Goldman Sachs Principal Transactions Update: Humming Nicely

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Goldman principal PT shares transacted increased by over 40% from the prior week: 550 million to 765 million, clocking at near 50% of total NYSE principal volume - about par for the course. Out of the top 15 most active NYSE traders, 5 have completely given up trading for principal accounts. More interestingly, 8 did no trades for customer facilitation purposes, while agency trades have surprisingly picked up steam, with Morgan Stanley claiming the throne in that category. Total PT was at 33.6%, 7% higher than the 52 week average: also little surprise there.

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How much longer before they stopped reporting? I thought this was the last week?

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Read footnote two in the NYSE link

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Shit. So even this data is only what GS said they traded?

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc has quietly reached an agreement to end a legal dispute with a blogger who will be allowed to keep running a website critical of the investment bank.

The agreement required blogger Michael Morgan to post a disclaimer on his website, saying it has no affiliation with the financial firm.

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thanks for posting that....i read the stipulation and GS just backed off. 


Guess too much negative publicity is starting to get on you a bit, eh Lloyd?


There is a critical mass developing and even joe 6 pack is hearing a lot about Goldman.


And, some of us are watching what is going on with those TARP warrants as well.  You won't be able to sneak those bad boys through in the middle of the night....

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When I first saw this guy it occurred to me the instant he said he was short GS was that he was a fool. It's one thing to spit in the eye of the big guy and lay some smack on him but to have real impact here is what he should have done and then said. He should have gone full tits long on GS with maximum margin. Then he should have gone out and screamed for everyone to do the same. Buy GS because it's a sure thing. They know what the Treasury is going to do before the Treasury does. They know what the Fed is going to do before the Fed does. Hell they know the last time you screwed your wife because they run the NSA too. Get aboard people because it's going to 2000. Your money is going to have Rubins and Blankeships pictures on it in a few years.

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i truly enjoy getting this weekly update, for the sheer comedy - this report thats irrelevant to anyone who knows about pt - but it feels just so damn conspiratorial, doesn't it? vampire squid!!!

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What's even more funny is watching earnings central on CNBC.
One minute company X beats EPS estimates with "items added" then the next minute company Y beats EPS estimates with "excluding items" lol!!

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bloomberg terminal is just as bad these days, a couple days ago Intel had a profit, not including the fine they got for being a monopolist which helped them generate that profit. today, Citi had a profit, including the sale of half the fucking company. a loss not including the sale. i guess items are ignored only if they hurt earnings?

what a mind fuck.

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Back to the discussion on operating vs reported earnings.  This situation is a sad joke.  Company X beat the street when you do not factor in expenses....

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Do I understand this correctly that GS does half the volume of the NYSE for its own account?
If yes, where are the monopoly busters, where are the class action suits?
And we have yet only seen the tip of the corrupt iceberg called US markets, supposedly the deepest in the world. Dark pools, forced buy in etc. all show it is more wild west than a greedy gentlemen's game.

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half of PT, not half of nyse total.

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Stop trading NYSE listed. Let the snakes eat their own tails.

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That's what I've been advocating.

"I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces."

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Who is trading with Goldman? Who is the counterparty to 50% of the NYSE volume?

If Goldman is running this volume through HFT, who is the voluntary counterparty?

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"who is the voluntary counterparty?

Morgan Stanley (of course:)

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So its GS bots vs. JPM bots at this point? So yea, skynet has taken over the stock market...

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goldman to buy the US Treasury

what is next?

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And coming to you soon from Goldman Sachs...

Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator

It has electrolytes. It has what plants crave.


I hear the Starbucks are going to be great tho

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There are millions of people in America angry and FED UP with the manipulation and fraud that has occured and continues day by day at GOLDMAN SACHS...

WHERE are the coordinated protests in the streets at every location they do business???