Is Goldman Preparing To Reevaluate Its EURUSD Target... Again?

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Just try to make a few pips every day, then go home.  Leave the big picture to somebody else.

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"this involves a regression incorporating 5y CDS spreads, 2y EUR and US swap rates, oil prices and the VIX." This is called called driving backwards using the rear view mirror.  I wonder if the folks at GS have adjusted their swap spreads and VIX factors to take account of the fed's actions in the dollar markets.  QE does not just affect U.S. bonds.  Chris 

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so i guess this means, the EUR turns up to kiss the 1.30 goodbye forever.....the dollar goes down, which in turn, tries to help the stock market move up and attract some of the peasantry into it before it explodes.....

and actually causes the banks (!!!) to lose money on the "rally" they engineered to steal the very last pennies the peasants have managed to hang on to...

have i got it right, GS?

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unsupportive BBoP backdrop

The word "bebop" is usually stated to be nonsense syllables [Wikipedia]

Plenty of 'nonsense syllables' in the analysis above.

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I don't think you can evaluate the world's reserve currency by this sort of analysis.  GBP vs. CAD, yes.  USD?  No.

Why did USD go up so much during the "credit crunch" of late '08?  It wasn't due do the "surprise index"!

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is ZH so desperate for eyeballs that it has to publish this crap from squid?

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How can the $ drop long term against a currency that so many have predicted will fall apart in the coming years? It isn't only the guy at Dan22's link that is predicting this.

has been beating the drum rather loudly as well. Others too.

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