Goldman On What The Neverending [Private|Public|Global|Galactic] Bailout Means For Market Indicators

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This morning DAX up 112 points

don't fight the Squid

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$1260 close price on gold today is plenty of squid fight for me.

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We are at about that stage of the game where John Law had to parade wagons loaded with straw - with the top surface covered with gold coins - down the Champs Elysees- to convince the peasants the treasury had plenty of gold. That trick was good until the weekend - I believe. Of course the peasants today are much much stupider than in those days so who knows may last for a few weeks.

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Thanks for this reminder.  We sometimes lose sight of the obvious trainwreck that is a comin'.

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How do you parade digitized gold?  

It'll take a couple thousand Dell laptops, I'm guessing.  BULLISH!

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First reference I have seen to the history of John Law in France.  It has interesting parallels to the modern situation.  French government made vulnerable by a series of wars; gold supply low.  Redistribution of wealth generating mechanisms, creation of credit instruments, sales of land in what became the Louisana purchase with (in some cases) bogus claims about what Mississippi and Arkansas were really like. 

Some of his ideas are considered to have been beneficial but, as I recall, he fled for his life in disguise. 

The technology and education levels have changed; human behavior has not.


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what ya gonna do when the volcano blows??

the banana peel economies are so close to the edge and the pols keep sleep walking eyes wide shut..

anyone wanna bet the pols and CB's have the magic bullet?

no? I didn't think so.

short the world. tza, sds, like gold / silver have been suppressed far too long.

 talking my book.;)

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If only I could be this clairvoyant about the next day's stock prices.



by Brett in Manhattan
on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 10:09

Goldman gets too much of the credit/blame. It's a High Priest/Rabbi of the financial establishment, but not the whole thing. I'm sure most of the other big broker/dealers showed similar results.

Poker is an easy game when you can see the other guy's hole cards.

4 Big Banks Score Perfect 61-Day Run
Published: May 11, 2010

It is the Wall Street equivalent of a perfect game of baseball — 27 up, 27 down, the final score measured in millions of dollars a day.

Despite the running unease in world markets, four giants of American finance managed to make money from trading every single day during the first three months of the year.

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of course they (central bank) are buying greek debt and not italian...because it is much wouldn't?

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more on Goldman

The Private and Public Side of Goldman’s New Digs

More singular still, state and local governments decided to give the firm another big subsidy by letting it use $1.65 billion in tax-exempt Liberty Bonds, intended to stimulate economic development after 9/11, to cover part of the building’s $2.1-billion cost.

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That's it.

We are officially down in tha Rabbithole.

Hey, let's run a fundraiser here for tha rest.

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the ultimate bottom line is banks will play the upside until the Volker rule goes into effect......I foresee a test of the highs no matter the news......but I'm not going long as per the 1000k drop per day Thursday

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Hum. Goldman says buy DAX because Germany exports to Asia.

China -1%, Dax +2%. Dax is now up in May, outperforming pretty much everybody else.

I cant help thinking Goldman just offloaded any long Germany positions to its clients.

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I guess Goldman figures not everyone saw the Senate hearing in which Blankfein said it's perfectly acceptable to have his salespeople hawk a product that Goldman created, while his traders are shorting it.

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The focus now turns to budgetary plans by individual countries, and the new rules on fiscal coordination.

Good luck with this

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Could Goldman be right this time?