Goldman, Morgan Stanley And Citi "Demonstratively" Delayed For Obama Meeting Due To Fog

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Obama is patiently sitting in the conference room playing Brick Breaker on his Bbery. This probably means that private jets are finally back. Also, not a good endorsement of the Acela train.

From Dow Jones

Executives from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS) and Citigroup Inc. (C) are delayed as they try to make it to a meeting Monday with President Barack Obama at the White House, Fox Business Network reports. Flights for Goldman Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein, Morgan Stanley CEI John Mack and Citigroup Chairman Richard Parsons are being delayed by fog. The executives could still participate in the meeting through teleconference if they can't get to Washington, Fox Business reported.

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I'm not surprised they are skipping this meeting with the Chief - didn't they absent themselves when he rambled on at the stock exchange earlier in the year?!

etrader's picture

MCC(s) been canned (sorry diverted ) from DC.....

suteibu's picture

This "dope" opera gets funnier every day.

FreakuentFlyer's picture

oh no! at least they did not propose Obama come to NYC instead.

MsCreant's picture

Would be something if they were all on the same plane, heh!

Uncle Remus's picture

So is that like, weather related fog or "fog of (middle class) war" fog?

On the other hand, f^(% NY.

geopol's picture

Fog seems like a perpetual state for these guys,,,all of them!! That means you too Barky

etrader's picture

Another Gold Star for Jamie Dimon.

Watch out Timmy :-)

Going off at a tangent....

Has ZH got hold of Rosie latest note?


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maybe Dimon stayed in the Lincoln bedroom, doing a pre-interview chat and some beers with his soon to be new subordinate, the President of the United States of America.



johnnyBoy's picture

He did stay in the Lincoln bedroom but only after a new mattress was installed.  Lincoln bedroom?  Does that mean ol' Abe didn't sleep in the master BR with Mary? Maybe it was her snoring.  Or maybe it is because she was a basketcase and kept suddenly waking up in the middle of the night like that women on the show "Medium"? 

aint no fortunate son's picture

Notice which stock is up today and which 3 are down? Gee, its almost like Benjie got the word on who his new 2nd best friend is gonna be...

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ghee, ya think a meeting with the prez is important enough to arrive the night before?


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Lulz.  Not when he's your play-thing.  Come to think of it, there are probably NYC call girls who are more sought after and respected than this guy.

Sancho Ponzi's picture

Nah, their time is too valuable. And the Giants played late on Sunday.

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Now they're saying Blankfein and Mack will attend via conference call. If Obama had any semblance of a spine, he'd reschedule.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I'm a nobody and at the age of 30 I was requiring my design consultants fly in the night before so I didn't have to hear travel delay bullshit.

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Or take the goddamn train.   It's faster, but lacks the F-you impact of humping in from Teterboro each on their own jets...

Anonymous's picture

They are the ones who are F***'ed.

You can spray paint all the windows black and the stupid 25 million dollar jets can zip from a farm to a General Aviation airport within range of DC... and then drive or helicopter down.

All this fine whizbang tech and they are stacking bull about foggy... boo hoo.

Mail Jennies pre war ran it on time and correctly in all weathers. Maybe they oughta get one of those.

Maybe if the Prez has a pair, he will whistle up the damn 747 and float over to NYC the heavy way clearing out 6 major airfields and all the airspace stacked from 440 down to 020 orbiting while waiting on AF1.

Now that is F** -U to the biz whizzes sitting on thier jets prostrate because they cannot fly.

SimpleSimon's picture

Climate change legislation will put an end to these foggy affairs!! 

Cursive's picture

This is truly a case of a dime waiting on the dollars.  I think we know who is in charge and its not the guy whining on "60 Minutes".  What an incompetent boob.

Cursive's picture

Sorry, duplicate post.

Rainman's picture

The Boyz even control the fog. Now that's impressive.

This excuse works much better than the old " dog ate my homework " excuse. Lloyd probably hired a meteorologist to predict this was coming.

Who wants to go to school when the teacher is planning to rap your knuckles for being a bad boy......??

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Coach Belichick would send them home for showing up late.

ella's picture

Why should they meet with him?  They have obtained their goals of ripping off the public, not once but many times.  First they get themselves deregulated, then they have their leverage limits raised, then they gouge with their fees, teaser loans, sale of securities and then they get bailed out.  How many times must we pay for the same service?

It does not take high priced "Talent" to run a scam like this.  Any self respecting mob boss could do almost the same thing.  Woops didn't we used to prosecute loan sharks, and fraudsters?


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FedUpUSA is your one-stop source for all the up-to-the-minute breaking news regarding the global financial crisis. We are committed to bringing you the truth about what is really happening, as opposed to the fodder that is shown in the mainstream media. We believe the root of the problem is corruption in our financial industry and in our government. It is our goal to expose and reveal the corruption as well as to educate the public about our economic and financial systems so they can fight back.


Anonymous's picture

FedUpUSA = Closet NeoCon kneejerkers trembling in anticipation to serve the war machine.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Uh "neocon"?!? Whatever. when TEOTWAKI occurs, report directly to your friendly FEMA camp. They can help you there.


We're ready for the rest. ;)

Anonymous's picture

typical Neocon Knee Jerk bable.
I call it as I see it.

Anonymous's picture

er, no.
That's probably Pika-Steph from TickerForums...

they see the u.s. captured by oligarchs...."fascism" if you will.....
banker baseball etc....

trav777's picture

He SERIOUSLY did not run to be the house nigga for Wall Street...and I mean SERIOUSLY.  With emphasis and a meanish looking scowl.

He's pissed bc they're making him look bad and he's starting to take flanking fire from elements of the press.  Once it's ok to savage Tiger, then it's open season on the "off limits" demographics.

Problem is, the guy is utterly clueless.  Seemed madder about the gatecrashers than anything else.

Rainman's picture

Banksters had the perfect rescue setup  in Obama. By the September '08  bust out, they knew he was in.....a done deal. They also knew who in their bankster/ Street ranks was in deepest shit, especially those to be sacrificed or assumed . A community organizer would be an uncommon genius at figuring out the financial industry cons.....especially one this complex. So the Paulson handoff to Timmy was probably the most crucial phase of the setup to fleece generations of taxpayers. Larry second. Ben was already in the game.

Obama came into the job with an idealist and populist agenda. The Boyz had an entirely different agenda for him. The old handcuff trick worked. So far, so good. 

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

True, but Obama has a lot of pride. He will attack them out of pride, not out of the substance of what they have done.


But its gotta start somewhere..thanks to the weather and narcissism.


And this weather my freinds will lead to the Black Swan. No one planned for an irate, prideful Obama.

Anonymous's picture

"but Obama has a lot of pride....No one planned for an irate, prideful Obama."

oh jeeeeeeeeezussssss

Is that fascist a-hole clark kent, Shaft or the great pumpkin?

Assetman's picture

Wouldn't it be cool, though, if BMO blew a gasket in his cerebral cortex... and then started going "Andrew Jackson" on people?

That would be change I could believe in...

faustian bargain's picture

That would be interesting, but who do you think would win in a Mexican standoff between BO and the Squid?

Hephasteus's picture

It's the old monopoly mentality. The least secure individuals always want the safety of the crowd.

Make no mistake before this is over the greatest emotionally blocking psychopathic vulcans will all have thier crown chakra ripped open and flooded with the intense psychopathic rage of the anti globalist conciousness. There will be world leaders reduced to catatonic states. There will be intensly private wealthy individuals that will make Howard Hughes look like a poster child for mental health.

Anonymous's picture

When guests pay the host a corkage fee, the host attends most quietly.

Anonymous's picture

"This is truly a case of a dime waiting on the dollars"

Bingo. Make no mistake on the order of precedence. What else is there to say really? You would think that when you have been summoned by the leader (laughable) of the "free world" (laughable again) you damn well show yourself at that time and location. "Sorry, I can't see YOU because of the weather" is the equivalent of "the dog ate my homework."

Grow a pair! The incompetence has gone from painfully obvious to disgustingly pitiful.

Anonymous's picture

I'm surprised they did not roll out the wheelchair excuse like Cheney.... total disrespect for the office and the people!

Jesse nails it:

The Bankers Summit and Some Significant No-Shows

The Wall Street boys don't bother to show for a command performance at the White House on some lame excuse, except for house banker and Treasury Secretary to be Jamie and some of the hat-in-hand-still-owing-TARP crowd. Lloyd doesn't need to be Treasury Secretary because he already has one.

This is too good. You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous's picture

Dear Banksters,
Every minute you're late, the penalty tax on your bonuses increases by ten percent.

(they would be there in a supersonic jet)

Anonymous's picture

Optics FAIL.

Obama already did the "bankers summoned to the White House" thing and, far from making it look like a trip to the woodshed, the photo ops actually increased the bankers' prestige.

Far better for the President to have traveled to New York. He could have summoned the bankers to the NYSE, if he wanted to seem pro-capitalist, or better yet, an elementary school near Wall Street, for that populist touch. Think of the optics if Obama had held this meeting in the Principal's office...

Anonymous's picture

a group that is shaken by the reality the game is rigged and they been duped. yet can seem to understand their Neocon mentality is also feeding the beast.

Anonymous's picture

Fog would have kept their own planes grounded as well. Why didn't they plan to leave earlier? Apparently they did not think the meeting was too important.

Assetman's picture

Apparently, AMtrak is beneath them.

Anonymous's picture

The latecomers and no-shows were a slap in the face and a flip of the bird to taxpaying Americans. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

carbonmutant's picture

Apparently he couldn't get the bankers to stand behind him during his speech this morning...

Kind of "out there by himself"...

Sqworl's picture

No fog..they just could not be bothered with his BS...Pictures of both cities clear as water!

stoverny's picture

"hey Barack babe, we're socked in here in NY... fog is like pea soup! Can't make it, have to take a raincheck... send my assistant the minutes, OK bro? Right back atcha Barry!"

delacroix's picture

I've taken off in fog, you couldn't see ten feet in, and landed too. thats what instruments are for. modern planes can fly effeciently, without windows in the cockpit. there is too much money at stake, for an airline to have its operation restricted, by fog.  didn't happen, taxiing, at a crowded airports, is what causes delays.  if you can land in fog, you can take off in fog.