Goldman Stock Nears 2010 Lows

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And so, what goes around, comes around. Goldman Sachs, which in mid-2010 hit a two years low of $130 following an SEC probe that found the firm neither admitted nor denied it used its clients as Sofitel maids, the stock is once again threatening to take out the critical $130 level. At last check the stock was down 3%, just above its $134.20 May 2010 pivot low. If this is taken out, $130 is next, and then it is free fall, and the long-desired MBO gets a full green light. In the meantime, next week could see the launch of a possible criminal inquiry into the firm as was reported yesterday which will certainly force a retest of lows.

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Goldman is probably shorting it.

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Yes, they frontran us all and now they will argue that the new threat of collapse of the financial system warrants QE3, 4, 5... 30....

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

they are not sure what their HFT algorithms are doing, but more than likely they are shorting themselves

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Exactamundo - right before the rapture and Judgement Day when they hope to be levitated up up and away before they are punished here on Earth for their greedy greedy crimes.

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Your comment begs a half serious question: how would GS short itself?

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer squid

(Atta way Matt T. )

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That Buffett's an investing genius I tell ya

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To be direct and blunt about the Vampire Squid Goldman Sachs...

FUCK 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!

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short goldman! the new silver push!

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never mind the goobermint will just manipulate, in a transitory way mind you.. the markets in way that screws you and allows the Large 0.25% FED window Funded Lobby of Goldman.. to profit from You being logical and allowing any type of fundemental into your line of thinking.. let alone action(s).

JW n FL's picture

Punish "We the People"


Reward the Lobby Participants!


God's Work is just Good Business!


But no worries! I will be gone, You will be gone.. and I cant see the train wreck from my house in the islands!

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 I have your back. I remember everything! xag has been bouncing off of 35 all week. What can't go up will go down. My target 31.58- 32.5

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Their problem is they need to offer better incentives to retain their best employees, instead of 'losing them' to Government positions and regulatory body positions.

Oh yeah, and another problem is it's full of skull and bones scum knuckleheads.

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they need to offer better incentives to retain their best employees

=short stock options??

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The Buffet's put, anyone ?

I did it by Occident's picture

I hope they go for the buyout cheap.  Especially since i bought a put on them, so I welcome it. 

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Well....ain't that a 'fuckin shame..

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spx gap at 1312

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 Too low! I wish!  s/t & m/t.

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 I suppose it's time for the GS marketing dept. to liquidate some ECB swaps and step up the marketing Campaign!

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Die squid die! Somebody opened up a bunch of Jan 65 puts.

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Been thinkin' the same kind of thing... Bought May 140s. Time to do again.

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Suck it up, Warren.

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Do they even give dividends?

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They gangbang their clients, OVER and OVER again?

How stupid can you be for staying with them? SM lovers?



Gubbmint Cheese's picture

can we chart goldman bonuses on top of the stock price?


curbyourrisk's picture

They will bring charges against them for things that happened in June of 2004.  Oh....look.....  statute of limitations prevents us from convicting...... 

gwar5's picture

I heard GS wanted to go private again anyway. Perhaps this is their upcoming chance to drink their own milkshake on the cheap and use privatization as a cloaking device for the mothership against public scrutiny.

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Brilliant - best of breed, smartest guys in the room - this is exactly what they'd do!  Screw their public shareholders to take themselves back into partnership. Take that share price down until they buy the stinking public annoyances out.  Damn they're smart!  

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Time to beat some pinstripes crooked.

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My prediction:

There are going to be "Defcon 5" meetings at the Eccles building over the weekend.

The strategy might be to let GS break the 2010 lows, let it grind lower for 2 - 3 days...

Then incite an epic short squeeze on the financial sector.

That will surely catch the most off guard, especially Goldman's biggest clients, who are now exacting their revenge by shorting Goldman stock.

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Momo, you must be scratching your head as gold rises and pigman banks slide. LOL. When will you interview Jim Sinclair?

Cdad's picture

What exactly do you believe would require a defcon 5 meeting?  

The fact that the Roach Motel [SPY] is printing trades above the high of the day in tonight's AH session?

The fact that Chipotle lost 50 cents a share?

The fact that is indicating dot com has cometh?

What exactly are you talking about, Robo?

fuu's picture

Why are you talking to a post-bot?

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 Use your looks to AIM a weapon, Not to Point a weapon. ( think about it)

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How is JCP working for you.  The pigmen pumped and dumped you on that one.  LOL

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@ Robot trader

This is one time I agree with you..... Then after the squeeze, short the stock and go private.

Double whammy.

When you do god's work, you are god!

But why did you do this? One asks.

Because we can says GS. We own most TPTB and the non-compliant are no longer in power.

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Dimon apparently was speaking about the immorality of the US not to pay its debt obligations and thus should raise the debt ceiling.  He actually used the term immoral-- the irony of it all would be so amusing if it weren't for the fact that he actually believes his firm engages in moral behavior otherwise why else would he cast judgements upon someone else.

The comments strike me as desperate in that if Greece or other sovereigns default (or even technically) then it does not bode well for the financial sector who have been profiting hand over fist over the disastrous states of individual households, municipalities, states, and nations-- these assholes actually think they can perpetuate the fraud even further.  Maybe this will be the triggering event (no pun intended) that will allow the fed to once again come in with a QE package: save the world from financial armageddon part II.  Unfortunately the sequel will not play out like the original because this time is different.

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These dbags lost any support with their bonuses.

Die GS. No one loves you.

Even commies do PR better than you. May obama cut your throat.

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Never mind BTFD.  In this case STFD (while you still can).