Gold Surges With DXY Positive For The Day

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No, you are not reading that chart wrong. Gold just surged to near two month highs, hitting $1130/oz, or $12 higher, even as the dollar is green for the day. The fiat currency inferno is picking up, as traders refuse to keep their money in anything but gold or dollars - proof of tungsten gold counterfeiting is not helping the gold shorts. From the 2010 lows, the currency devaluation "safety trade" has been Gold and the USD, in a ratio of 5-1!

Intraday chart...

And from the February market lows: note the relative performance of the DXY and GOLDS:


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Clarification: long gold, want more.

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It is a global fiatsco race to the bottom ...

What will be left standing?!


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I think also you're forgetting the upcoming sterling crash and Euro jitters re: Mr. Papandreou's comments, both of which probably boosted the yellow metal.  Yesterday I linked at least FOUR articles on the collapse of sterling...

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Gold has been around longer than man

Buy and hold as much as you can

One day soon the world will end in a splat

Until that day I'll be porking the beagle next door

And eating feral cats.

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Game on at the moment...and to think I couldn't reach new highs as I got older

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