Goldman's Jim "BRIC" O'Neill Capitulates On China

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O'Neill finally relents. His latency on his China "downgrade" is the sort of behind the curve call we expect from Moody's, S&P etc...

One expect's one's broker to be ahead of the game, not laggging 6 months.


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it is not the brokers job to be ahead....they off load with their buy recs....and load up with their sell recs.....the only thing a sell side broker sells is optimism!

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I feel like this was, objectively, a worthless read.  Who is the bigger fool?  Jim for writing this garbage or me for reading it?  Take your bread hat and shove it....

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thanks for your effort to be the perfect contra indicator....


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Sell side analyst = concierge service

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Time to buy copper?

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I think so.  Go over and check the charts Scott Grannis has up.

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Yes, very interesting that everyone now gets the emerging market tightening which has been going on some six months or more.  Also of interest is that since the big reversal day last tuesday brazil has been outperforming.

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Does their propitiatory GDP metric always round up USA GDP to positive?

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Could Goldman be right this time?

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All I know is that this guy is still a douchebag.  Everytime I read his comments I picture his annoying smug expression and hope that when the people finally pick up their pitchforks the door at his house is the first one to get knocked on.

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Before Greenspan, Bernanke, Hank Paulson, Geithner, Rubin, Summers, Blankfein?

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Good point... How about this.  We'll have the mob of pitchfork wielding people split up into groups with each group taking a house. Of course this is all dependent on making sure someone is videotaping it all because I dont want to miss what happens at one house because I was at another.

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 "Just confirms my view that at least half the world doesn’t wake up and say “ credit crunch” before its breakfast."

yes, but the half that is f'ed does, and should....

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It will scare many, please the China bubble blowers, but to those of you that think in sensible terms, this is actually good news


Bulltard for life.

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China, Australia, Canada, the Lawrence Welk trio.

"You know, it's a long world."

-- L. Welk

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"Markets remain mesmerized about the EMU crisis, China slowdown/bubbles, generally anything that could be a disaster."

That's code for the markets aren't listening to stimulation and spin.  The propaganda doses of PPT/QE heroin are becoming less and less effective, and the truth is becoming more and more apparent.

"It will scare many many, please the China bubble blowers, but to those of you that think in sensible terms, this is actually good news."

Is it ever not good news Jimbo, really? 

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Useless. I'm sure the Swedish chef could write better analysis.

This guy is such an arrogant prick.

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Style of his commentary goes down the gutter with each new episode.

Colloquial, insanely "I do play in the same league as you, you bunch of losers"

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"...but to those of you that think in sensible terms..."  

Thems fightin words!  And my first good laugh of the day, HAHAHAH!

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Direct evidence of carry trade unwind.

Tried to argue with an Australian about how his nation's growth wasn't funded in AUD but in USD and JPY...didn't get it.

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This is the same idiot who last week said something like: "the world looks perfect from my mansion's porsche while sipping my Chateau Lafite"

He is a PUNK

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yeah, where is marley when we need him to body-slam this guy

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China central planners will lie and play hide the sausage to keep a glowing economic outlook, China's media, like the US, will not report honest facts.  There is significantly more learning's in a Dilbert cartoon.

I wouldnt touch China unless I was a bank on fraud street where I could sell the romance of a massive growing middle class, hungary for commodities, houses to retail investors who continue to be meat for the grinder. I would just keep selling the dream baby.

The only thing I would invest in China would be car repair shops, being first time drivers, I bet those bastards look like bumper cars.


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I'm Russian.

Everything he wrote about Silicon Valley in “Skolkovo” and demographics is total BS.

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Agree...nobody in their right mind is investing in Russia right now because they went Venezuela on everybody.  Attract the capital and not only steal it like the Chinese do but then imprison the capitalists.

The irony is that Russia and Venezuela need the expertise of people outside their borders to develop their resources.  News flash, mfers:  they won't do it for free!

I don't know what the fk it is about these national leaders that they think they're entitled to 100% of everything.

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The Russian mob are GS clients.  They paid him to say that.

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Mike Pettis argues short term boost to Chinese stocks.....maybe I'll pick up a few FXP puts (China negative ultra)

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'When genius failed!' His arrogance toward the China bears has backfired.

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whiners ..... complainers .....  unite !!!!