Goldman: "Sorry, You Can't Blame The Philly Fed Collapse On Japan"

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tee up dollar devaluation

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  • 06-16 11:33: Goldman's Jan Hatzius says comet and/or asteroid will hit one of the G8 nations by this fall; calls for preemptive, extraordinary loosening of already incredibly loose monetary policy by Federal Reserve.


  • 06-16 11:34: Abby Joseph Cohen demands Bernanke commence 6.58 to 43.79 trillion in treasury note purchases in open market operations immediately.
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06-16 11:35: Cramer declares 'they know nothing!', calls for immediate monetary stimulus to save Wall Street errr the USofA from catastrophe

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06-16 11:43:  Paul Krugman & Larry Summers jointly propose 58 trillion USD fiscal stimulus in form of public works project to manufacture shovel ready projects (and shovels) to Obama Administration

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And Obama promises he wont joke about this new 'shovel ready jobs' promise this time around. 

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Blame it on Global Warming. Or on anal cysts. At this point anything is plausible in bizzaro world.

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who cares what Golden asses from GS think ..

BUY BUY BUY BUY.. sp500 1 pct off 200avg, it cant go lower .. its once per life opportunity..

dont waste time reading GS junk,, bbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyy


it was joke..

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Nice try, Goldman...trying to say that now we need fiscal stimulus for infrastructure and housing....wouldn't Wall Street love another $5 Trillion orgy of economic inefficiency and wealth transfer.....too bad you still have feathers around your mouth from the monetary stimulus still ongoing

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Need more shovel-leaning jobs.


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I bet slavedriver. Leaning on shovels is back breaking work. Our man will make sure that the shovels can just be stuck in the ground so the workers can sit in their car and roll smoke.

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All is well, as long as trillions in printed up fiats keeps flowing into our Wall St banks.

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You mess with the bull you get the horns. You mess with the squid.... 

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This economic downturn is a God send, finally we can get back to biblical values.

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Gold is holding up very well.

Very doubtful we see a collapse in price even if we were to experience another Deflationary panic like in 2008.

Within three years it will be recognized as the world's reserve currency. That is my bet.

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Wait till the ECB closes books on Q2.

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@ baby_B, price of gold could go down, maybe a lot.  Paper price...  So what.  

In the longer term (and your three years seems about right) gold will be floating freely among all the currencies.  At a MUCH higher price.

Ups and downs.  "The Ten Thousand Things rise and fall without cease."

Gold will endure and shine as the best wealth preserver in town.

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3 years???????????no way try 3 months

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All I need to do is launch a new product: a piece of apparel made of rubber, with an electronic device and instrument integrated into the design.

Come until you go, all safely contained.

That'll save us for sure!

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you should sell it online. Once you have a website, you can IPO too. What a world we live in

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A gargantuan miss confirms a firm bottom.........and the market soaaaaaars ! 

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He said "firm bottom".  Heh.  Need more of those.

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With the sudden Greek EUphoria news I'd really expect more than +60 on the DOW...looks pretty weak to me and I wouldnt be surprised at all to see red or barely green close.

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STFU and buy stocks!

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You know we've hit the bottom when toilet paper companies are losing their ass...

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'Failure to pass a multiyear transportation infrastructure reauthorization bill' Wonder what it is they want to slip into this bill besides a few more $bills?

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The definitive word on what's to blame, courtesy Homer...

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What is certain is that the Keynesian monster must be fed.

That is deliciously punny on so many levels.

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O/T, but on July 12 we meet with the head of a small rolling bearing manufacturer in Japan (who will be on visit to South America).  I am going to ask him his views on Japan's supply chain situation re bearings.

I just wish the meeting were to be tomorrow...

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Been waiting on an amp for months now -

As indicated previously on our website, the unforseen delay is due to a shortage of certain critical components.  According to our suppliers, the availability of these critical parts has been disrupted due to the recent devastating events in Japan.  From large companies like Toyota to small companies like ours, there has been a ripple effect as a result of the disruption in the supply of parts. Several suppliers have offered to provide us with "comparable" parts from other sources, but our engineers have rejected that option. We want to be able to assure our customers that the parts that go into the amp are authentic, and come from the original source.

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That's funny, all the financial people on Faux Business news are saying the Philly is down because of Japan and as long as "free and open" markets prevail everything will be fine.

Well, back to Oprah !

Triple Witch tomorrow............................!

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"Goldman: Sorry, You Can't Blame The Philly Fed Collapse On Japan"

Philly Fed: "But you can blame our Beige Book collapse on Goldman..."

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To use Keynesian theories in this unprecedented market is completely useless! It has absolutely no correlation to current market happenings due to the continued market manipulations and financial easings initiated by the Fed, IMF and EU etc. Not one of these fucking economists know what they are talking about, no one on planet earth has any idea what is coming down the pipe over the next 12-24 months considering what will happen has never happened before. So everything is just a is my guess..Europe is fucked and the US is fucked, and many bankers will be beheaded,and economists wil become more useless than than tits on a nun!

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So your saying pursuing a degree in economics is a mistake? uh oh

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Perhaps what you state is true....

...nothing will change what is inevitable...except maybe a global disaster like hundreds of millions of people getting intimately acquainted with starvation. Then maybe they'll snap outta their slumber and pay attention.

A real TARP is needed (Troubled Anarchist Relief Program)

"One looter managed to break into Chapters bookstore, but apparently no one bothered entering"

The livestock of the Merchants of Venice are busy with their worship of "bread and circuses"

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slewie is hungry.  thinking of some tasty philly dip...

what we have here is a failure of the backorder econom to sustain it's green shoots of succulent growth.

we'll know more when we hear from hazmat... 

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The investment banks are right . S&P still above 200 day moving average. This is surely a massive buying opportunity. I'm selling when Abbey turns bearish and not before.