Goldman Reiterates It Is Bearish On Bonds, But For The Wrong Reason

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What's that?  Goldman is now buying bonds?  Wouldn't they want to manipulate yields up first?

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Looks like a real call.

But i think they also want people to think they and the obama administration are not one and the same.

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Blankfein should be in jail for ever.

Paulson and Geithner and Greenspan.


Goldman Sachs has crashed the world with HSBC and JPMorgan...



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+1   When will Congress, DOJ or the SEC investigate and prosecute this crook.

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CDS Short Squeeze, GoldmanSachs style (from an internal email, courtesy Senator Levin - page 426)

We should start killing the sn [single name] shorts in the street – let’s pick some high quality stuff that guys are hoping is wider today and offer protection tight – this will have people totally demoralized.”1743

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I guess they are trying to prove their independence of the government.

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well that convinces me!



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we must be about a week away from one of their strategists calling a sell on stocks and spooking a flight to quality trade :)

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that's been the roadmap...

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The great contrarian trade...tin foil hats and the big brokerage firms are all bearish on bonds.

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Sounds like Koo's explanation.  Now besides low interest rates the minions of the FED are trying to force investors out of Treasury's into risk assets at an alarmist pace.  Will the FED be able to continue the liquidity game long enough to totally and with finality steal the wealth of investors??

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On the other hand, with GS clients urged to sell bonds, that means that as usual Goldman is buying, so take the typical reverse psychology approach to any Goldman call with a grain of salt.

Bingo!  Makes me feel better about being long.

A breach of the yield levels alluded to earlier (i.e., 2.8% on TY10) would represent a more than 1 standard deviation departure from our measure of ‘fair value’.

Funny, that's exactly my first target to start exiting my Treasury longs.  But it'll take a much bigger, and prolonged Risk-Off period to get there.  I'm thinking June-August, almost mirroring last year's bearish phase.

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ha ha told ya!

Now wait for soros to become "bullish" on bonds

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With the treasury raiding pensions, is this bullish for bonds?  By raiding the pensions, the Treasury no longer needs to sell bonds.  A huge supply source is gone.  Is this true?  If they FED maintains it current rate of purchase, this should be a bump in prices.  If the FED cuts back, this will be bearish for stocks.

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Short Treasuries = widowmaker.  Just ask the wise guys who've been shorting the JGB for the last decade or two.

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When the squid speaks, people :roll:

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What does LP mean?