Goldman's Hatzius Issues Another Preemptive Economy Downgrade Warning

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US Federal Prosecutor tells Federal Judge that GoldmanSachs Board of Directors member said "I Plead The Fifth".


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Hatzius is happy in his new function as "HFT" professional 

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They know that massive money printing covert and overt will continue.  I say this is BS on their part.  Rally will continue till all humans are dead.

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But it is molesting Blythe.

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He's just buckin' for QE3. Keep the money coming!

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always on the sunny side

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another large quake in burma - 7

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Hatzius know's he an outlier so he's

hedging. JPM is already at 2.5% GDP

which basically sucks.

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At 2.5% GDP, no net new jobs will be created

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Nor will there be any income growth.

They're just kiting stocks now on

POMO fumes.

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2.5%? Absent 11% deficit spending, what is the real GDP "growth" number?

Together we thrive.

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Economy. Stock symbol aapl

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Hurry, the guy who lost his job, the house, the wife and his dog, also lost his cable and needs to hear this warning.

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Great news for the market..... QE$$$$$$

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That sounds indeed like cover his ass.  But it is not that bleak.

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Market is so screwy today.....

- Toyota announces all US plants may have to shut down due to supply chain disruption.

- Goldman warns on the economy

- Durable goods drop precipitously

- Consumer confidence tanks


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GDP report tomorrow.

I really can't see earnings holding up going into April. Too much shit went down with wars, nukes, gas, earthquakes to keep the priced to perfection marker going.

And how many stopgap will they pass before taking on the debt celiing debates?

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I'm leaning towards NO QE3. How will they shove that down with oil surging?

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Oil doesn't count... only iPads.

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 So does that mean the rally keeps going, I got an eye on a few pigs that could fly on QE2.5

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Au and Ag at new highs of 1447 and 38.13 continue their inverse responce to warnings and declining economic numbers elsewhere, but these parabolic PM price increases, to me, are the warnings to watch - of upcoming disruptions in currency, trade, profit, GDP and consumer sectors, so well obfuscated and otherwise disguised as they are.

It's been said that short-term, gold is an inflation hedge, and long-term, a deflation hedge, but apparently the two have merged and the future is now.

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deflation/inflation is irrelevant.  Buying power is ALL that will soon matter.

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Fuck Timmy Giethner up the A$$ with Blythes Silver Dildo.......


Take it dry TimmahY

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I just realized... "25% linen/75% cotton"

This is why cotton is up...LOL

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Hatzius and some other Wall Streeter shocked me a few weeks ago when they admitted,"housing will not recover for 8-10 years." They said recovery is linked to employment and they do NOT see that improving for years.

One of the few times I heard some truth from these Wall Street economists who usually game their book...

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Whatever GS says expect the opposite. Its all false flagging now as its rock n roll time.