Goldman Is Now Selling Oil Equities: Advises Clients To Buy Oil Equities

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Arjun Murti is the same disingenuous fuckwad that coined the "super-spike to $200" rhetoric in May 2008, two months before oil began its epic decline of 80%, and five months after The Great Recession had already begun.     

He is nothing more than a despicable m/puppet for GSCI, enabling them to unload their oil futures at record profits, a mere 60 days before the world began to crack in half.

Nothing quite like $140 oil to trigger the "Big Short" dominos.  I'm sure Gary Cohn gave Murti an extra bowl of matzah ball soup at the '08 GS holiday party.     

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Who in the hell would be a 'Goldman client'? Are there really that many retarded multi billionaires out there? I dont get it.

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I don't either but I guess as long as there are more people buying on their advice than selling it short, they come out ahead. There must be a few banks and funds left  that don't read Zero Hedge.

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Institutional managers of OPM?

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Might this suggest GS knows something about QE3?

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QE3 has at this point been priced in about 5x.

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everything they sell is oily

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PAPER!  Get your paper here!  Paper's hot....pick 'em up!

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I would trust GS with my life! You should too!!!!!!

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We don't have to, it's already been done for us.

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Oil companies benefit because now they will have fewer dollars, which are a notoriously depreciating asset. By contrast, they will produce (and sell) less oil, meaning they will hang onto an appreciating asset. ;)

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All the TBTF's realize that the days of predatory lending are over. They are looking to show the world that through there political power and invincibility they can make money hand over fist in the markets. Look out boutique hedgefunds you are about to become out of fashion as the moneyed class rushes to to the squid for wealth creation. Let's call the new business model "Predatory Trading".

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I have a strange feeling of Deja Vu right now... 

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brand OIL will go back to $120/b,
faster then they'll think.

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Really Greeny? Is this call as reliable as your 'I just went long Euro for 1.46' call the other day?

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Moron, if you are FX trader you should sell it already

at profit..

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Whatever I say is not what I do,

it is the opposite of what I tell you

I am Gladman Sucks

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If my kids ever give me shit about being a hypocrite, i'm going to tell them i'm just preparing them for real life. That way they aren't shocked when they grow up to find out that everything is not sunshine and lolly pops and santa claus is actual a psychedelic mushroom. 

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Maybe the sunshine is inside the shroom.

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Heh. I dont think you can be taught that by anyone other than the mushroom itself. 

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This would be hilarious if it weren't so pitifully sad.

Although, thinking about it, one shouldn't pity anyone getting taken by the Squid for a ride, so . . . LOL.

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Exactly, those wooliest of sheeple were a fire hazard. It's a public service.

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oil will drop for few months, spur stocks and than ... hate to think about it.

And after "then" even worse ...

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Maybe Obummer will go for the double-bonus in his game, Slay the Evil-Doer, by going all bunker-buster on Moammar?

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Obummer - gov will sell high now to refineries and fill up reserves low.

Chinese sheeps will buy even more cars and be happy for few months... than will come unpleasant surprise, than another one than oil>200USD

Oil is the ultimate weapon.

By the way - who is owner of oil reserve facilities? Is it same story like FED owned by private banks?

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Sooo, they were for it,  before they were against it, before...etc. adnauseaum

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As always, it's like a bellows. First they suck, then they blow, fanning the flames of wealth transfer on each pump.

Combine that with the idiom of "shaking the tree," and you could say they aren't shaking it as much as they are burning it down.

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Yeah maybe I am an idiot for buying into VDE at 105.5-ish with borrowed money. We will see.

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Just a more semantic / philosophical point -- there are no energy producers in our economies. There are no energy consumers either. What we do is "produce" entropy, or disorder, as higher ordered energy (oil and electricity for example) is converted to lower ordered energy (ie entropy increases). Our economies produce absolutely nothing, and this is why 99.9% of economists have it completely wrong, because they devlop their entire imaginary theories (be they Keynesian or Austrian or whatever other flavour you can think of) around the premise that we "produce" things, when we do nothing of the sort.

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"production" is actually "destruction" ... something or someone is destroyed somewhere when "production" takes place.

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 - take oil for example, oil companies like to proclaim "oh, we produced xxx million barrels of oil last quarter"...oil companies didn't produce dick, they just sucked an existing resource out of the ground and destroy the oil. The Earth produces material resources, production destroys material resources. Everything we think of as "civilization" is either mined or grown.

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Right on Rusty, finally someone who agrees with me.

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To sell some thing you have you need a suker to buy it.


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To sell some thing you have you need a suker to buy it.


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goldman selling to people it is attempting to get rid of, perish the thought

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Goldman says BTFD

They are investment bankers - it is their job to lie. WTF

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I think I finally figured out what Wall Street investment banks manufacture, it's volatility.

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Bingo- they get people into positions (their positions which were purchased before the recommendation), then create volatility to force stop losses with their "research" and their spoofs, and "banged closes", and gunned thin trading.