Goldman: "QE 3 Optimism Is Excessive"

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Disapointing.. I hate the delay of the inevitable. 

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To make matters worse, now ZH is getting hit with Obama 2012 sidebar ads.  I'm not sure if that's better or worse than Cramer.


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Can anyone speculate what will happen to the mining stocks - or metals price?

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Tell me about Southern Copper yielding 6%.

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SCCO has been getting crushed on the elections in peru, it's hard to tell what the impact is, for me anyway

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It is still hard for my Peruvian in-laws to get info on what Ollanta Humala will do.

Will he be as bad as Chavez?  His team sez no.

He becomes President on July 28, so we will see before too long.

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I was about to post something obscene. Just buy puts on your miners and sell me your physical. I've got incredibly undervalued euros for you. You game?

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So GS says QE talk is excessive and Sinclair calls for "the Blackhole of Calcutta" for equites if it's stopped...

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see last lines above:

Translation: prepare for much more selling (including precious metals which will likely see at least one or two rounds of margin call satisfying liquidation), before the time to front run the Fed comes again.

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Its a very dollar centric view - many of us are poor short term speculators and hold Euros that are in a very precarious postion....

If the dollar goes ballistic from here the euro might crash and euro distress is the real driver of Gold in my opinion.

Its still Dollars Bitches Vs Gold Bitches

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down they go into end of July

Silver more than Gold

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the ads are tailored to your interests....oops.....

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I don't know about that, i get, something about guns, and University of Liverpool MBA programs.

I am a canadian hetro women, who has no interest in nor ever used a gun, with a couple of degrees already.

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they call it "hacking."  at least to the authorities.  "true crime" actually--with a bad sense of humor to boot.  apparently someone thinks it sells because ZH isn't ginning up the t-shirt sales wagon anymore.

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I don't get ads. I use Firefox (not everyone's favorite browser) which has a number of neat add-ins, one of which is Adblock Plus. Eliminates ads altogether. Another is Flashkiller, which eliminates banner ads. I make up for it here by periodically sending a contribution.

Best regards,


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lol.  i'm getting ads for for t-shirts, Citi credit cards, hunting gear from Cabelas.  Cableas makes sense. The others, go figure. 

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Yeah, I get Russian mail order brides and Trade with Cramer ads...

Like I would trade with Cramer the Clown...

Who wants to be a ranting, bug eyed, sweaty bald guy?

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Yeah, WTF??  I get as an ad.  My wife's a Filipino but how do "they" know that.

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all my banners say Night Train and MD 20/20?

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Weird, all I see is Cisco and Wild Irish Rose.

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That would explain why I only get advertising for renfaire supplies and personal lubricant.

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"To make matters worse, now ZH is getting hit with Obama 2012 sidebar ads.  I'm not sure if that's better or worse than Cramer."

I'll take Cramer the Clown ads over CREEP (Committee to RE-Elect the President) ads any day...

Unlike Barry Soetoro... Deep down, Clown knows he is a douche...

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QE3, in whatever form, by whatever name, and in whatever amount, may or may not come.

The important thing, and really, the only important thing to bear in mind is - it can't and thus won't be an effective medicine or procedure to cure or effectively treat the disease that ails.

Even its 'transitory' analgesic effects, should it arrive in bucket loads, must be questioned at this point.

Heroin addicts overdose and die with regularity.

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Nobody here (at least as far as i understand it) think QE solves/cures anything.

The only thing QE does, is force traders/investors/gamblers into risk assets. Period.

We also know the only thing that Bernanke can target is "wealth effect" his 3rd mandate.

So the issue becomes, at what level in the S&P does Bernanke start to look at another round of QE. I think around 950, definitely 900. The 2nd thing worth thinking about is what form QE3 takes. What does Bernanke buy this time around?

TruthInSunshine's picture

I agree with everything you said, but emphasize that what you described (i.e. forcing/encouraging the risk asset trade) is what QE did.

As the wreckage of the carnage that QE wrought becomes more visible and harder to hide, it's at least worthwhile, and I'd argue essential for survival, to ask: What will further QE do?

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Printing money is the last vestige of a dying economic system....the World is now printing money.....the world economic system is dying....what more is there to speculate about? Are we really trying to profit before the collapse?  Profit no longer matters.....I know.....because I'm the Profit Prophet..

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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Profit you are right about the world economy dying. The big boys need to stay on top though. Too many of ehhh, those unwashed masses, making ehhhh money in their markets. Flush small hedge funds and the new rich first followed with a strong rebound like last time. The rich continue to get richer.

QE 3 will be in late Sept or Oct.

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Further QE makes the dollar go critical and melt thru its containment vessel, PM's go up 25% from here.

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"QE 3 Optimism Is Excessive" 

I agree with everything except the first three letters

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 WHO CARES? I live in the United States of America!

flacon's picture






Portray an image of power and security
Foundations crumble at the base
Inner turmoil reflection read externally
Veil of lies attempts to hide our face


Molten masses in their image we are a formed
Art of deception mastered skillfully
Decay of value stifled cry of the unborn
With open eyes we still refuse to see

Respond arise nation divided

Selfish syringe draining lifeblood from our veins
Pallid skin displays condition true
Struggling on oblivious to our own pain
Contented smile as we continue to descend

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Yen, a little selfish dont you think? 

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  Have fun with the passive aggressive on your Friends.

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Whoever this "Tyler" is, I like "him" the best: he is astute, compact, and cynical as all hell.  He reads between the lines with a keen eye, and know what is to come.  He ven knows how to parse the intralineal in a highly technical Goldman Sachs trade rec.  We love this "Tyler."  Keep him on, and pay him more!

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If you like him, and make money, donate.

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Yes, there is "Sarcastic" Tyler, "Cynical" Tyler, and "Monologue" Tyler, among others...

BTW: "Monologue" Tyler can be recognized by his 3 column inch, paragraph long rambling, multi-clause sentences...

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"As usual: he who sells first, will have a job tomorrow..."

That's the quote, the meat, the heart of the post.  Since we do not know how this will down, best be diversified.  

If you do not own physical gold, then you better get started.

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Aye lad, fine words.

i haven't bought physical for about 4 months now.

And i suspect the best buying opportunity for a long time is coming right up.

while the market digests the 'end' of QE i'll be BTFD.

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There are no filling stations that will take gold in return for oil.

And that is all that matters.

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None that take stocks or bonds either. All that matters is how many FRNs you can get.

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By predicting 2nd half strength, Bernanke has telegraphed no QEIII rest of this year.

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I think the market went from about 80% believing we would get QE3 in some form, to about 60% after his speach.  Still a long way to go!

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QE3 or no bid.

Its not about value its about any bid at all.

Yes they will get their bid via Qe3,4...n or nothing will get a bid. Ever, ever, ever again.

All this jawboning nonsense is just talking book.

The market will wait untill July 10 no money by then and no bid for the market.