Goldman's Take On S&P's Warning

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However, nice to see EURUSD taking a well-deserved dump. 

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Gee, I wonder how this all turns out in the end.

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Baddly and predictably?

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The algos are coming the algos are coming.  Good luck Ben

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Would have said british but they're already

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Algos are now just trading with one another.  All it would take is something to mess up and we'll end up in flash crash country again.

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This is bullish for stocks, right?

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Theyve created a 600 pound rabid meth-fueled Frankenstein monster with 'Abby Normal's' brain which is now destroying the problem GS says we just have to find a way to 'contain' it. Yea good luck with all that, wingtip boyz.

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Academic research has generally found that rating agency actions lag market pricing, rather than lead it.

Academic research has also found that they are corrupt to the bone.

The most powerful people in the economy are not Bernanke, it's the rating agencies. And if they were doing their job, the bankrupt would go bankrupt and the good ones would prevail.

When the SP is downgrading America, you can bet the elite has moved to the ``collapse America`` part of their plan.

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"Academic research has generally found that rating agency actions lag market pricing, rather than lead it. "

haha - and now I feel better about the situation with this sort of...defense?!?


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academic research has also also found that Goldman Sachs actions lag legality rather than lead it 

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Why does Goldie suddenly need academic research for anyway? I thought they were the masters of the universe with all the answers and knowledge and doing Gods work daily?

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Reichsluftverteidigung (!)

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it's all academic anyhow.

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I was hoping they'd have Jim O'Neill write this so I could update my fantasy football league.

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Academic research has generally found that rating agency actions lag market pricing, rather than lead it

Fuck off - I mean seriously fuck off.

Market had this 'priced in' did it? - or was it living on hubris again and decided 'not to bother'?

S&P's words today are the first brave step in the road to rehabilitation

Step 1 - Admit you have a problem.

I hate Goldman so much, they manipulate the market, hedge against their clients, they have the ear of the Fed sewn up and they cry when they lose and the rogues start to fightback.

They are the worst type of pathetic, snivelling little bully. Now it's time for them to meet their maker - maybe then they can discuss "who's work" they were actually doing.


Fuck Goldman - I mean seriously, fuck 'em.

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Right, seems with markets at all-time highs compared to gold and silver real purchasing power, downgrade of world reserve currency debt is obviously already 'priced in'. Makes perfect sense, if one has no sense at all.

Who is this fooling? Headline trading HFT bots? 

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Put Lloyd in prison with some of the less savoury types, that would stop all the banking crap quickly.


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..apologies for my foul language - but seriously Fuck Goldman and their balding little shitbag leader.

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aaaaah, but nevertheless well stated.

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I thought you were going easy on them... 'have the ear of the fed'?

They ARE the fed!

Fuckers.  And Congress is all a bunch of lame ducks -- permanently. I care not what time of year it is... post, pre election... no matter.

The 'debt ceiling' was an 'automatic' safety mechanism put in place under Gramm-Rudman (I think) back in the '80s... see how the bastards roll?  They have never seen a safety valve they couldn't circumvent.  Any now they are proposing 'automatic' spending cuts -- automatic because they know the future congress will be as ball-less as they are today.

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Indeed - I want to see ya get real Foul, make it count! 

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Rating actions lag reality. The situation is far worse than Aaa on negative outlook. Look how bad the ratings lagged elsewhere and still lag!

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The real fun begins when the Chattle herd realizes what the Market Making Bankster Gangsters did to their country. And as an entity with a direct interest in "The Fed" - Gollum, I mean Goldman has some very exciting times ahead of it! G I D D Y!!!

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I dont know about Goldies 'academic research', but I can smell bullshit and desperation and fear a mile away.

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Bull shitz is a required course at Harvard.

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Tell it to Long Term Capital Management...

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Agreed SheepDog

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of course they Lag...


i mean Portugal is not junk yet, and Spain is still AA....


surely if you relied on a rating agency downgrade as signal for default risk you d have lost most of your money

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Isn't it based on latitude?

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Why should anyone take any ratings agency seriously about any rating (including the US government) since their abysmal performance in the market meltdown. As a key player in the financial crisis I think their ability to providing meaningful guidance is highly suspect. Trying to rate politics is a fools game since both parties are complacent in the scorched earth economic policy

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Fuck Goldman-- they're just a bunch of criminals-- like a mob family trying to desperately to hold its leverage upon the market they'll say anything and bullshit the logic and point to academic blah blah blah.  The whole firm should be shutdown and thrown into pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

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So thats the plan. Cuts to the bone, paramilitary police for possible protestors and they get to keep squeezing blood from a rock for a couple more years.

Bankster slaves, bitchez!

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Banksters vs. Bond raters....they are both part of the discredited financial syndicate.

Bond raters should get paid as much as USDA meat marbling raters. Heck, we can have computers do that real time for free.

Banksters will also be extinct once Fed burns down. Should have had happend back in 2008, but Bush-Obama leaders stabbed Americans in the back.

No mercy for these criminals.

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Sounds like they're all jumping on the "unsustainability" bandwagon

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Goldman's opinion on the S&P action took just a little longer than PIMCO to be distributed to clients: 108 minutes.

Incredible isn’t it, how these geniuses can produce such deep and insightful opinions of events in such a short period of time; unless you account for the possibility that they knew what the S&P statement was going to say two days ago. In that case, I imagine the 108 minutes that Goldman took to produce their opinion was about 10 minutes longer than it took them to short the shit out of the market this morning.

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Austin Goolsby is whining. F off bitch Austin you falming gay boy

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"Academic research has generally found that rating agency actions lag market pricing, rather than lead it"


Jesus they are really afraid that something can go wrong with interest rates along the scenario pathway (that rates can abruptly rise out of control). Seems that utilities will have much less ammo in next round of this financial scam

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UST CDO spreads out 8bps on downgrade.

Goldman fails with respect to claiming the market already incorporated this cut in the pricing of US debt "insurance."

FAIL bitches.


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Hey GS, since when is a 1 in 3 chance of a fiscal nightmare merely "nonzero"?

Perhaps GS should change its company initials to BS!

Wall Street is so drunk on Fed money creation and taxpayers gifts that they are blind to all risk. They are therefore certain to create another economic crisis!

We must therefore plan and prepare accordingly!

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Now you know how they got it out so fast.  Quality would take longer to produce.

Maybe there isn't a conspiracy lurking in every corner.

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'COPPER has ignored the recent equity bounce. Daily and weekly are not bullish' ~ March 31, 2011.

'When the sell off does occur, it won’t be pretty. As mentioned earlier, this market behaviour is similar to 2007 / 2008' ~ April 6, 2011.

'DOW/S&P500 is tracking sideways once again suggesting that short covering rally has lost momentum' ~ April 7, 2011.

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4.     S&P made a similar change with respect to the UK outlook in May 2009, lowering its outlook to negative.  It reaffirmed the negative outlook last summer, citing a “a material risk that the UK’s net general government debt burden may approach a level incompatible with the AAA rating.”   Thus far, however, the UK has retained its AAA long-term sovereign rating.

Well, I assume that could be a result of the severe austerity measures that the new UK Government has taken. Remains to be seen if the US political leadership has what it takes to do the same thing. I seriously doubt it.