Goldman Explains Why It Lowered Its S&P Forecast From 1,500 To 1,450

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 "and recommend buying our High Revenue Growth basket."


Well we know what Goldman Inc are long of then...... i wouldnt touch what this chump is pushing with a 50 foot shitty stick.

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Surely someone within the ZH zone of influence is running a GS ann chart versus top/bottom ticks? Can we see it please? Sadly haven't been running a GS correlation myself.

Have noticed every now and then GS throws in a live one amongst the corpses.

1/GS is more profitable in the long run.

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But. I don't want qe3. That will just raise the prices on everything we need to buy soar.

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There is no choice.  I don't get how people think it will go to 1250 before qe3.  I think there is only enough raidable funds in public pensions to last to end of summer, after that they have to either 1) find more raidable funds (401k?), 2) start up qe3 or 3) shutdown the government.

Guess which one is likely?

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Overweight energy and essentials, underweight anything discretionary.  In short, no end to the 'recovery' boys.  Buckle up.

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OT: Tyler, no coverage on Super Typhoon Songda? TEPCO needs to get that tent up in a hurry.  This could be a game changer:

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We forcast more real chop than rally in the dollar while our central bank masters juggle stocks and commodities in a pathetic stalling action while they ready a gold standard.  This will, of course, be some perverted enbodiment of a gold standard, guaranteed to do the most hurt to the most people, but just not the banks, and guaranteed to be heralded as the only thing which can address ballooning national debts, that were created by those very same central banks in the first place.  Get ready for $44k per ounce gold when it's in the central banker's best interest, not a moment sooner.  Fundamentals don't matter to banks.  It's all about holding onto power by keeping everything tied neatly together.  The funny thing is everybody is worried about how wars always pop up during times like these.  Not that I'm pro war, but as I see it, the only thing which can throw a monkey wrench into their plans is war.  Wars cut the ties that bankers have woven around our societies.  Central bankers are spiders, they have us bound up, and they are slurping up our life's blood.    

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oh, is that what that huge SUCKING sound is that I've been hearing?

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i'm still trying to figure out how Conoco/Phillips can have an over/under of 50 billion on the revenue side in one year.  "I think we're going to take over the world...unless we get completely obliterated next week."  At least the estimates are "vectoring to victory." 

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So, how does margin expansion work in a world where input costs are going up and wages are stagnant?

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Like this:


You want to eat? You want to keep warm? You want to be able to travel to Moms for her Birthday?

Thats gonna cost you more of your income , companies providing those essentials will increase margins in markets that stagnate (that'll be the entire World basically) It doesnt matter what your wage does , youre just going to have to give up the non-essentials. Seriously.

Get used to some self imposed discipline. All those vices and luxuries we think we need - cut em back. 5 dollar coffees , 50 dollar bottles of whiskey , cigarettes , cigars , i-pads , apps , video games , movies , vacations , nice food , nice cars. Matching sofas. Plush rugs. Designer sunglasses. Start kissing it goodbye. 

Discretionary spending for anyone outside the top 0.1% is going to start dropping drastically. The rich may have got a whole lot richer in the last 3 years but theyre not spending enough to prop up this consumer driven economy. Walmart outperforms. Apple doesnt.

JW n FL's picture

Tangibles to out perform when the top 5% realize the top 1% of 1% is still squeezing even them!


Absolute Funds to be crushed! or milked.. again!


Hard Assets will be going up, the worse it gets the more the flight to safety will take hold. As much as the FED has discouraged the sheepeople from Silver and Gold in the past with its tricks.. those same tricks and dare I say any new ones will be seen for what they are.. people will panic, with just cause!


"We the People" or "We the Sheep who Consume" for our Corporate Masters already are Fucked! it will be about anyone under that $100m mark going forward. Those people already think that they have paid their fair share but Greed will win out and thusly they will start to suffer along with the rest of us.


Corporations Own the Lobby!


The Lobby Owns the Government!


Law Enforcement works for the Duly Elected Lobby Whores!


We the People = Screwed!

disabledvet's picture

great question.  "how did they do it in the 90's?"  is one answer "for those who don't take their money on faith alone."  another is as referenced here often "by taking from that other guy over there" often known as "the zero sum game."  people laughed at me when i was talking "geography" at another site--some of these were some PhD professors believe it or not--and yet who can argue with what happened with finance when Napoleon was "looking at his maps"?  in a nutshell "i design, build, ship and sell that better mousetrap" and "when i do it i call it Mousetrap (tm)" as well.  i still don't know "what's been invented here" at ZH...or at Seeking Alpha for that matter--it is something however and as such "has immediate value to an investor" based on the simple fact that "we don't know what it is."  Cramer said correctly at the lows in 2008 "you can't pick a bottom" but he also said correctly "most of the gains in a bull market are made in the first year of a recovery."  If it sounds more like "philosophy" then congratulations "you are on the path of understanding" which none of us truly attain.  In short "if you're trying to make sense of it you've already missed out."  Never forget even in th 90's "traders were becoming philosphy majors to do what they truly loved because...

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If Goldman is selling shorts.. then QE3 must already be on the books!

max2205's picture

Look at TLT run while equities flatten. QE3 could be the greatest SELL THE NEWS this decade. We'll see

cat2's picture

Don't fight the FED.  They are all-powerful.

bugs_'s picture

underweight utilities....fallout from fukushima

in fact it looks to me like the entire adjustment is an attempt to quantify the impact of the japanese supply issues.

consider the impact on industries that are large consumers of this electricity that will need to be replaced with a "more costly" form.

JW n FL's picture

there can be no growth..


if there is growth..


Oil will be bid up..


wage arbitraige is dead!


The entire, Global Economic Model is a Farce... Oil is Not $100bbl..


the Price of Oil is subsidized back down to prices that look normal to the sheep.


most of the oil guys trade paper for PM's.. thusly if you ca control the price of PM's you can to some extent argue that oil should be low as well or in line with the cost of PM's.


there can be no growth, Globaly becuase there is not enough energy to sustain that growth.. so you have this faux growth, paper growth.


the new normal is becuase of oil or that lack there of.. and let me be clear for the new crowd.. when I say peak Oil.. I dont mean that there is Not a LOT of Oil around.. there is a LOT of Oil around the World.. but sweet lite crude that is 100 feet under the desert and 3 miles from a deep water port.. or Affordable Oil is what we dont have enough of, that is where we have peaked. We do have Lots of Oil.. 5 miles under the earths crust which is under 10,000 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.. sour crude..


Sour Crude Producton capabilites in the U.S. are up to 10%? now? LOL!


4m a day to depletion! or 5%.. a year.. watch the above video! enjoy all!


by the way! Sorry Bugs I got off on a rant and stop talking to you a long while back. I know you know this stuff!

bugs_'s picture

rant away LOL this is the place

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Week after week the tape has been shaking off the worst economic news since 2008.  Wonder what happens when the news actually starts getting better?  We could blow past 1,500 easy.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

agree that market is "topping" - "shoulda" turned any given day the past 6 months BUT the power of POMO and bullshit ES bidding is uncanny. Sadly, the Robohead has been right all along (so far). Hence, I am both long & short; squeeze a few $ out of what's left of the run, positioned for pull-back (which will also be rigged to work out to precisely 5% or 10% or 20% or whatever the FUCKHEADS decide. What a deal......

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