Goldman On The Price Impact Of Physical Metal-Backed ETFs

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I am putting 90% of my disposable income in gold and silver, suck it up Goldman bitchez, can u remain solvent longer than i can hold physical ? (I thought so)

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Sell, sell, sell......

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Ooooh.  9 whole dollars.  I guess my ounce of gold won't buy that extra 2 pounds of decaf instant coffee anymore.

Let me unlock my safe and sell my fortune - it is losing so much buying power.

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A chart showing a $10 drop? Robot, you idiot, you're not scaring them like that, especially since you only show up when gold goes down.

You must be more creative and use a good dose of arrogant insolence which will strike fear in the hearts of the gold cocaroaches.


Go ahead, try again 

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You already sold, a long time ago, at a much lower price.

MarketTruth's picture

True, Robo sold cheap like the weak hands he is. Proof the Robo Emperor has no cloths (and his choice of putting photos of women within his posts are Robo's hopes of duping the Dumb Money ZH'ers).

REMEMBER: He is a Robo, what do you expect from such a creature who robs via HFT?

JonNadler's picture

he's just me in woman's clothing

Kina's picture

This has become such regular behaviour as to now be genuine junk.

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What a surprise - gold dropping in price into the end of October, on Comex futures expiry day.  Honestly, what's more interesting is how little its given up since the recent highs.

Kina's picture

More evidence of criminal manipulation of the market, and criminal negligence and corruption of the CFTC. Their turn at the gallows will come one day.

66Sexy's picture

it may just be single day fundamentals. all the currencies are down but the buck; QEII is priced in, now a disapointment is pricing in.

tmosley's picture

Ah, so you DO know how to post a gold chart, but you are just biased so you only post on down days, of which there haven't been many.

You're a jackass.

66Sexy's picture

wow. a whole 4 hour chart. good find.


i know yur kiddin! hee hee :)

lsbumblebee's picture

Well I read the report and I didn't see the phrase "naked short selling" once.

Common_Cents22's picture

It's time to start a GoldmanContra fund.  Take all their public calls and take the other side.   Sounds like a near 100% correlation.

The aggregated performance stats on their calls would be interesting to see.

unum mountaineer's picture

they're so full of it. so sick of it....exactly why the fuck are people making the moves they are making? im positive gs lurks on ZH and puts this BS out to fuck with people. so do all the ollies. smile and wave..give them the finger mentally

JonNadler's picture

Thank goodness that an audit of GLD and SLV cannot be done under its rules outlined in the prospectus! And you gold cocaroaches can't do anything to prove there's no gold or silver in there!

66Sexy's picture

fuck the sachs bruthers, and fuck the morgans


we bury 'dos cocaroaches..


what they efver do for us?

Eric L. Prentis's picture

Groucho Marx lost boatloads of money in the stock market during the Great Depression. See what Groucho says about Goldman Sachs on this hilarious YouTube video, staring child-star Jackie Cooper and the Marx Bros., in a ‘30s go-cart race on a studio lot, with Carole Lombard and Charles Laughton cheering them on. The race starts at the 3:15 minute mark into the clip, and ends at 4:45. Enjoy!

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Do us a favour Robot trader do one and go busking with Johnny Bravo who is probably selling his Granny as we speak.

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