Goldman, Now Entirely Behind The Curve, Hikes 10 Year Bond Yield Expectations To 3.75%

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GS is nothing without its daily insider information purchases, just a bunch of manipulating priviledged brats. We should be on Wall St by the millions today preventing all of them from even getting to their desks, including the media.

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By the way, if you're interested in the only statistic the powerful look at, it's Table 4-A, which you will find by Googling the monthly labor report:


Department of Labor November employment

  • Table A-4. Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment

    And why, you are wondering, is this the only statistic power looks at?  Because this is the official report of unemployment in the only social class which matters in America: those with a Bachelors degree or higher.


    They are only 1/3 of the labor force, but they get all the income, own all the houses, and cast all the votes.


    The new policy is that there will no NO haircuits and NO defaults, only BAILOUTS, until the OFFICIAL unemployment rate in this class is 20%.


    Now, of course, the official is a lie, so just double it.  But it's the OFFICIAL figure that matters to power. 


    And what is that official figure for November?


    Merely 5.1%.


    This is still an "all clear" to go full speed ahead with Mellonesque liquidation, i.e., looting via bailouts.


    It will continue to be an "all clear" until the OFFICIAL figure is 20%.  Not 19.9999999...%, but instead, EXACTLY 20%.


    So now you know.


    And if you think you're so smarty smarty, just tell me the month and year the OFFICIAL figure in this class will hit the magic 20%.

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    Goldman, they make me laugh....and sick!

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    Goldman trying to unload its subsidiary alleged mortgage fraudster Litton Loan:


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    They can get fucked.

    Recovery = rich get bailed out and get richer

    Everyone else gets screwed.

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    As Fed buys up more and more of the outstanding T float (taking over most T's now on the rollover rather than our foreign friends) - will Ron Paul or Republicrats not raise a bit of a symbolic stink that BB is completely "monetizing" the debt.  Cause to take rates lower from here, that's what seems neccessary.

    BTW - GS's FC # would put us over $500B/yr in interest payments based on average of 3.75% (of course we can avoid this by going ever shorter on the curve...but danger lies that way mattey)...don't think BB can live with higher rates but not sure if he will can take them lower without the wheels coming off the economy ($100 oil, etc.).

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    Headline of the day (so far):

    Battle: Stocks can't rise until jobless rate falls

    this comes from Marketwatch...precious

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    The NFP number was bogus - between Benny's need to justify qe2 and the administration's need to push thorough the Bush tax cuts a bad number (which will be adjusted a month or two from now) was required.  Look at the ISM service employment numbers  -- much better than expected - make no mistake the NFP number was made to look much worse to fit the political agenda of the fed and the administration.

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    I can't argue with you regarding a bogus # from the BLS - but from KD...

    185,000 people were added to the working-age population (238530 to 238715).  But the employed number actually fell by 334,000 people (139749 to 139415), which means that on an employed rate basis over 500,000 jobs were lost.

    The claimed "improvement" was all adjustments - to the tune of 360,000 alleged jobs that households reported didn't exist!

    this supports your bogus assertion but in the wrong direction.  Looks like it was actually much worse than the headline.  Plus, I don't think BB is worried about QE2, he's working on QE3.

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    Godsman hypes the reflation trade today and bulls up the big banks a couple days earlier.

    FUG's at the intersection of illusion and delusion on bond calls. He no doubt had to follow the prescribed QE-fueled happy days path laid out by Squid's High Command. Dismissed with amusement.

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    Their forecasts have become irrelevant, changes of such frequency and magnitude that nobody cares anymore. 
    Except as fodder for ZH'ers.  

    Now there's a real boost to self-esteem!

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    "EMU periphery spreads still too high relative to their credit fundamentals" 

    Out of all Goldman's bs (and that gift just keeps on giving) this is the contrary indicator of the century!!!

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    Here's what they are doing for now. They are going to let rates spike in hopes of getting people off the fence to buy anything on credit A house a car a washing machine anything

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    What good are forecasts of 10 year bond yields to a true long term investor if the forecasts have a track record of changing radically by the week? It’s all about generating more trades, margins, fees, and commissions. It amazes me how many fall for the scam.