The Goldman Sack Blows The Whistle On The JP Morgue Silver Manipulation Scheme

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The Xtranormal bubble is now bigger even than Netflix. And all who have been waiting to understand the JP Morgue silver manipulation scheme explained by cartoon bears, here it is. Also, The Ben Bernank makes a cameo appearance. We recommend having some blood in your alcoholstream before watching this.


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Exactly... There are a lot of solid pro-silver facts, of which the concentrated shorts story is definitely one.

But every time I hear the latest version of this "short squeeze imminent" story, it seems to get embellished with crazier and crazier connections and unrealistic expectations. Now there's a direct line from Bernanke to JPM? Where's the evidence??? WHY the fudge would a guy like Bernanke take any interest in actively shorting silver?

Also, all these London traders (2 weeks ago they were still Asian?) that are supposedly standing ready to smoke out JPM? Sure open interest (on Comex?) is high, but I've heard nothing of this outside a few websites. Eric King should search for their names, get interviews and let them talk about the amount of client money they are prepared to burn until JPM folds. Maybe we can also get them to clear up for once and for all whether this thing operates from the London exchange or from the Comex... And so many other vagaries.

I agree that silver will do well, probably with a few discouraging bumps in the road ahead. But if you're the kind of guy who lets a bunch of bears goad him into buying silver at $30 on the ounce expecting $80 "soon", any chance of actually making in any market would be pure coincidence.

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We [I] need you back. Fffn' A! that was a great video.

However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.

Didn't anyone else consider this the most f'd up part of the perfectly scripted 'final' interview?

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Exactly Water Wings.

His comment on UFOs might actually be the exposure of the UFO Agenda itself and the governments planned use of it, OR he might be an intelligence agent:

  • Way too much MSM coverage and he is alive - potentially controlled opposition
  • Me thinks they doth protest too much to build credibility ex-USA for future info
  • Nothing unfavorable about the strongest ally of the US in the middle east
  • If he releases bank information on BOA or Wells Fargo then he can be an agent of the international bankers - they are not in the NY club. 
  • Pakistan felt it was mossad/CIA to release embarassing info on M.E. leaders/infighting

We are being inundated with sci-fi propaganda of alien invasions.  Everyone just watch how many movies and TV shows are coming out about aliens or human like creatures - just watch the programming/brain washing in movies and TV.  The Event, V, Men in Black III, and many many more 0 

Reagan gave six speeches at the UN where he mentioned aliens and he said if mankind was threatened by aliens we could have a one world government where everyone came together to defeat them.

Look for a fake alien invasion like war of the worlds but with visuals projected with 3D holograms into our skies (not sure if you saw the latest Japanese rock singer on tour - a 3D hologram lead singer with real humans as the rest of the band).  Perhaps Operation Blue Beam.

Global warming was found to be a hoax and did not accomplish their aim of one world government taxes and income distrubtion through carbon credits - perhaps global alien invasion will.  If people in the developed world actually believe the fake alien invasion my belief in humanity will be dashed, despite knowledge of the IQ bell curve.  Just for the record, crop circles are also man made - videos exist of good geometry students using rope and board segments at night and measuring off distances to create elaborate designs in the crops.

Military technology is decades ahead of civilian technology.  Lights in the sky and Area 51 are primarily new aircraft.  We have helicopters with noise cancellation blades that make them very quiet, new jet propulsion engines, missiles that look like jet liners, and jet liners that can be piloted by remote control, but few people know about it. 

I am most concerned about the mad bio-pharma scientists and what they might be trying to create (Island of Dr. Moreau).  Animal and human DNA is being mixed, goats crossed with spiders web making ability within the milk, and plant and human DNA - they are currently testing rice with human breast milk proteins that they say will benefit children with flu like symptoms.  GMO plants, increasing cancers, and food alergies could be linked.  Biological experimentation on citizens without their knowledge and consent is still legal.  These developments are well established and are not a stretch of the imagination - google is your friend for doubters.

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"Global warming was found to be a hoax and did not accomplish their aim of one world government taxes and income distrubtion through carbon credits..."

Never any doubt here.

What every living thing with lungs breathes out is going to destroy the fucking planet?...ROTFLMAO.

Only Goldman and Gore could come up with something this damned stupid to sell off to the gullible without a trace of guilt.

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I totally agree, these sick fuckers are always up to something,no doubt about it...

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The line of people with their hand held out no longer goes just around the stretches from DC to NY to the now dead (thankfully) Chicago CCX market.

An absolute tribute to the hubris of central planning and the denial of reality...right up there with "shovel ready jobs".

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Seemed just natural that while discussing sociopaths, Assange should be mentioned.

The sheeple think he's the second coming of Jesus effing Christ! He's been sitting on a BAC hard drive and has allowed the looting to go on, yet he is deified by the same masses that are beeing fleeced.  He's evidently on TPTB's payroll. Either that, or a lot of money is being negotiated for the really important information on that drive, and an accord has still not been reached. 

Expect the "leaked" "information" from that BAC drive to be no more than breadcrumbs for the sheeple to gloat on, just like the rest he has released. The information that will be "leaked" will set in motion events TPTB have planned for and need to distance themselves from, hence the need for an Emmanuel Goldstein/Julian Assange. And oh, yeah, your Norton won't detect the stuxnet-ish code being dished out from those sites you think are "on your side".

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Thanks ZH and Tyler Durden.  This is just too funny. "Just buy the fukn dips"   "I just shit my pants....again"

Next time I watch these, I will not have food in my mouth. Spit a baby carrot out so fast. Dog ate it.

And I had tears from laughing.  It's been a while since I cried from something so funny. 

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re: Retail buyer Silver speculation, Just a 'pretend/lets pretend session' 

Silver and the Hunts 1980....the 'silver bond', attempt to reestablish a monetary metal backed 'paper money' you know...the up til 1966 or so the 'Silver Certificate $1 paper money' study up, be a student of that time, what happened to whom...understand that a limit-stop order will not protect you on the downside...then 1980 it was $50 => $10 NO GAPS, no sales in between at all...(something like that, you read the details, i present the concept)

Q0 these criminal facts will cause a silver stampede...and price discovery will reflect THAT stampede...not necessarily the future-stabilized price...after the stampede...

Q1 'criminal facts' innocent til proven naturally the commodity exchanges, EVERYWHERE in the World will be closed...regards further trading "until a stabilized market condition is possible" WW1 1914, the USA markets were closed for 6 months...war necessity and 'preventing evil speculators interfering with purchase of war materials.

Q2 civil + criminal court proceeding, would be multi-country complicated....AND WOULD DISTURB THE NORMAL COURSE OF BUSINESS DURING THIS UNSTABLE NATIONAL INTERESTS DEEM that ANY action be taken 'Internationally'  

Q3 International/coordinated tribunals...that will take 'some months'  ( about 2 years, say) meanwhile, some "totally unrelated" International War Provoking Incident will which the USA will declare that ALL silver related evidences be submitted thru MILITARY/DEFENSE DEPT VETTING...and Secret Memos will be signed by Obama regards the necessary legal chain of authority...Silver will be 'legally declared a strategic war material' to be stockpiled and therefore purchased by the USA government, at 'fair market valuation'

Q4 Weapons/Industrial/Jewelry uses of Silver will go thru Wartime rationing boards, and also obtainable via BlackMarket sources...Speculative holding = hoarding of Silver AGAINST THE NATIONAL INTEREST will be declared illegal, a felony over a certain amount...and a double felony if BlackMarketeer...which will be 'defined legally' as ANYONE selling to ANYONE else without a license to do so, and without submission of Federal Documentation regards amount, % purity, price and true owner identities...and OBVIOUSLY no 'international sales' for instance crossing over to Mexico with a trunk full of Silver...confiscated...

Q5 JPMorgan and Others CME, etc will have a perfectly good reason for shorting silver, Silvere that  they did not possess perhaps a 'custody agreement' showing possessionand ...perhaps a 'SECRET AGREEMENT' with the Federal Reserve (classified top secret, so no open court sessions)

Q6 ---- don't act on the information, and consequences you think you know/have regards WILL be screwed...stand aside..

Q7 Sheep, you are 'THE loser at the table', know your station in life.









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this is why we must be warriors for peace.  it is physics

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My thoughts as well. JP Morgue will never have to cover those shorts in any "market" we've ever heard of. There are no fucking markets now, just gumnut diktats.

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Well stated.  'Money' is just electronic impulses, and the Fed is impulsive.  My question: when will real shit hit the fan?  In the mean time, my wife serves our evening food for thought on silver sporks.

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Hey Guys,

What's you favorite/trusted place to buy gold? I heard some good and bad ones about Kitco.

I know most of you prefer to posses it physically, rather than buying paper gold, or keeping it in custody of some firm. So I won't ask that question.

But I read in comments some days back, that the wise people prefer bullions over coins, what's the logic behind it? I mean, if the prices are comparable, and the purity is comparable, aren't coins easier to manage?

redpill's picture

Local shop, buy 1 ounce coins with cash, is beat.

Otherwise. is great, but there is a paper trail.

chinaguy's picture

Yes, Tulving, it an old guy & his sons. They sleep on a couch & wake up to answer the phone. Never any problems w/ them &  very loosey goosey about record keeping

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Here's my thinking. Larger bullion like 10oz and 100oz bars are nice if you want to turn larger amounts of money into cash and stockpile it i.e, turn your debt FRN's into real money in your 401k. In the event of an economic meltdown you will need rather small subdivideable amounts of PM's. Silver will be better than gold because of it's lower per ounce price. Think of it if you went into a supermarket and paid in metals. If you hand the guy a 1oz gold coin he will need to make change for a $1400 bill/unit. A $30 ounce of silver will be easier. In fact, you will want even quarter ounces because the value will be so high. Dividing bullion is easy and you can buy some that is creased already for subdivision. The value of an Eagle or Maple will not matter as neither is actually currency based on face value or ability to use it in the market. Take an Eagle into Walmart and see what you can do with it. Take a 1 oz bullion. No difference. I suspect there will be no difference in hyperinflation either. If you're talking rare coins then that is different but that is a collectors' market and a different beast. So, my thought is look at how much money you have to spend and what you are preparing for. In general, hold a lot of different weights and more than one type of PM. I cannot see bullion or coins which are not really coins in a market sense being significantly different in a meltdown. I'm open to other opinions.

JimSmithAZ's picture

I see your point of having it in smaller pieces so that those can be easily traded when time comes.

I think the coins of Maple or Eagle cost little more than the plain bullion (manufacturing costs, may be); so for investing a big chunk a bullion will be better.

Another argument could be, instead of buying a big chunk in one go, if small pieces are bought over a period of time, then there are better chances of spreading over a range of prices.

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions. Really appreciate those.


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That was too funny. Thanks.

the JP morgue

the Ben Bernank

the goldman sack

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Very funny video! Love it! Here is another one to check out!

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I have been sending these vids out and getting a really good response even from non-market people or those who had previously drunk the kool-aid. They are very astute and very funny if you like snarky humour (which I do :)


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This may seem off topic, however there is parallelism.

 Where the IMF Gets its Money

 Most resources for IMF loans are provided by member countries, primarily through their payment of quotas. Since early 2009, the IMF has signed a number of new bilateral loan and note purchase agreements to bolster its capacity to support member countries during the global economic crisis. Multilateral borrowing arrangements provide a further backstop to Fund resources. Concessional lending and debt relief for low-income countries are financed through separate contribution-based trust funds.

This is no different than your broke municipalities setting up traffic stings to generate needed revenues.

honestann's picture

Actually, it seems worse than that.  If the IMF gets its money from countries, then lends it back to those countries... how the hell does that help anyone (except the IMF who presumably keeps [some/all] the interest paid on those loans)?

Arkadaba's picture

And thanks for the recommendation regarding imbibing alcohol. I really laughed out loud.

The combination of factual info coupled with sarcasm suggests that it is a ZH person who is making these? 

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Uhh. I can't sleep and the price of gold is going ape shit. I bet it tears the roof off the world by monday night.

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Another 5 silver dollars arrived in my mail today - cost me $58.50 all up, incl. shipping :)

Can't beat $11 a coin!





goldsaver's picture

Pyramid Scheme. No thanks.

Thisson's picture

This is a scam.  It's not $11 dollars a coin, it's $52.50 per coin, when the coins normally retail for only $32 each. 

Crisismode's picture

It's a scam.


Did you see the "Subscription Price"?

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Please correct me if I'm missing something here.$SILVER

1. Silver hits $29.

2. TPTB panic and use a surprise silver margin hike to beat the price back.

3. 3 weeks later, silver is back at $29.

4. Oh shit.

UncleFurker's picture



How many times can they do that until they run out of margin?

It's just another "kick the can down the road" measure.


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They can kick it down the road until there is no leverage left in the silver market... at which time we laugh our asses off because the leverage is the only way scum like JPM have to manipulate the market.

Except, of course, if JPM reverses their game, buys twice as many long positions as they have shorts, and makes a killing as that causes the price of silver to rocket to $1,000 per ounce (and gold to $20,000 per ounce).

Do NOT think that cannot happen folks, so buy your silver and gold NOW NOW NOW.

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I don't remember where I read it, or who said it, but one of the market commentators said that exact thing (GATA, maybe?):

JPM will settle for shorting activities in the silver market, and pay a huge fine. Then, they will take a huge long position in silver, and clean up on the order of multiples of whatever they paid to settle their short call.

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Yep. People who expect JPM to be blown out of the water upside down are making the same mistake I did after the housing bubble finally burst. Namely, forgetting that there's one set of rules for criminals, and another for everyone else.

tmosley's picture

It hardly matters what happens to JPM.  No-one is playing this by sorting JPM.  They are playing it by going long physical silver.

JPM won't keep silver down any more than they could keep home prices up.

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The Ben Bernank.  I laughed every time.

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gotta love that the household perception of the criminal bankster scum is becoming just that, and that of clowns as well ~ ZH articles are regularly linked to on Facebook, blogs, other finance sites... the ugly truths are beginning to go viral... kudos to those who can package it with creativity, wit, and clarity.

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good video that was. :)

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So let me get this straight when the market crashes and EVERYBODY has to sell to meet margins and when they do that they need MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DOLLARS (WHICH THE BANKS HAVE) Somehow the demand for dollars will decrease? which will allow this parabolic rise in silver? Does this make sense?

and the fact that Maybe %20 of the worlds silver is available to the gen public will allow it to become a currency over other things? Or that silver will somehow be more valuable than a rifle and a MASSIVE supply of BULLETS (of silver) Isnt it that there are roughly 80 million guns in the USA? Does anyone really think that silver owners are over 1-2 million people? (not counting chains etc.)

Think people. If it is that this is going to happen would it really matter if the markets that no one trusts anymore have silver at $50000000000? And that this item in question has no ability to be a currency (now that 335 million people are in usa and 7 billion globally)

Especially since elite own likely %80-90 of the known and unknown silver and gold? would it be that if this became currency they would magically after 100's or 1000's of years give it back to the commoners for "use" or might it be they would use the control of their amries to get this high priced unit of value (like they do with oil and drug producing COUNTRIES?)

Hence at such a time would you not rather a gun than a coin or bar?

Take down JPM be prepared for what is next, dont bet on silver making you RICH or keeping you alive as alive will matter more than richness and those that are rich may not stay alive long. Unless they can feed themselves or others to protect them, with ammo or otherwise



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You make many wrong assumptions.  The video is not about crashing markets, it is about forcing JPM to cover their massively leveraged shorts, which have been manipulating the silver market for years.

The elites to not hold anywhere near 90% of silver and gold, especially if they find they cannot recover all the gold they leased out to suppress the price.  They'll need to accept fiat paper settlement, which is appropriate, since that exactly the same scam JPM has been pulling for many years.

There is plenty of gold and silver to become the universal money of all countries... just not at current prices.  But that makes no difference whatsoever.

Yes, silver bullets are a great investment, as long as they fit your guns, and as long as you have an appropriate knife to cut them out of your victims after you shoot them.

You're quite wrong about gold advocates... typically they encourage ownership of guns, ammo, seeds, farmland, productive equipment and supplies, and all sorts of real, physical goods... just NOT paper assets, and especially fiat paper assets.

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"There is plenty of gold and silver to become the universal money of all countries... just not at current prices."


When a hundred dollars buys a pack of gum but a few coins buys the entire store maybe they will understand.

But I doubt it.

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Puppy Bears/Sheep.....late to the party

BennyBoy's picture

Have you sheeple ever heard of "Force Majeure"?

The Comex will be declaring it soon to prevent the collapse of their silver scam.

Oh, and margin rates are going to go up again.

Soon you will have to put up 150% on margin for a silver contract.

chubbar's picture

When margin rates hit 100% the fraud stops, at least on comex.

If there is no leverage but still delivery risk at Comex (due to allegations of naked shorting), the investment world will turn to vehicles that hold actual silver to avoid the delivery risk, either taking physical delivery or buying a sprott vehicle(PHYS, PSLV), etc., that holds the actual physical.

This increased demand for actual silver from a 100% margin reqm't will hasten the downfall of the Comex and it will reveal that it is not in fact a pricing mechanism but rather a vehicle to suppress the price through unlimited naked shorting and other derivative type schemes.

The same for holds true for gold as well. Although since Central Banks hold gold and could still sell physical into the market if they chose, it could take longer for the gold scam to unravel.