Goldman On The EUR Long/USD Short Rout

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And what's even worse is that Jan Hatzius is German.

Maybe I should ask this guy some serious questions like this:


Was soll die Scheiße da bei Goldmann ?

Wie kann man mit solchen jüdischen Betrügern zusammenarbeiten und dann auch noch deren Chefökonom / Chefvolkswirt werden und permanent diese vollkommen überzogen optimistischen und damit irreführenden Marktprognosen raushauen ?


Das ist Hochverrat und Betrug !


Komm du mal nach Deutschland zurück, du Hund, und wir werden dich dafür knallhart zur Rechenschaft ziehen, Kollege !

Du Besser-Wessi.


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High reason and fraud, indeed.  I hope he gets what he deserves.

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thats sounds too sophisticated for a US economist, unless he has an education in quant probabilistic models they teach in Europe. ...Ein bilder bunder baschein wanschen fuller klinder kleiner nein kusheinder fallen...

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haha - that was funny. Wirklich witzig.
Vous êtes un comédien, Falak. Maintenant, je l' essaye!

GOOGLE traduit:

"Une image plus complète fédérale baschein Wanscher Klinder automne pas moins kusheinder ..."

Ey, tu connais elle? Mais elle connaît Monsieur Strauss...

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I expect it to go to the speed line or the bobbom of trend. because all trading is electronic so just as it was pushed too hihg, it will of couse be pushed too low. lthough, I did enter friday with my initial stop point, I think it will go lower.

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Exactly. Retail positively aches to get long the USD. Take a tour of the internet, especially the deflationists and econo bloggers, and you'll find that one of the most popular ways to get "contrarian" is to be long the USD. The trade idea has been all over my streams since 2008. And it's an idea that's adopted by the most consistently wrong TV guys as well. I really disagree that bearish sentiment on the USD has been high. Not in the trading community it hasn't. Maybe the long EUR trade got overblown. But the global market cares little for the USD.

The traders dream, dream , dream of a huge USD rally. They will chase last week's move into the next 48 hours, and then get mowed down by EU and IMF and FED actions--and talk by Tuesday night.

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Das ist Hochverrat !

I've been known to say that too.

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Anyone know how often this data from goldman comes out?  If it is just data from their Ready platform, the whole currency market, or just goldman's trades?  How do you subscribe to get this data?  Anyone have a contact?  It would be nice to see currency positioning data.

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Goldman gives gold a bad name, but they called 1.50 Euro on a 1.495.  Got to throw the sheeples a bone every once in a while to keep them interested, but I wouldn't let them manage my kids piggy bank.  

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EURUSD downtrend is gaining momentum as overdue USD rally I forecast develops.

It took longer than expected but we got there eventually.

Stocks and GOLD/SILVER will fall imo.