Gold Surges On Reminder It Is The Only Currency Without Liability And Counterparty Risk

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A few days ago, Erste Bank shared the following spot on description of gold's function in the modern monetary system: "The possession of gold is tantamount to pure ownership without liabilities. This also explains why it does not pay any ongoing interest: it does not contain any counterpart risk. Along with the International Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, JPMorgan now also accepts gold as collateral. The European Commission for Economic and Monetary Affairs has also decided to accept the gold reserves of its member states as additionally lodged collateral. We also regard the most recent initiatives in Utah and in numerous other States as well as in Malaysia, and the planned remonaterisation of silver in Mexico as a clear sign of the times. The foundation of a return to “sound money” seems to have been laid." Today, we get a quick reminder of this all too often forgotten truth, after gold has surged by one percent in the span of an hour as the world once again realizes that the best the ECB Titanic (and shortly thereafter, the Fed) can hope for is merely to delay, not prevent, the sinking of the broken monetary system. Furthermore, that this is happening even as China hiked rates for the 3rd time this year may indicate the inflection point in gold has now come and the take out of nominal highs, just $30 higher, is next.

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It's whats for breakfast!

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Gold: it doesn't depend upon the full faith and credit of habitual liars teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

(Also, unlike equities, it isn't held for you by Cede & Co.)



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Give me some gold.....hold the habitual liars teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.


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I am sooooo long gold that it had better rock 'n' roll.

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IF you do not have it in your hands, your just getting more fiat crap.

Of course unless your using the proceeds to acquire it.


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Rob McEwen interview, he notes the ETFs have cannibalized the miners, noted Barrick Gold has dropped from 2.2X NAV before ETFs to 1.1 X after ETFs.

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Gold holds value.  Don't expect to get any richer than you already are

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Only true long term. In the shorter term (decade for example) gold can move either direction. The sixfold gain off its low is anything but just holding its value.

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Yes it holds value, but it also is transferable into more or less goods depending upon the value of everything else, so we might want to ignore the academic and recognize that gold can wax and wane in price.

The central banks have complete control over price when the monetary system is healthy, and near complete short term control when it is sick.  When they have all the gold, are you implying they will continue to hold down the price?  With all their debt, we are lucky if we don't see $60k an ounce gold.

You can argue about the $60k target, but the greed of these people, their power to control the price, the change in their position with respect to price rises, and their utter desperate need to dig themselves out, undermines your assertion that gold won't continue to outperform.  It's the trade of the century.

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Actually it was Waddell and Reed.

They called up Tulving this morning and orderd three 2008 Krugerrands.

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Of course, he sent them on to APMEX since his minimum is 20.

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It's whats for dinner!

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If you eat too much you could turn blue.


Real-life ‘Blue Guy’ shrugs off his skin color

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that guy is plant to discredit colloidal silver. the silver he took was made poorly, with extremely large silver particles. I have been using colloidal silver for years now. far superior than the useless drugs that big pharma pushes on the people.

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+1 That dude was making his own stuff with a car battery or something, and drinking gallons of it. I love when people trot this guy out when I recommend colloidial silver when folks I know get sick. The media has folks scared shitless of it now.

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I second that!  CS is a fantastic antibacterial, but homemade CS is dangerous as you make a large amounts of ions.  In a pinch it can be used, but better to buy CS.  For the work it does it is cheap.  If you do make your own, a quick test of the ion content is to add a bit of salt water to your solution.  If you see precipitate, you have ions.

Also high doses of Vitamin D in winter will help with viruses, which I have found CS ineffective against.


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Best source of Vit D is sunlight.

Solariums were built to sunbath in winter

(to fight  Tuberculosis)


Vit D is what your immune system runs on.

greenbear's picture

I didn't know that.  Makes sense.  Thanks for the info!


(The part about the solariums, that is!)

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I have a Romanian ex-pat friend who turned blue from CS.  He drank huge quantities for months.  That was 10 years ago, and he had no other side effects other than zero tooth decay since. 

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I know a guy who took colloidal silver for years and turned blue. Well not totally blue but when you get him in the right light he looks like a zombie.

This was commercially made, bought through regular channels not some home made stuff.

Even so I believe it to be a good medicine for certain conditions, just dont take too much of it.

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I do not know why you would buy an ounce of gold, when you can buy 40 ounces of silver for the same price.  40 ounces.  That's a couple pounds folks.

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The reason is exactly what you stated.  It is a couple of pounds.


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You just wait.  You'll be eating those words, and my kitty litter in the morning.

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40 ounces...

Some don't want all the carbs.

That's a couple pounds folks...


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The only reason i can think of is smuggling it through customs.  But maybe diamonds sewn in shirt sleeves would be best for that?

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Thanks to modern technology diamonds can now be made comparatively cheaply that are indistinguishable from natural ones.  If you want to smuggle, get an airplane like the rich white guys have.

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Portability.  Try carrying a year's worth of income in silver if you ever have a forced relocation.


Thomas's picture

About 20% of the population could carry a year's income in their palm.

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Own both, but the reason for Gold over Slvr is volatility, and bulk.

Silver is a LONG term investment, if your in your 30's/early 40's sure, go ahead.

But Gold is money, and CB's hold Gold.......there is a reason.

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You Numb-nutters are not getting the point.  Silver is produced at a 15:1  ratio to gold and above ground supply is less than gold.  Wrap your melon heads around that for a few infomercial moments.  When the price of Silver corrects back to its base ratio, it will drive much lower given there is not 15 times as much in above ground supplies, and it is used today for you name it.  It is the second most consumed, and univerally used commodity behind petroleum.  That is why its price is so suppressed.  If it moves to its proper ratio it will become a true monetary metal and It will go into the single digit ratio to gold.  And then you will all be crying with Kitty litter all over you chins.  Sad but true.

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Silverbugz are quite clearly speculators who whine a lot

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Say the ultimate hypocrite who owns silver himself.

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There are a lot of speculators among us. There are also a lot of weak hands who get burned regularly playing the paper markets.

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you can own shit without being a SPECULATOR, dipshit

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this is good.  Very Good....just what we need right now!

BBig Balls...lot's of strut n crow!... keep it comin bro!

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we will see what the real price of silver is when the dwindling metals exchange inventories finally hit zero oz.



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hey dude just buy some copper, or hell why not even can get some pounds of that uhm.....hey you know what, buy agriculture....wheat you can get bushels of that stuff man very cheap....or hell....what about water?

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This pop smells.

NFP on friday, markets up on hopium, dollar still weak as shit.


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Every day it gets harder for them to manipulate the no-player Ponzi. Soon Wall St will start devouring each other.

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Parents will eat their children

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I never understood why animals would sometimes eat their offspring until my Wife and I had one.

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I have a 16 year old girl and i can't wait till she gets the fuck out!! All I am to her is an ATM machine. Get absolutely nothing back. I can't wait to see her face when she gets to college and she goes to use the debit card and the balance is 0 and I don't take her call.

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You can feel the parental love , do what I did buy a big farm that way they will never find the bodies.Both my children went to live in ,well who cares.

Pinktip's picture

I built a farm so the kids actually work for what

they have. Nothing more humbling the shovelin sh#T...:)

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Great primer for the job market out there waiting for them, as well.

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Sounds like a Brady Bunch reunion.



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Let the girl work and get acquainted with the real world. (Yeah, yeah, you pay for food, etc.)

tao400's picture

I will when she hits college. It is too late now to cut it back. I have put her on notice so she knows her time is coming but doesn't quite get it.

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Stand firm in that resolve.

When my son and daughter were 15, I sat them down and told them, your Mother, and & I are no longer going to support your lifestyle.

We will buy you fashionable clothes, and you will be well dressed.

BUT, if you insist on Air Jordan's, and $100.00 blouses,(v.s a $100.00 complete ensemble) you WILL get a job NOW.

They were not willing to be different so they went and got a job.

My son learned very quickly the value of work, v.s.high dollar BS.

My daughter never did.She is still broke, and married to another broke man(who got used to a 200k a yr lifestyle), no kids.

But now the chickens have come home to roost...........

Some learn, some do not.

So be it.