Goldman On The US Economy: "Still Disappointing"

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Hey squid go easy on Pres Hopium since you supported him bigtime ;)

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Tyler, I love you and all that you do and this may sound like a stupid question but why do we listen to Goldman, JP Morg et al? Is it for amusement mostly because I think they're all full of it. B33r #4 in queue.

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Well, one could copy and paste Turgenev novels...

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"I'll take 19th century Russian authors for $1000 Alex."


"...And that's our Daily Double!"

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Point well taken, nice come back!

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Green shoots 4ever!

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"4. So what happens next? Our baseline forecast remains that growth will pick up over the next few months, to a 3%+ pace, as the auto sector rebounds"


Boy...can these stupid car inventories rise even more??  Investment tip:  Buy large parking lots....a bunch of car dealerships will need them!

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Hatzius still refuses to acknowledge that his December 1 "economic renaissance" call was abysmal, and so continues to push for a 3% growth in H2, but is finally getting closer to admitting defeat.

Hello, my name is Jan Hatzius, and I am an economic forecaster, and a gambler, and an alcoholic.

Whatever, the 12 step program works for all addictions. Of course, you have to hit rock bottom and accept the things you cannot change before you can recover.

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Goldman needs to leave the City tonight and get Laid in a whorehouse to have fun for once.

What is going to make that outfit happy isn't gonna make us happy.

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Geez I didn't realize God's work involved stating the obvious.

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Exactly!!! The squid should stick to what they do best...talking politicians into financially wrecking their own countries and states and counties.

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US Economy to Goldman: "Still Disappointing"

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Why listen to Goldman, why not go to the source?

For amusement, it is much better to listen to Alan the Greenspan himself.
Remember, he IS the maestro.

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Give the Caregiver some time to clean up the mucus and drool from the Maestro so he can speak and be understood.

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Didn't he say that if you understood him he needed to word his stuff more carefully?

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hazmat strikes again!
if #7 & #8 were written by the same person, he or she must be quite complex. 

fr #7:   However, our baseline view is that the chairman will stay reasonably close to the line laid out at the press conference, i.e., that he still sees high hurdles to a resumption of unconventional easing because inflation is significantly higher than it was in the fall of 2010.

& #8:  The bottom line is that acceleration to a slightly above-trend growth pace in coming months, coupled with unchanged monetary policy through 2012, remains our modal forecast

unless he finally changes his mind, of course, as tyler says.  but he will not waver till proven wrong... which point, the nation will be bankrupt and goldman will be taken private, most likely as a charitable foundation for the criminally insane. 

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Jan is #1 rated economist at the WSJ.  He has insight into the widest range of economic data points, and analyzes them using proprietary software that is cutting edge.    If you compare him to MS and BofA analysts, he is actually a little more pessimistic than the competition.

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Basically without QE3, US is screwed.

With QE3, gas prices will be higher, food prices will be higher, so US is screwed.


This is what you get stupid arrogant idiots. God, gay marriage, gun rights, al queda, bin laden, muslims, etc. are all distractions from #1 issue for human survival in modern economy: jobs.


Time to cut the military industrial complex off of government tit and let the red states go back to farming.