Goldman FX Desk Back To Its Old Value-Destructive Ways After Stop Out In Latest FX Reco In Just Two Weeks

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Goldman reminds me of a kid i knew in high school.

He would sneak money out of your wallet, and raid your refrigerator when you werent looking. All while pretending to be your friend.

 He was a hell of a shop lifter too; right in front of the checker, stuffing lighters and cigarettes and beef jerky in his pants with the precision and 'lack of hesitancy' of a skilled thief.

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But unlike Goldman's "clients" (host organisms may be more apropos), you didn't keep inviting the dipshit back into your home.

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i think you and i must have known the same kid...i think his name was lloyd blankenstein or something like that...wonder whatever happened to him.

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with "advisors" like Goldman, who needs corporate espionage?

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture those GS fucktards have any clients left?

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I would really like to get to know somebody, who trades according to GS advice. This species is obviously capable of reading and doing trading operations with less brains than a protozoon... a scientific sensation.

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blindly, or via application of game theory?

wandstrasse's picture

I would need a specimen to answer that.

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They still are the biggest trader in the Street. So what the salesperson tells the client is: "We are seeing a lot of trading action. If you don't give me 2 million in revenues, I will give you zero color. So what's it going to be?" Very hard for a client to say no to this.

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Silver feisty today. Maybe back on the main track?

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yup. first time lasix and ears perked UP

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I bought a few more silver eagles yesterday... because it was so silent about silver, and this is the time to buy I was teached...

firstdivision's picture

I'll do what Goldman's prop desk does before I would listen to their client advisement group.

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silver is definitely getting it on today.

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GS should be shut down right away. Nothing but a crack house for unsuspecting traders.

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Close but no cigar, they should really consider positioning updates, its very unprofessional to let those kind of gains turn into losers. Maybe they got bigger fish to fry.

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If Stolper "owned a funeral parlor no-one would die!"

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GS and their retard analysts can go fuck themselves, no self-respecting trader would listen to these idiots.