Goldman: QE2 Will Continue Into 2012, Will Be Over $2 Trillion, Models Do Not See Rate Hike Until 2015

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"Zero Hedge now believes a $5 trillion QE3 program will be announced by July 2011, when gold is trading at $10,000." - the lights will go out long before gold gets to 10,000

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Barkster's Investment Tip of the Day:

Go get some nice brand new crisp notes at the bank and put them away. Like Confederate currency, they will have value in approximately 100 years.

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Currently, the price ratio of gold to oil is about 12.  At $10,000 for gold, oil would be $625/bbl and gasoline would be $35 to $40 a gallon.


Since at that price the arabs would find out that our military isn't necessarily in the mid-east to protect them from the Iranians, the price of oil will only rise about a third as much, and gold will rise 3x more, to $30,000...

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You got the 1st part correct the 2nd not so, I think it would be in reverse all commodieties will run faster than gold because of real shortages, people need food and gasoline but not gold to survive, by the time gold gets to 5k half the people will be starving to death

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It's called sarcasm, bro! Flavored with irony.

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We are Japan.  Pomo arigato Mr. Bernanko!!!

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I feel for all the Americans out there.

my advice:

Wake the FUCK up! Your country will be disowned in a few more years if you dont stand up for yourself.

FTW, I am from Canada so I am in a bit better situation that you guys.




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Crimestop is a Newspeak term taken from the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It means to rid oneself of unwanted thoughts, i.e., thoughts that interfere with the ideology of the Party. This way, a person avoids committing thoughtcrime.

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That was quick. 1375 and 25.5, thanks Bennie! 1400 around the corner? 'Ere we go . . .

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TD says avoid stocks.  Horrid advice thus far.

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Are you sure you don't work for the BLS?

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Be gentle Tyler. The captured mind is a terribly difficult thing to wake.

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I'm still pissed I missed out in getting into the Zimbabwe stock market before it took off. Who were those people saying dont do it, take you money out and into gold? I could have made trillions of ZB dollars.

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I personally hold one quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars. Price on eBay at time of purchase: 10FRNs.

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And "avoid housing" would have constituted terrible advice in 2006.  

If you're a master of market timing, then perhaps you should be in stocks.  

...But if you're a mere mortal, Tyler's advice is probably sound.



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So Mule... Say hello Mr. Soros for us, will you?

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It looks like the horror movie's going into overtime.

Do I have time for a quick shit, shower and shave before they begin?

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Yes the magic futures always rise before the cash open. Once the cash market opens flatline for 5 hours. Same stuff over and over and over. Gap up on the open tread water for 5 hours.

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The insiders at ORCL,AAPL,GOOG,AMZN, all thank Ben. They worship him.

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Obviously took out a boatload of stops just above 1365 in the Dec10 gold.

As mentioned yesterday, the last line of defense for the Evil Empire is near 1390, where we double-tapped a couple of weeks ago. They'll try to "weather this storm" by defending that number so it may take a little time to get through there. However, there's no reason to think that it won't.

Once through 1400, the EE will probably try to set up mild resistance around 1420. They'll try even harder around 1440, at which point we'll probably fiddle around some as a little profit-taking sets in as well. Ultimately, however, the USDX looks like 72 which will take gold up to my oft-stated goal of 1500 by 12/10/10.

Lastly, keep in mind that soaring gold, the by-product of all this QE, generates headlines that the Fed does not appreciate. Silver, not so much. So expect silver to continue to outperform on a relative basis.

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Yes, incredible call yesterday on the pre-annoincement beat down, why, and your forecast of the aftermath.


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Thanks and don't forget that today and Monday are both POMO days.

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Then, on to Jim Sinclairs' million dollar bet that gold hits $1650 in January

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Keeping an eye on copper as well, started mimicking silver/gold's moves around early/mid September. Difference being it makes nice little intraday retracements fairly consistently.

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Thanks, you're really great!

You've got some followers here :)

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Turd, my hats off to you. You've been spot on lately. Cheers


BTW, I've got to say this ... Where's Johnny Bravo?

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He's apparently changed his name to "goldmiddlefinger".

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Remember, remember the fifth of November. Yes, the lights will go out long before $10,000 gold and gold will outlive the dollar once slaughter comes...

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Hell, if the fed determines that the combined situation at state & local government pension funds, or the muni market/local tax receipts poses serious risks to the financial system I could see the fed dumping more than 5T into the next round.  Especially if members of congress and the political elite start pressing the fed for enhanced support of the broad economy through greater asset purchases as a swap for holding off on trade legislation..

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Topped up in some Australian gold and silver mining stocks today. That is looking good.

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The NYT has an article out already saying that the QE II might not be big enough. You will never win this argument with a Keynesian idiot. No matter how big and often, it will be, always and forever, not big enough when it does not work, rather than admit failure. The Keynesian Kopout.  

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No, Keiser isn't TD.

Keiser has an average intellect and a flamboyant personality.

TD has phenominal intellect, and is very reserved (in person).

I'm almost certain I know who TD is, but just like Superman's human friends would never give up his identity, the same goes for me :-)

But then, I'm not sure if I'm right either....

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It would for once be nice to see Goldman model the events surrounding the impending collapse of the USD.

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Gold at $10,000 implies gasoline at $30/gal.  We all know we are dust long before that point.

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Sweet little flash crash on GLD this morning.  Nothing major...just a 3% rip off.  Probably a retracement point for later this afternoon.

Who believes in any of this anymore?

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There are lots of ways to tax the US population....and the non US population....

Money counterfeiting and interest rate impositions are just forms of government taxation....


Retired savers are paying a 100% income tax on their earnings...and no...this is no joke....


The developing countries are paying 40% more for food and energy....and this is going up....


The tax impositions that the US is imposing....just because of fraudulent securities....for which there has been no one becoming more and more unacceptable....


It is also the BIG tbtf banks that are causing higher energy and food constructing the dollar/oil hedges.....and levered energy/food investment products for the rich....

And no....this is no joke....


It is the time for accountability ?????



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Got to think gold's in the tank for Bannana Benjy. headfake $34 tank yesterday now a $40 combacker to the mound. There's no manip here. JPM's on the DL.


Maybe Roberta Shapiro will ban naked access in Gold futs also (but just for the BD customers).

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Zero Hedge now believes a $5 trillion QE3 program will be announced by July 2011, when gold is trading at $10,000, the entire Treasury curve is at zero, and stock prices are meaningless courtesy of a DXY sub 50, and every commodity opening limit up daily...


Ironically this is exactly what will happen. Bernanke on the gerbil wheel, run bennie run!

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Just buy as many SP 500 you can afford, stops forget about it, dips are bought every single time it drops. There is ZERO risk is this market ZERO NONE NADDA.

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Go back to the Yahoo message boards.

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Another flawed Goldman model. If short-term rates don't start moving up until 2015, it will be with 30-year yields at 10%+ and what kind of yield curve would that look like?

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Looks like I'll be a billionaire by 2012, even though there'll be nothing left to spend it on.

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2015 is consistent with Gregor MacDonald and JS Kim projections of economic destruction through massive inflation.

Look for the complete collapse of Mexico during the same year.

4 years is a long time to be holding physical if one has a carrying cost.

$ 20 trillion debt by mid-2015.

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In other words, Bernanke will raise ineterest rates when JFK jr, has his balls to my wall.

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"2. The statement is consistent with our expectation that rates will stay near zero for a very long time, possibly several years"

Sounds a lot like the land of the bullet train