Goldman Sachs Pulls US Investors From Facebook Investment

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Per the WSJ's Dennis Berman: "What a black eye for Lloyd & Co." Does this mean that not even Goldman is allowed to come up with innovative financial "schemes" any more? At least the SEC is spared the indignity of wristslapping its master. In other news first Apple, now Facebook... It is not too late for Sack-Frost to put up a provisional backstop POMO for tomorrow. The 45 minutes time slot starting at 1:15pm looks pretty vacant.

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Could Goldman be right this time?

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I can't see those names without thinking:

"Frosty, the Sackman

Was a jolly, happy soul..."


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"Frosty the Sackman...
Was a crooked fuckin' ho...
He front runs you...
And his balls are blue...
Cause he's a criminal Goldman _____"

Yeah there's a word that rhymes there... but I won't use it...

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Get me Will Conyou at Sullivan and Conwell on the phone....pronto!

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What?  You mean to tell me that L. Blankfein valuing NavelBook [Facebook] at more than the value of 159,000 Boeing employees building out 75% of the world's commercial aircraft...resulted in press that was bad enough for Goldman to give up millions of dollars in middle man fees while the firm caused the misallocation of $50-$100 billion?  No?  Say it isn't so.

What is the world coming to? 


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Applause Cdad,


You could say louder, but not clearer.


If this IPO goes ahead with this valuation I will place a big STOP in my roadlife...saying "something is huge wrong "...



Of course Price its different to value...Stock Fever could drive people to buy without " neutral normal common sense"...


Honestly i dont c 50Bn$ Value in FB,neither with 70 beers drunk, but who cares, im the last mosquito in the earth...


Tomorrow more Falacies in the Goldman Sachs Crappy World Enviroment

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WTF, we can't do it at home?  Piss on 'em, we'll show the bastards who's boss.  Find out the names on the wikilist of tax evaders and go blackmail 'em, they've all got offshore accounts.  Loot 'em here, loot 'em there, makes no difference anywhere.  And oh yeah, move the SPV offering to a tax exempt offshore haven while you're at it and book our fees through the same,
Hahahahaha.  Dumbassfucktards.  Just have to start paying more envelopes offshore, less onshore.  BTW, how's that P&L in our Dubai Commodity Exchange doing? 

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all we need is a rogue french trader to blow up the S&P futures and we have MLK Day 2008 all over again.



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Lloyd actually meant to buy Friendster. What's the valuation on that one? Long!!!

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Squid status on Facebook: Not in a relationship. Looking for new suckers.

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It's not a relationship, it's a counterparty.

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Well, the deal is still going to be done right, except with foreign offshore  money, right?

How is this such a bfd,  anyway?  Everybody knew there was SEC risk, but all the hoopla was probably sufficient to flush ample quail elsewhere. 

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as long as crAAPL & NFLX have a higher market cap than XOM everything will be okay.

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Don't worry, valued clients of the giant squid the world over, I'm sure that God-Damned Sachs is looking out for your very best interests, always and forever...

...just ask buyers of 'Abacus.'



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When ZeroHedge IPO?

i dont want to be severe with FB, but the thin line between Integrity/dignity/privacy/social very thin.


I prefer a local business, focus bias like this one. Its just my opinion.


The only thing I would like to say ---- the key or mean driver for any media is CONTENT....and ZH offers Content...


One spanish fan,


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Csnt be right GS gets to do whatever it wants. Gods work! They need to ban that sec!

GS hyped the facebook evaluations so much to profit. They didn't even want to follow public trading rules.

Everything in this stinks

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If I can't get my post-IPO shares, then I'm suing!!

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Maybe a number of GS subscribers realized FB doesn't have 500million faces. Probably less than 100million. Most accounts are dead or playing farmville and don't give a crap about anything else FB has to offer. Just like twitter more dead accounts than live ones.


Big face plant for GS.

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Facebook, lol this is worse than Dotcom mania idiocy!

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All the financial world, thanks primarily to Bernanke & his filthy ilk, is but a tulip.

This, too, shall pass.

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Apple stock holding steady today. China Green Agriculture is also going up. I guess its obvious that HFT's could care less about bad news. We live in such a strange world....

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Goodness, Have you not heard. SJ, medical leave for third time, Harry had better have his finger on the sell button for all three shares he trades. 

I will enjoy watching this. (gt> German SE)

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St Vincent has powers beyond human imagination. The great demon GG and his 46 princes of darkness are not invicible. The next person so touched by truth and rightousness (and after imbibing sufficient earthly spirits) will not advertise and may prevail.

By the way it is damn hard to set up a new religion even if all 47 demons and princes of darkness are acknowledged by everyone.

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Could some of you at least make voodoo dolls of the 47 and stick pins in them at least? Tyler you could sell finger puppets or miniature dolls of the evil 47 plus st vincent and make a little money. A GG sock puppet at least!

rosiescenario's picture might wish to consult with L. Ron Hubbard...he said it was pretty easy...and profitable.

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Ha! Reggie Middleton called it last week. 

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Market makers?!?!?....lawsuit against GS for effectively killing the private placement market for FB?