Goldman Issues Favorable Report Within 20 Minutes Of Palm's Earnings Release... And Goldman's Follow On Offering

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I want banks out of this biz, is GS still a "bank".


And why do we have the same ineternet bubble crap of rating issues then issuing stock.  SHUUUUUUUUUUMER, Wake The F up

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No one will do a sh** about it, especially our government! They may pretend to do something but they are not! You know why? Because they are all in on it too! So tough... Thi sis call the game of "house always wins"... They will just keep on ripping people off and every dumb fu**er will just keep on pouring money into wall street... is a casino! People like to gamble, what can I say...

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Internet bubble is a company that has no prospect of earnings in the next 10 years being rated strong buy with target of $100 bubbling up to 200 the next day. That my fried is an Internet bubble.

This is just mild stock pumping. I'm sure banks made many companies offers they couldn't refuse: "We run up your stock and you issue new shares and pay us a cut."

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GS is still a bank holding company. I think we need to rethink the entire financial system along with take out the political crap. Politics and Wallstreet bad combo.
Never let your dog watch over your food, never let congress watch over your money

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12 month price target of $15.  With 50:1 leverage, that would allow for about 115% upside potential. 

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Don't forget the historic implementation of SLP SIGMA X on the above October 2008 date....perhaps this is where Rahm got his "never waste a crisis" moniker...

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Same ond story -- Cap markets "professional" whispers in the ear of said CFO over the course of the quarter advising on how best to window dress the Q (sequentials) all while the monkeys (Associates) toil away massaging comps, volumes and perfecting the "story." Parasites yes, but at some point the victim is to blame  

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this type of pump and dump by underwriters is criminal


this is an outrage

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What's an outrage is that there are participants in these offerings.  Oversubscribed...  But that's a whole other investigation by itself.

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Yes it's vital that these phones get out in mass market so that the people behind the scene can get access to enough bugs and video cameras to ensure they have all the information they need whether someone wants them to have it or not.

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actually that really is illegal if the equity research comment came out during the marketing of the deal. their research analyst should have been restricted from issuing any commentary on the company. somethign isn't right here, no way goldman flaunts the rules so audaciously when everyone knows that's such a clear no-no. if not, there will be fines coming and heads rolling in the compliance dep't at 85 broad. goldman likes to break the rules behind everyone's back not out in the open . . .

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just read that article and i am thinking the same thing you are.

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I watched a really good video series of the subtle manipulation of the presidential election. It was really good work. I wonder how much of this just happens though with people being part of it without knowing they are part of it just going along with gentle proddings.

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Sounds interesting. Link please!

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It's called how the illuminati made Obama the President  9 parts. Here's first

What's funny is he has a middle eastern accent and I had so many middle eastern professors in my classes I can understand him perfectly but I can hardly understand a Irish accent. LOL

But what I found interesting is some of his comments on how they are undermining old religious methodologies now. It made me think about about some of the Jimmy Carter years.

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didn't like your video

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Here's a crazy conspiracy theory: a former Chairman of Halliburton gets himself elected VP, then that Administration launches a huge war based on false intelligence, and then Halliburton is handed a no-bid contract for billions of dollars for reconstruction.

But that could never happen, right? I mean someone would call foul, and people would go to jail, right?

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Man if he would just kill someone without going to jail that would make a great book.

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the sad thing is that GE needs the govt's help to make money not to mention TARP to keep itself a float.

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enjoyed the repeated use of the word "ramp" in that email. perhaps we're seeing them change the name of the game to "ramp and dump."

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Doesn't the LAW state GS is restricted on this stock?

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A collapse is inevitable.  At this point everyone knows the game is crooked.  However they are still pressing their luck at the tables, playing with "house money".  People who are making money know the entire game is a sham, but they don't care because they think they've got it figured out. 


Hence all the, "Why complain about Goldman's pump and dump, just hitch a ride and make some easy $$$!".  Once you start hearing a lot of that, the collapse is pretty much guaranteed.  No one has sincere trust in the market.

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Americas technology industry mostly consists of cellphone headsets.

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I don't know why folks keep running around the issue here can call it "pump-and-dump". It's a fraud, plain and simple. All the euphemisms and PC attitudes in US are really getting a bit annoying.

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Looks like GS is desperate to make money. Doesn't even care world is watching. May be they are in trouble again.

AN0NYM0US's picture is slowly but surely becoming a legit news source - come to think of it who actually has more credibility?  Charles Gibson or Alex Jones - I have to give it to Alex hands down - same for the other MSM talking heads - how pathetic is that

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Hey somebody's got to pimp this stuff out!

Now all you whoremongers get out there and Hump and Pump!

Because eventually, who won't have an investment banking services client relationship with the Vampire Squid.

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roflmfao, this is criminal, similiar practice as rating agencies, these guys should all go to jail

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China readied to nullify derivative contracts entered with 6 investment banks.

Ok. Let the war begin and see what kind of frauds were employed by the six major investment banks.

The question which six major investment banks? My guess is Goldman Sachs, JP morgan, Bank of America, Citi, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley?

It will be interesting to see the beginning of the end............

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GS doesnt bother to cover its conflict of interest anymore, just to show everyone how powerful they are in controlling wall st, fed and US govt.

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It worked for BAC.

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Time to implement a quiet period for all brokerage firms reports before and after earnings announcements.

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By Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch

Palm fell 3% after the company disclosed that the release of the Pre device wasn't enough to pull the company into profitability. Palm lost $164.5 million in the most recent quarter.

"Palm shares still trade well above their closest comparables, including Research in Motion, and in our mind continue to conceal the inherent risk in depending on two products and few customers," said analysts at Jesup & Lamont Securities.


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Who is getting hurt here? Goldman doesn't have any large retail brokers and the ones they have see right through this. Instl investors know better, so who cares?

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PALM is total piece of crap stock to boot. Their sales are mediocre and they would have to sell toe to toe with the iPhone to even get out of that debt hole.

Cash burn is extreme. Reliance on a very nice, but singular product. 2nd product is not really interesting. I expect because of poor sales, they need the secondary offering and that bodes poorly.

It's too bad, the PRE is pretty dope. But too little too late.

Meanwhile, Goldman talking the book and pumping probably one of the worst consumer stock prospects on the markets. These guys are parasites...

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well, atleast they didn't upgrade it