Goldman Sachs On China's Economic Stagnation-Cum-Inflation

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...High Frequency food price indices". ????

So they have Cray's planting rice?

I see the only solution is for GS it hang itself. I will supply the rope.

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I've heard it was because it was the warm and cold and wet and dry.



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and the snow was never priced in, i mean it was.

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They are trying to construct a pointillist masterpiece from dots comprised of Chinese NBS BS. Feel free to admire Goldman's rendition of Seurat, but I think it falls somewhere between Ofili's '98 Turner Prize (without the irony) and Manzoni's "Merda d Artista" at a price multiple to support this quarter's bonus pool. 

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Goldman Sachs on the future of women's fast pitch softball as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Dave Harrison

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the rhetoric spewing from some of the government agencies is comical

only last week inflation was the PBoC's biggest enemy... now we have comments

that not only will there be no more rate rises... but infact there will be rate cuts!

so, let me see if i understand - a 2011 CPI target of 4% for the year...averaging 5.2% after 4 months... and the suggestion is that we may see rate cuts?

This comment has to be up there along with Geithner wanting a strong dollar!

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And I thought the world being in the grip of a drug trafficking, British Commonwealth-conduits-for-Wall St and City money laundering, hard asset plundering, funny money, ethnic cleansing, genocidal central bankster cabal was bad.

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Are you aware that "cum inflation" is an actual fetish?