Goldman Downgrades 2011-2012 GDP from 3.5%-4.0% To 3.0% To 3.5%

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As expected... and this is just the beginning. More tomorrow.

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Good news for skynet.  I'm feeling QEasy.

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Now at this hour?

Probably dropping eps on companies too so they can bte.

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In Econ 101, we learned how to calculate GDP, apparently you just fill in a pre algebra equation with made up numbers.

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Well, that would need revision almost daily

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That must mean we must buy all the IBD Top 50 mo-mo stocks hand over fist on Monday...


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GS still doing GODS work. God wants GS to rule the universe. Time to hang the bitchezzz from Harvard, Yale and all the MOFO IVY LEAGUE schools.

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Your rally ended on Monday Robo. I hope you enjoyed the run. :)

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El Rushbo visits ZH frequently...

One of the websites that I keep track of on matters of economics is a place called, and there's a poster there by the name of Tyler Durden who occasionally posts some interesting stuff.

that's a cool shout for ZH to more than a million listeners.

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Translation: zerohedge is a hotbed of mistrust of power. The Democrats are in power. Therefore, zerohedge is a hotbed of mistrust of Democrats. Ergo, everyone should read it.

Fuck you Limbaugh. And fuck the Democrats and the Republicans, too. You're two sides of the same (ever-depreciating in value) coin.

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I'm sure at least 10,000 new trolls are now waiting on the porch.

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That's ok. As long as there is just one person manually approving the accounts you have nothing to worry about.

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Brace the doors, man the ramparts, and start heating the oil.

Reinforcing the captcha defenses with some multiple choice ideological troll baiting traps would help, but it's too much work.

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 More site traffic=more money in advertisments. The Tylers have bills to pay too.

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I fully support the Tylers' right to profit.  However, I think there is a distinction to be made between site traffic and trolls running uncontrolled through the comments.  A moderate quantity of quality trolls leaving quality troll droppings is good for maintaining intellectual discipline- but a mindless million-troll-army destroys the dialogue and turns the mine field into a mud pit, which could have longer term implications.

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I used to listen to Rush every day and hang out at the Ace of Spades blog. Then one day someone linked to a zerohedge post from Ace of Spades and I was hooked. Pretty much stopped listening to Rush and reading Ace after that. Rush is a good guy, sure he does his shtick to make his money but if he is pointing the ditto heads to zero hedge then he is doing more then most of the big personalities out there. Heck he will probably lose more listeners to zerohedg lol.

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and I first heard about zerohedge from a mention in the nytimes.... so there you go.

Liberal media, right-wing media -- on a long enough timeline, everyone comes to zh

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i was looking for a space to discuss resistance and fighting the man.


But all i found was a bunch on ninnys who play the game and make crazy bets. And I fell in love...


However, i recon its time to do something before they catch that underpaid intern who monitors our accounts and find out who we are and we all get disappeared.


I hope tyler knows how to microwave a hard drive...

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Matt Taibbi and Griftopia mentions ZH. Wanted to check it out, now I'm stockpiling silver bars.... not sure what happened in between those two data points. Blackout?

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Years ago, I listened to Rush. I read his books too. The guy gets more right than wrong and he can be very entertaining. Haven't listened to any talk radio though for 5+ years and the only T.V. I watch is two and a half men (no T.V. watching for the last twenty+ years).

Hell, I just got internet about 3 years ago and at the beggining I thought the Drudge/Fox/Newsmax sites pretty well explained the world!

I really don't recall how I was lead to ZH but I was and haven't turned back. I lucked into this paradise right around Marlas Heydey, just during the blogspot transition. I had a different sign-in then because my retard ass couldn't keep the password straight but I've been here. I don't view the world in the same way anymore (how could I?).

I rarely sign-in/comment, but I'm glued to ZH and although I do check other sites ZH does not have any true competition (IMHO).

I used to check Huff post daily (oppositional research) and on at least one occasion that slut bitch referenced ZH.

Not anymore.

Thank you ZH for what you do.

Any possible way that Marla could be compelled to make an appearance??

If you are not aware of her brilliant work, get aware.

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This is your brain.

This is your brain on Limbaugh.

Any questions?

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Did you notice he said "Mr. Durden". I think he missed the whole fight club theme.

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, and there's a poster there by the name of Tyler Durden

Poster?  Rush obviously knows little of the blogosphere and even less about the Tylers.  Alas, we must be prepared for the influx of dumbass trollers coming our way.

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This new range is still way too fucking high.

1% - 1.5% is more like it.

Of course, that assumes that Bernanke can keep the QE3 charade going until the end of the year.


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My first thought was the 2's however,

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hey dont forget to divide both sides by FUBAR

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srry double post. i blame my isp.

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Measured in fiatscos, that target seems entirely attainable. 

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Cramer? Cramer? Jim Cramer? Fast Times @ Goldman High!

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I hear Chairsatan's Pilgrim re-released there number one chart topping Goldman Record profits too.

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You are either a sick puppy, or that is the Fed 12 in a Board meeting! LMAO!!!

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GDP, it's as easy as 1-2-3...



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TD... you have had their number for so long now. Simply fantastic. The Squid does have one weakness and it is ZH. lol

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ZH = Kryptonite for GS/JPM/TPTB

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Indeed sir. It takes a pretty sharp mind(s) to frontrun these scum bags. They have to be shitting themselves as they are seeing Phase II crumble around them, despite their Fed/Gov/Media cabal. lol

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Don't forget. Today Bloomberg reported that JPM and BAC had a perfect trading quarter on their prop desk.

Every Fucking Day without Fail.  Beat that.  They are the Fake Market Makers. They decide, your fate.

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Don't forget. Today Bloomberg reported that JPM and BAC had a perfect trading quarter on their prop desk.

And not an eyebrow raised in the media other than ZH.  The banking cartel has been exposed for anyone who cares to see it.  Until the banking plutocracy is vanquished, we a nation of debt slaves.

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Base money has tripled in 3 years.

2. M1 has continued to increase to its highest level in history.

3. Same goes for M2  Treasury Direct $14 Trillion Debt /   $15 Trillion in Loans /  / ='s $29T



US Treasury Tells Lawmakers It Needs $2 Trillion In Debt Capacity