Goldman Jumps Shark, "Fundamentally" Shifts Its "Bearish" Outlook On Economy: Goes Bullish, Hikes Outlook

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'It is also conceivable that the fiscal negotiations currently underway between the Obama administration and the Republican congressional leadership produce unexpected growth-positive outcomes.'

Good luck with that. I would have said it was more 'inconceivable', personally.

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Just look at that big old bounce market wise.  Zero volume and, dang, instant recovery on the markets.


Has anyone today actually attempted to buy anything?  Seriously.  All the guys I know aren't touching anything right now, even the two or three with HFT's.

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I bought more SLV yesterday...first trade I've made in a month.

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I'm a fundamental investor and have been nearly fully invested since June.

Look at some of the big Pharma companies, tobacco companies, and

tech companies.  They have great earnings and lots of cash.

Many are buying back their stocks.

In the past few weeks, BAC has had several insiders buying stock. 

I agree with this, though a rocky ride, will continue to rise.

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"Five years ago, we became very pessimistic about the US economic outlook."

In 2005 they were out on the airwaves warning us of an impending downturn? You betcha. 

I am long tobacco and energy, but to call me a bull would be a serious stretch. I think we are hosed, for the most part. Of course, Goldman would never lie.

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Zig when they zag.

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Netflix day trade alert.

Intra-day reversal mimics 05/13, 08/17, 09/30.  Red candle on top of ramping peak.  Every time this has happened Netflix gapped lower and finished red the next day.

If the ECB weren't meddling tomorrow, I would take this trade in size, but the ECB is unpredictable.

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Bullish when they are bearish and bearish when they are bullish...wait...fuck

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It's probably from all those porno scanners and opportunities to touch other people's junk at bus stations now.  Everything looks bullish when there is all that free T&A to be had.

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Doesn't Goldman trade against the advice it gives it's customers?

And if they were wrong/bearish during 06 & 07 then they can certainly be wrong now. And they are.

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Exactly.  They had a bearish outlook for the past 5 years according to this piece.  That means late 2005 they started their bearish tilt.  That was 2 years early in stock market terms.

If they are early on this call, then we have 2 years of caution in front of us.

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3.Arrange to have your lawn mowed by newly impoverished serfdom.

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I did a double take, WTF on that as well--it's also baldly untrue that GS was issuing bearish guidance in 2005.  Memory hole bullshit. 

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Jan's got one bullet left to try to hit that 1250 year end target...looks like he fired it we'll see if he's got any aim

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Never trust a Squid... ever.

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Glad to see everything so healthy and robust. Wake me up when they stop QEx and ZIRP.

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Dont fight THIS, coordinated by Goldman/Fed:  They pre-announce a freebie, ride the tide...that raises ALL boats...analogy of QE1 end of Feb 2009...pedal to the floor...

but it is EUROPE that is to be 'saved' by the USA Fed...'swap lines guaranted, no matter how many trillion, this time infinite....

Commerical US banks, too, probably told "dont place your bets against this coordinated action and maybe...the civil/criminal charges THAT WE HAVE BEEN HOLDING OFF ON...will STAY in abeyance..."  

European block must really, REALLY be bad...Europe, henceforth an open vassel-block to the USA...but Great Britain, non-Euro...gets full partnership..Political/economic 'reorganization under bankruptcy'....


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Fitting for a wave 5 up.  Public participation should reach an extreme within the month due to the brainwashing.

After that, look out.

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I agree.  This next stock push should be enough to bring retail investors into the market.

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But what can you do if the next stock crash is accompanied by leaking dollar.

very soon it will come to get out of Stocks(whatever one has) and move to straight Gold.

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yeah, scary to go into any trade like gold/silver because they have ramped up so much, but an ECB QE announcement tomorrow all but forces you to do so.  if everyone is going to print, then gold/silver are going to win.

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Excellent!   Now everybody's in the growth bandwagon.    Time to short!!!!

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looks like GS is done buying up all it's downgrades on the cheap.

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Goldman sez inflation is growth. New bull market. Who knew?

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Time to short the fucking PIG of a market, and how (i.e. with leverage).

Abby Joseph Cohen must have come out of her troglodyte cave and saw her shadow.


Goldman Sachs would never steer the broader audience wrong. I love all their calls.




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don't worry Main Street, no Hopium for you

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Who needs hopium when we have Ipads and tee vee for as far as the eye can see! I consume therefore...China is.

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Things must be really bad. They dump the FED data, announce the IMF shit and Goldman thinks good times have come again. 

Look how their throwing everything and kitchen sink in, their scared and they should be if this thing collapses, your gonna see politicians hung by their gonads and they'll deserve it 

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Things are looking better all the time.  It is good to come to ZH and catch up on the news of those who seem to be overreacting to almost every bit of news out there.

Please remind me of the riots that will destroy Greece, France and the UK before anymore drivel about the Irish.  Europe and the Euro will be just fine with the help of the ECB and our Fed.  Don't like it?  Well, you're entitled but that doesn't alter reality.

GS has this one nailed - 5% GDP 4Q.  Bank on it.

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Everythings coming up roses eh? But just how will Europe be fine? Will ben take their debt on the fed's books too?

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As long as the Fed keeps monetizing $100B/month, you'd be crazy to get in the way.

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Those words are like echoes from 2007/2008.

"Don't short Bernanke" back then was a common refrain!


Bombs Away!!!

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this was Goldmans "tweet" to their elitest friends to short this market dry! just watch!!!

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1984 = 2010

Some current examples of doublespeak... classic, just like this GS hit-piece. Or is it anti-hit?

physical persuasion or physical pressuretorture

defensewar, as in the United States Department of Defense, formed by the merging of the Department of War and Department of the Navy


troublemaker, treasonist, criminal, terrorist, unpatriotic: often names for rebel, revolutionary, or folk heroes, especially by oppressive governments



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Most of you are just pissed off because this means you will never see $1400/oz of fool's gold ever again.

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By "never" do you mean by days end or weeks end?  Gold won't go down unless government actually constructively faces the unfacable.

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Chinese Newspaper "People's Daily" hints 'Goldman Sach' was behind 5% drop of ShangHai stock index on Nov 12.

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Tim "You Have Been Warned" Wood must be scratching his head.

New highs on the transports.


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Robo - just turned international licensing deal over to our attorneys for the final stamp of approval. In this final meeting, our buyers were giddy about expanding our reach. They have seen "dramatic" improvements this fall. 

Remember when I reported this from Detroit last month and people thought I was "lying/crazy/fraud", etc.? 

What you need to do is listen to people like me, small business selling consumer discretionary. Not only are we expanding internationally, we'll be adding more positions as well. This report comes as no surprise on this end. I've been seeing it for months now.

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Keep posting Harry since I follow you. But always remember everything can "turn on a dime".

Remember 2008 ? How swift was that crash in everything.

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Isn't it funny how the ZH doomers get roasted again, and Wanger called it. And their only recourse is the JUNK BUTTON.

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And it's good news the oil price rose 3% today is it? That's at least 6000 products which just got more expensive.

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Why so surprised? Abby Cohen Joseph has been bullish all along.