Goldman Vs Pimco Round 2: Goldman Buying Belly Again As It Doubles Down On Client Call To Short The 5 Year

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hey, tyler, whats the deal with all of these wall street cuts? i thought the quants were making hand over fist again?


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Quants only trade where the vol is. Nobody has been trading equities for months (which means volume will get less and less as HFT strats become unpractical, especially if rebates are adjusted and that shuts the door for risk free parasitic HFT churning). Everyone is in FX and commodities.

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Nobody has been trading equities for months? WHAT? According to RoboTrader thats all anyone is doing, piling into spandex and boutique coffee stocks...somethings wrong here.

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Love Love LOVE IT!! He Jerked that @ssclown by the scruff of his Brooke Brothers suit like he intended to clean his clock

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My God...a peasant slightly touched a Lord? SHOCKING!

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Does anyone keep track of all Goldmen's investment suggestions/predictions? How do they stack up?

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they are always right and always wrong

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Usually Wall Street Layoffs indicate revenue misses and the beginning of a resession. Or at least it has in the past. What do you think this time around? Revenue misses and  Resession? Perhaps the ISM numbers will tell us over the next few days.

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I wouldn't count on the ISM's telling us anything other than what we are suppose to "know."

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ISM numbers all collapsing already, what more do you want to see?

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In the Australian financial press (Financial Review) this was described as being a result of expected M&A, IPOs and a general increase in banking business predicted post GFC (Global Financial Crisis) not materialising.

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The US sewer GovtSacks needs to be dismantled.

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It certainly seems like PIMCO, although still a gorilla,  no longer influences the Treasury market like it once did a few short years ago and that PDs are that much more powerful in this regard.  For a Master of the Universe, Bill Gross gets saltier and more grumpy every month.

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Well hes got a pretty nice $80 billion cash cushion anyway.

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And I'm in position to forward the 75% trade barrier...


God I love ALGO's, dumb as fucking stumps....just follow a herd.  For good measure I'm puttin in a single share at 8000.00 dollars and one at zero dollars.

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SOX taking off today.

Rotating meltup, every day a new sector takes off.

Gold getting slammed.

Perfect day for the PigMen.

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There he is, the man of the hour!

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SOX wow thats a new one, Pigmen groupie.

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All of them are charging hard off the lows.

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Load gun...


bang bang bagn

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Reloaded short QQQ @ 56.94 from yesterday.

Looks like I'm in front of a freight train.

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Stopped out while mowing the lawn.  54bp net gain over two days while being situated completely countertrend, how is that possible robo?

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What is the difference between Squid and Pimpco?

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Is that a set up for a joke, or did you just not read the above article yet? 

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None! Both are Benjie's Whores!

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you know I am awful, but keep an eye out for the fake breakout, a but above the buy signal to sucker in the masses ad then a sell off. I can't predict, but it's a feeling I have.