Pb with BL-C(2) backers? 

I'm long on Pb, Antimony, and brass. 

Anonymous's picture

just because its expensive doesn't mean its over valued. its due to shoot up and silver even more. just watch. if you have paper dollars your a fool.

faustian bargain's picture

again: think sarcasm.

aaronvelasquez's picture

Inverted teacup?  That was a Roman candle and carburetor with haggis highlighting, Brian.

Stuart's picture

The Tungstengate gold counterfeiting is an awakening giant.   We need to have publicized the originating bank.  Gold shorts, undoubtedly involved, deservedly will have their heads handed to them. 

Anonymous's picture

According to the foundry's Manhattan office, the reported story is ten years old. An internet re-cycle. Call and check for yourself. Whatever caused gold to move, that wasn't it, unless everyone here traded on it ;)

merehuman's picture

my sister in germany told me she had just seen it on tv. Why would they bring up something so old, knowing the possible repercussions?

I will ask my sister for some more info


35Pete's picture

It's date of occurrence is actually irrelevant. 

The Tungsten-Salted Gold Issue has been branded a "Conspiracy Theory"* all over the net. In other words, people that believe it are kooky, paranoid, and hysterical. 

Except that it actually happened. And if it happened, then it's no longer conjecture, rumor or kooky theory. It's established fact. 

Which suggests to me that perhaps the other more immediate claims of fake gold might, might have merit. 

That's THE story. 

Just my two cents. 


*: "Conspiracy Theory" is a thought-terminating cliche used by pseudointellectual weasels that "believe" something's not true and wish to spike it with a derisive loaded and disparaging phrase so their smug asses don't have to expend energy defending their position. Often invoked by Coincidence Theorists who are often more emotionally willing to believe that a long chain of astronomical coincidences is more plausible than any potential event that invokes severe emotional distress via cognitive dissonance. 

Anonymous's picture

Nothing wrong with checking with one's sister but mightn't one call the foundry that broke the story? It is illogical that the foundry that exposed the story would simultaneously be part of a conspiracy to vex the gold market.

That said, everything of value from designer jeans to Picasso has been and will be faked by the unscrupulous. That does not make the world complicite. Dismissing the story update as the rant of 'pseudo intellectual weasels and smug asses', substitutes vitriol for argument.

I make no judgement regarding paranoia vs prudence but it is a curious artifact of ZH that in over 300 responses to this thread no one bothered to vet the story personally. Swallowed whole and with relish.

Buy from reputable dealers. Your exposure is negligible. Certainly less than a lot of other financial vehicles. And isn't that the point of PMs?


35Pete's picture

I beg to differ. The comment was not directed at 251659 as he didn't invoke that angle in his comment. 

2nd, the "Coicidence Theorists", as I like to call them, will immediately dismiss this out of hand. (yes, it's derisive, but it's a response to a derisive tactic) Seen it already on this issue. When "conspiracy theory" is bandied about, it's nothing less than loaded words directed in a way to stifle, or stop in its tracks, any opinion that runs counter to what the labeling person believes. That's a fact. 

Frankly, there's no way I'm going to put up with that thrown in my direction. It in and of itself is virtriolic. It's not a reasoned or polite response. It means "shut up, your ideas are paranoid and nutty". 

Flashback. Harry Markopolos is not in the public eye yet. Papers leak out of Madoff's offices indicating a 60 billion dollar ponzi. It hits the web. What would be the first response? Conspiracy Theory!! "No way, the SEC would blow it open!". "Why would the former NASDAQ head risk his life doing this?"... Blah blah blah..

Yet it was true. And a conspiracy. 

And in circles on the web, the tungsten issue is being derided and laughed off as the active imagination of those whacky "conspiracy theorists". 

Do I believe that the video is authentic? Yes. Do I think this is part of a greater operation? I have no idea. There's no concrete evidence pointing to it. But I also think that it should be investigated in greater detail to see if that is so or not. I won't dismiss it out of hand, falling into the "conspiracy theory" cognitive trap. Particularly when it is quite obvious that we live in a world where our highest level institutions engage in universal deception, misinformation, and clandestine secrecy, and often in manners that are of great detriment to us. Aristotle once said, "it's the mark of an educated man to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it". 

I entertain the idea of widespread counterfeiting. Doesn't mean that I accept it part and parcel. It means that I take the consequences seriously enough to know that it needs to be looked at. Particularly when we live in an era of unprecedented malfeasance. 

Shameful's picture

Arrrrghhhh! I'm buying this week again, down damn you down! You guys who are short gold, get in there and kick it up a notch, this is unacceptable.

God if you can hear me, can you send gold down to 900, in thy mercy. Use your divine vessel, Lloyd Blankfein, to crush the gold market and drive it into the gutter. Hopefully before I spend my fun buxs on gold, amen.

On the buying not thinking of switching my dealer to CNI off of apmex. Anyone have any experience with CNI? Apmex is alright but prices look lower at CNI and I can duck shipping and handling.

Shameful's picture

Thanks for the link. Didn't have CNI but had some other dealers for me to look at.

35Pete's picture

Mark at MontanaRarities is a good guy. I've bought some argentum through him. He's pretty standup and reasonable. Better prices in bulk which is typical. 

faustian bargain's picture

Gainesville Coins gets a good review there...anyone have experience with them?

JohnG's picture

Yes.  I'm a frequent customer.  Better prices with bank wire payment, and they will cut better deals for large orders if you call.

Anonymous's picture

I've used CNI for 10 years. Never had a problem.

All_In's picture

Yes, I have experience with CNI.  I live in the LA area and have purchased gold and silver as a walk in customer at their Inglewood store (over the past 10 years) and I have ordered over the phone as well.  For phone orders, unless you pay via wire transfer, they will delay shipment until check clears (typically about 3 weeks).  In short, good experience all around.

Shameful's picture

Awesome thank you! I called them today to set up an account and will be placing an order this Friday. Saw the bit about the long wait, which is a little longer then normal. I'm probably going to try a wire transfer since my credit union will only charge me a few bucks for it, just to try it out. For $7.50 it's worth it to me to get the gold in my hands 21 days sooner. Hell and it saves me the cost of a stamp, so really about $7 :) Really impressed with the no S/H and their prices so wanted to give them a go.

faustian bargain's picture

would be interested to hear your report on the experience.

Shameful's picture

Will do when I get the coins I'll post it up in one of the many gold posts that gets made here. Another reason why I'm looking at bank wire, if there is a problem I want to know about it as soon as possible. I like apmex and doing it online but always bargain hunting, even though I'm a small fish that can only buy out of savings, which puts places like Tulving out of reach for me.

Real Estate Geek's picture

I've had good experiences with

They ship via overnight mail, for free, w/in 48 hrs of your wire being received.

And if you initiate the wire w/in 24 hours, you can deduct $15, to offset the wire fee.




trav7777's picture

I have used CNI.  Bot from them at $285 and $305 for Mapes.

The exwife stole those...:(

Even see posters on TF whom I know recommending CNI.  They're the best outfit so far as I'm concerned.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I think a lot of people out there right now are saying, 'is this for real?'  well, this is for real.  gold is decoupling.

Joe Sixpack's picture

Gold started to decouple Jan of last year. I remember because I wrote this little ditty:


Welcome to the Gold-Dollar Bifurcation



Welcome to the Gold-Dollar Bifurcation.
Just in time for the Obama administration.
Competition for the dollar.
This ought to cause the Fed to holler!

Welcome to the Gold-Dollar Bifurcation.
A new trend is in formation.
Shiny beats empty, and the financial systems goin' down.
If you got gold or silver, you're goin to town!

Welcome to the Gold-Dollar Bifurcation.
Derivatives implosion lead to dollar's deprecation.
Markets down, and bonds collapse.
The world's current financial system will lapse and pass.


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

nice poem.  I agree with your time line; so this stage of bifurcation is notably not just by the "goldbugs", as everybody and their mum should note the strength gold is showing, now it becomes obviously obvious to the world.

Anonymous's picture

gold is always real, thus its appeal.

Anonymous's picture

...and if you ain't got some,
Go out and beg, borrow or steal.

MsCreant's picture

Gold, addressing the academy: "You like me, you really like me!"

Mad Max's picture

Fiatscos, bitches!


Oh, you think there might be a different message here?

35Pete's picture

What are tungsten futures looking like? 

AR15AU's picture

Hmm...  can't decide who to make fun of in my post.  Bob Pretcher or Jon Nadler?  Or how about those dweebs on Fast Money who moan and groan every time Schiff mentions the term "hyperinflation".

Man in purple oxford shirt: "But Peter, hyperinflation is defined as prices rising MORE THAN 50% in a year!?!?"

Peter Schiff: "Yes, it is"



ozziindaus's picture

Don't bust your arse having too much fun just yet. When gold makes another all time high and holds, break out the Champas. Until then, deflation it is.

I like Schiff. I've met him personally but your quote is wrong on two fronts. Gold does not intuitively react to inflation as much as uncertainly. Hyperinflation surely brings uncertainty through loss of confidence in government and currency but we are nowhere near that. Therefore golds stability has nothing to do with inflation no matter what Schiff, Faber, Celente etc say.