GoldCore Questions On Comex Silver Default Due To Secret Buying By Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders and People's Bank Of China

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Bank of International Puke on the Floor

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Excellent.  Let the Chinese and the Russians kick Wall Street squarely in the balls.  And the U.S. government too for their lack of courage in reining in the corruption. 

Big banks and big government in this country can burn in hell.  

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What are the UCC rules. Pay or sucker someone into fighting for you.

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"Big banks and big government in this country can burn in hell. "

Hell, is their base and their zen. They bought a lifetime lease.

Newsflash: Eugenics scientists' are worried that sheople culling will cause an overcrowding situation in hell. Banksters are in meetings to determine if they can profit from this potential bubble. The government is also looking into tax withholdings for those who sold their soul. Tim Geitner is in favor of such a provocative revenue stream, as long as "certain grandfather clauses are instituted."

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You mean there is other news than the lovely Kate and that other dude getting hitched (and oh how quaint it was.  Tasteful and elegant in the way that only a wedding attended by 500,000 can be.)

OK, so Russian billionaires, delivery failures, CDS fraud distracting JPM and Goldman, Michigan Sentiment Heroin to keep the sheep grazing, PMIs, PMS, and Precious Metals going up.  What else did I miss? 

I see my Silver holdings are up across the board.  Especially the much manipulated SIL.  My rally did not come yesterday afternoon.  I think today's silver stock move will be green but I expect a bear attack early to late afternoon to coincide with several "Silver Bubble?" articles over the weekend.

I may take as much as half of my Silver exposure off the table at the first sign of the attack and look to get back in late in the day or Monday morning.  These attacks are correlated, seem to start in the miners, and always end up being great buying opps.  Long aint wrong, so maybe I'll lose today to the "Buy and Holds."  The shorts still appear reckless to me at this point but they're out there and one day, might get the brief correction they seem to crow about daily.

Now I can't wait to buy up all the magazines with "behind the scenes EXCLUSIVE wedding pics" . . .


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Wall street banks fail -> FDIC steps in -> taxpayers bail out Wall Street banks.  So how'm I supposed to feel good when the kick in the balls is just a pass-through to the tax payers? 

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You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.

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I was "Mathbitches" 50th junk.  That's why his a$$ disappeared.

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Crashes?...youve been saying this since $26.  You are 100% (literally) wrong, you are getting smoked on your puts, and the writer of those puts is laughing his ass- all you are is a grape that we are are crushing.  Sweet Ferrari faggot, if you had any taste you would be new school with a tesla you fucksquible.

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So Meth, you're saying the dollar will come screaming back, inflation will no longer be a factor, deficit spending will halt, unicorns will shit rainbows and you'll finally own your own bridge?  Usually I simply ignore your posts, but hoped this one was short and pithy.  Go back under your rented bridge and don't come out until we say so.

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Whoa whoa whoa...  Leave the unicorns out of this.  

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Where you been moron man?

Digging holes around the yard, looking for that $5 silver? Oops, watch your step. You stepped into more dogshit.

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By the way, I haven't seen any Zerohedge coverage of Eric Sprott's sale of 1.6mm shares of PSLV on behalf of his funds (most of it on 4/21/2011).

The most vocal bull and manager of PSLV selling his position must not be important.

Have fun when silver crashes.  Even Eric Sprott is a seller here.


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LOL. Maybe the Russian Billy air bot it. Hehe I don't consider thieves "smart money".

(BTW Bunky Hunt's no longer a bag holder)

long AGQ from 60. Paper yeas but I like it too.

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At least Sprott has some skin in the game.


How much do the managers and directors of SLV and GLD own of their own funds?  Squat, nothing, diddly.


Which one worries me more?  The guy who sold a fraction of his holdings, or the ones that hold nothing of the fund they manage or direct?

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Sprott doesn't have shares. His customers do. So some canadians are going to sell silver. But hey. They don't use the dollar do they?

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I totally forgot.  Everything is bullish for silver.

Even the biggest bull out there selling on behalf of his customers.

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Math Man.  A good faith question here:  Why do you think silver is in a bubble?  Because of the price action alone or for other more fundamental reasons?

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September 12, 2012:

In other news, MethMan was appointed by President Obama as the nation's new Silver Czar, responsible for the newly-created legions of shovel-wielders assembled under the Total Resource Optimization Labor Law (TROLL), who have been tasked with digging into the nation's regolith in search of silver to replenish the COMEX warehouses after their June 2011 default and the subsequent immediate rise in the price of silver to $284 per ounce, and on to $5866 today. Czar MethMan, in an official press release, dismissed widespread doubts about this venture and reaffirmed his confidence in the success of his diggers' mission, stating "the shit is fucking everywhere!".

For reasons not fully understood, however, the TROLL legions of Silver Czar MethMan have become popularly known as "The $5 Brigade" --- perhaps referring to the low-value silver-colored $5 coin issued by the US Mint in the autumn of 2011 following the international dollar crisis, but now being removed from circulation due to its stainless steel content exceeding its face value.

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I thought TROLL would be immediately sent to mine for silver ore in Fukushima??? Did I miss somehting?

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What was the percentage of his holdings in PSLV he sold?

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lol, who's putting their faith in conspiracy theories now?

It's just as likely he removed some silver from the fund to start a new one, since he can't do follow on offerings any more without breaking his word.

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That is the fact.  Everything else is pure speculation.

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You're sounding more desperate by the day, meth man...

I can picture you screeching as you

Everyone here knows that you're a troll... go play in a new sand box where you aren't known... and take the other trolls with you...

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I'm just trying to help you guys out. 

Tmosely is going to lose his shirt with his 95% physical silver allocation.

Sprott is selling... you should too.


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No, you have lost your shirt on every investment you have made since you have come here.  Tell us about the other  of your portfolio.  I'd bet that has lost purchasing power too.

But misery loves company, so you want all the winners who own silver to get out of it.

Get the fuck out of here, you fucking loser.

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On every investment?  I have more the 50 line items in my PA.  My silver puts are just one.

I know it inconcievable to you that someone might own more than one thing (physical silver), but most of us a very diversified.

Stop making shit up, Tmo.


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Every investment you have posted has been a total loss.  And those are the ones you told us about, lol.

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It's all about expected value, tmo. 

I'll gladly bleed away a little premium here and there on SLV puts, because when silver breaks, I make many multiples of my initial investment.

I don't think you get it.  Even with my small put losses, I'm still up.  And when silver finally crashes, I'm going to make a fucking mint.

The upside is even higher now than it was a few months ago.

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What happens when it doesn't?

You are left a desiccated husk from all your bloodletting.

And you are NOT up.  You are a lying shitsink.  Post us some other positions and we'll see how they do over the coming weeks and months.

But you won't, because you are a loser and you know it.

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I love you Meth Man, Don't ever leave you smelly pile of doodoo you! To be fair GEN is flat, not down, since you mentioned it upon your first apprearance here on ZH. Good show!

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As I recall, the D-day for your silver bets is June? You're expecting it to be considerably less than $26 an ounce?

You must admit, Math Man, it's not looking too good for your prognosticatory acuity, at the moment...

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MathMan, your idiocy has no boundaries.

Tha fact that you are desperately trying to shake people of their physical is clear indication that TPTB are hanging by their nails over the edge.

I'll tell you what...I'm buying some more physical today.

Tell your gay overlords you failed....again.

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diversified= di-worse-ified, as Buffet once said

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Though I guess that 90% of your portfolio is now 100%, since all of your options plays have been total losses.

Time to reload, and shoot yourself in the foot again, lol.

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What will we lose again "IF" your right, a little profit. Do you really think the goons on the hill are actually going to do something for the people or their country. The answer is no, they are going to continue to get theirs and that's all they care about. We can liquidate very quickly with PM's, how long does it take to receive funds if you closed out a roth ira or anyother paper transaction. We own it because we can touch it. You have a piece of paper that tells you what time your next dinner date with your mom is. Speaking of that, have you ever seen the movie Spanking the Monkey, it is right up your alley, it's about a kid who gets his mom drunk to get on her.

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Yeah - Sprott's selling SLV to finance physical Ag purchases.  That's the smart money move.  When Sprott starts selling physical, then you can sound the alarm.

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Math moron,

You obviously don't know what your talking about or doing.

SLV option chain, either way is a bad deal.

You either don't know anything about options or have no MATH skills.

I made 10x from jan calls sold in dec, and would be lucky to score a double with the shitty premiums currently.

Go away and learn something about trading and markets, then tell us how stoopid you have been.

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 PSLV sells for a  17% premium over NAV . Who wouldn't sell . Sell the paper and buy the metal for 17% less .

riley martini's picture

 PSLV sells at  a 17% premium to NAV who wouldn't sell . Sell the paper and buy the metal for 17% less.

riley martini's picture

 PSLV sella at a 17% premium to NAV who wouldn't sell . Sell the paper and buy the metal for 17% less

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Good point MM... the share price "crashed" an amazing $0.02 on 4/21/2011!

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Silver will crash when it gets to 500 bucks.

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Whatever you say, william the bastard.  Your views are so brilliant that you had to abandon your old screen name.  TROLL, DOUCHE, FAIL.