Goldman Execs To Get $111 Million In Delayed Bonus Payoffs Next Month

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You know you're at the end game stage when they don't bother to try and hide their criminal activites anymore.

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Don't worry , they are doing "God's work" in funding our war against 157 million muslim terrorists!


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Obviously this is another good news for the stocks

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EAT THE RICH! Or better yet, boil'em slowly like a frog.


BTW...the sense is the satanist/luciferians/reptilians will crash the markets for Xmas. That's just how arrogant and evil they can be.

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More gold chains and hair gel for all these guido bankers!

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More like matzos and gefilte all those tribe bankers!

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After they cover their gold and silver shorts, its going to be a huge bonus season.  Next year at The Hamptons is going to be a record.

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That's like saying you want to work for Al-Qeada. That isn't something to be saying outloud.

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robo change the girl pls, it does not arouse me anymore, apolozies if shes your wife

these guys are so complitely out, they dont realize what they are doing, but I am more confident that the day of reckoning just came a little closer

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Sure, at this point resentment about the bonuses seems wasted; you can only hope they get everything they've earned.  All of it . . . compounded, please. 

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They all need Columbian necktie bonuses.

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By now I would have expected some of these guys to start "retiring" to nondescript, non-extradition treaty countries.  What gives?

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Still a lot of looting to be done yet. God's work..

Bob's picture

I wonder how many private pilots are staying at the airports these days, ready to fire up the engines on a moment's notice.

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Wow!  In my wildest dreams, I did not think doing God's work was that profitable. 

This is good, probably in ways that I do not understand.  I'm sure the public will be thrilled just as I'm sure the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street won't give a rip about what the public feels on the matter.

Could this be the year of the Lear Jet Exodus from America?

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It is if you are "the Chosen" and your god is Lucifer!

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This was announced due to the new tax deal.

And because they know that no 'banker bonus tax' will now not be coming.

All is well as The Giant Vampire Squid resembles the 4th branch of government with its friends in high places in government and at the Private Federal Reserve.

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don't they get a late payment fee on those bonuses?! ROBERY!


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americans like greeks, italians, the irish and all the rest deserve all that their getting if they remain docile without resisting n every way and form getting FUCKED BY THE BANKERS... u r a bitch if u allow urself to b treated like bitchez....


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Our Greek protests should start outside Lloyd's house.

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All of 'em - that way everyone in the country won't have to travel too far and we can save gas for the important stuff.

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Tell me, why the common man on the street, who has some savings and can support himself, would work even a tiny bit more than necessary, simply to have his productive surplus stolen from him and given to these assturds?


centerline's picture

Ah, the hallmarks of the -isms without actually admitting we are one!  But that would be unpatriotic of course.  LOL.

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Look at all those names from the "Evil Tribe!" Don't fly a plane into an IRS, fly it into a Sin-agog!

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Brilliant plan dip shit.  Lets kill average people because of their religion.  These bankers may all be jewish and they might all need to be hung from lamp posts but inciting random race violence does you no justice.

If this is an issue with the Isreali governmental leadership then we need to deal with that as well.  For now, "jump you fuckers!"

As for you Squexx... stfu

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Hey Terminus, yer mom! Aim those planes! And STFU yourself, you syphilitic dick drip!

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In an unofficial statement released by the Squid:

"It's a good thing. At least we didn't rape nuns."

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And on the 15th of December, in the Year of our Lord 2010, the Giant Vampire Squid, glistening in its rapaciousness, said unto the Plebes: "All your labor and taxes are belong to us, for we have The Bernank & your politicians on our side. And if The Bernank & your politicans be with us, who can be against us?"

And so it was.

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Where are they investing all this loot? Not, surely, in US equities?

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Jump you fuckers!

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I wonder how much cash they carry on themselves?  Think they're worthy of a fleecing?

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But don't forget, they must pay lots of taxes, right? More than you and I, right?

"The company’s effective income tax rate dropped to 1 percent from 34.1 percent, New York-based Goldman Sachs said today in a statement."