Goldman's Take On Industrial Production: Volatility Blamed On Abnormal February Heat

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Oh man, well at least summer is on its way so we should have estimates with expectations of cool to moderate weather with no chance of hurricanes, tornados and thunderstorms to keep the data clean.

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Higher or lower than average temps = changes in energy usage

Rain keeps the shoppers at home

Snow is just white-death from the sky

Wind blows the credit card right out of your hand

A perfect sunny day will keep all potential credit card shoppers in the park or mowing the grass.

Its all a good excuses.

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The wind also scatters the money dropped from helicopters far from the target location. Bad for retail.

Why not drop iPads from helicopters? They're heavier and won't blow away compared to those 1 billion Mark bills.

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Double post - my ipad is obviously not fast enough. Probably the weather affecting internet bandwidth.

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I see, brutal winter storms were what was to blame for high unemployment data, but 'warm winter' now blamed for lagging production.

'Make shit up as we go' economic model.

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100% chance of weather, makes one hell of a foolproof econometric safety net.


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Nice pattern of blaming the weather. That should be good strategy forever... since we'll always have weather!

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So it's all the Warmers fault once again? Did they call Al Gore in for consultation on this?

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he's in his jet on a direct flight to new york to talk about it.


I guess they didn't bother paying him a million to "consult" him...




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"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these propagandists from the swift completion of their appointed spin"

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Its true, people get the horn when the sun shines. Everyone’s banging each other; look at the correlation between weather patterns and condom purchases.

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Oh, well I thought very cold bad winters were the cause of that. HEY whatever works! 'Weather economic model'....I guess this early summer we'll get some rain showers to blame on whatever goes wrong with the world economy.

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Absolutely - long Trojans - Church & Dwight (CHD).  Get your mind out of the gutter.  A long position.  This isn't getting better.  I give up.

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Absolutely - long Trojans - Church & Dwight (CHD).  Get your mind out of the gutter.  A long position.  This isn't getting better.  I give up.

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I was almost sure they would bring up the ration part...

we'll just have to wait until every ordinary flies all turns into fireflies and common rain strips the paint of our cars...



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What the hell are they talking about? Winter was a motherfucker this year.

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220, 221, whatever it takes!

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Wow that is crazy, so everyone is maxing out their credit cards and cutting up the bills when they come. This will end well.

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non condomed fukushima fukks? flying fish and uncondoned, remorseless fishy games. Blame it on the weather that we wear no skin protection.

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Weathering the downturn takes on a hole new meaning here eh?

Hey, we weathered the last set of bad NUMBers. Let's weather this one too.


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Now that's odd because weren't we discussing just a few months ago how all the Wall Street whore houses were using the winter snow as an excuse for poor numbers?

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From Jan Haztius,

again? another GoldmanSachs post? this should earn TD some flashdance bucks.


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Bubbles the cat (not verified) Apr 15, 2011 10:12 AM

The insidious effect of temperature on human cognitive ability has been overlooked for too long:

Memo to GS: Get the air con fixed.

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Good thing the weather was always 'fine and temperate' during boom times wasn't it?


I read an interesting article talking about how EMP from the Sun's over-activity at the moment can have dramatic effects on the weather - there's your problem folks.


I say we launch everything we have at that Sun - it's trying to destroy us - send in the nukes, tommohawks, tin cans, kettles, bricks, stones - everything we have got Jim - we need to take that sucker down!


They say that Nicolae Ceausescu's regime failed...not when uprisings happened, not when the people fought back...but during a speech when in a pause in his address someone could be heard laughing...the dictator had become a was all over.


I see this weather blaming as the same pattern - the more ridiculous the excuses the weaker the regime becomes. Stand up comedians are being handed material on a plate by the foolhardy excuses of the economists, the rest of us wouldn't be able to spot a serious forecast if it slapped us in the face anymore. Credibility and confidence has been destroyed...and soon the sheepeople will realise they have been abandoned by their leaders and they will do what sheepeople do best....they will panic in herds.

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Bubbles the cat (not verified) writingsonthewall Apr 15, 2011 2:15 PM

OK. First Gaddafi then the sun.

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Global warming naysayers recant now.

Bullish on theocrats obviously -- GS told me the 'truth' obviously.

(Next up - a theocracy driven double ETF - if you believe this BS from the squid's mouth.)

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...and the 'Goldman pause' is truly over.


Brent up 1.2% on the day - seems someone in the US just went awfully long soon after the markets opened. I wonder who that was....


GS clients must have 'SUCKER' emblazoned across their foreheads.