Golf Resort Linked To Tiger's Apology Files For Bankruptcy, Goldman Implicated (No, Seriously)

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LOL, the "no, seriously" remark just cracks me up!

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And on a serious note:

Chris Hedges: Zero Point of Systemic Collapse

If we build self-contained structures, ones that do as little harm as possible to the environment, we can weather the coming collapse. This task will be accomplished through the existence of small, physical enclaves that have access to sustainable agriculture, are able to sever themselves as much as possible from commercial culture and can be largely self-sufficient. These communities will have to build walls against electronic propaganda and fear that will be pumped out over the airwaves. Canada will probably be a more hospitable place to do this than the United States, given America’s strong undercurrent of violence. But in any country, those who survive will need isolated areas of land as well as distance from urban areas, which will see the food deserts in the inner cities, as well as savage violence, leach out across the urban landscape as produce and goods become prohibitively expensive and state repression becomes harsher and harsher.

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Excellent article WaterWings. Thanks
Originally, it was the magical thinking we observed that prompted us to start preparing a
retreat. Folks are assumming that a technolgical miracle will save us from peak oil, not realizing the magnitude of the problem. (For instance, I did a quick calc today on how many 1 GW Nuc plants it would take to replace gas consumption in Ca alone.
(assuming replacement by Electric vehicles
Natural gas powered vehicles would be a better choice)
The answer is 75 1GW plants. Ca uses 20 Billion gallons of gas and diesel a year, which is more than China uses!)

As one of us served in Bosnia, we are well
aware of the seriousness of that situation.
Folks should study Bosnia
closely to fully understand just how bad things can get in a urban/semi country setting
Well worth the time to study Bosnia

We very quickly developed community with the local farmers and hunters even though we were
not native to the area. Being Marines helped
facilitate this quickness, as many of the locals turned out to be vets. One local Vietnam vet even proudly demonstrated to us
how to clear one of our jammed M1A's, by throwing it on the ground and stomping on it
(to our horror!) Worked though!
Interesting how the modern day "survivalist"
is just the opposite to the 1980's style
Ruby Ridge type

I highly recommend that anyone here at zh who can afford land go out and buy some acreage
Consider a caretaker until you can "make it out there" yourself

I think the author of that article is spot on

Long Land
Long Au (original purpose for Au was to pay taxes)
Long training (FrontSight is an excellent choice for those who need weapons training.
Many other excellent choices too)

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Awesome. Loved your response.

One local Vietnam vet even proudly demonstrated to us how to clear one of our jammed M1A's, by throwing it on the ground and stomping on it (to our horror!) Worked though!


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" where Tiger Woods decided to apologize on February 19 for having sex with "those women."

For once, I would like to hear "those women" apologize for have sex with "that man" which in this case means Tiger Woods.

I would love to hear some woman say on TV "I have no idea what came over me, why I would even consider having sex with "that man". I woke up and nearly had to chew my arm off to get away. Ewwww!! 

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GS has the midas touch, as LAWrry Summers has as well.  GS stock to zero to commence in 3.....2......1........

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I'm looking forward to the inaugural Giant Vampire Squid Open.

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brings new meaning to the term 'moral hazard'.

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I keep picturing Blankfein as "Goldfinger", kicking his Schlesinger 4 out of the rough.

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I think odd job had a hole in his pocket, or a pocket in his sock...

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You're right, but I'm rewriting to give it a touch of realism.

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It does remind me of,

Judge Elihu Smails

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You'll get nothing and like it.

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u can almost bet, while it was current and during negotiations, gs sold some swap hedge or whatever, and now they want it cause it's a winning trade, roflmao

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Par for the course at the AIG invitational.

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With what everyone has learned over the past couple of years, does anyone do any kind of deal at all with Goldman Sachs anymore?  If so, why?  What are they thinking?  What do they expect to happen?

Honest to goodness, it's like if a guy in hockey mask with a chain saw knocks on your door at night (not on Halloween, either), are you going to open it up and see what he wants?

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I used to work for a major issuer who was very innovative (yes, yes I know that's now a bad word) in how we structured our financing trades.

We would specifically avoid GS because we knew (as did everyone else on the street), that GS was good at stealing your IP and using its rolodex to sell it to everyone else. So next time someone tells you that GS is the most innovative house on the street, try to think of all the "poor" bankers that got screwed by GS's willingness to rip crap off and shove it down their clients throats. BTW, GS took one of my ideas and sold it to one of our competitors. Too bad they missed something big in the structure that wasn't disclosed in the OC. That company is now out of business (its good to be on GS's rolodex isn't it... well at least for GS it is).

Long story short is that I hate to break it to you all but this sort of BS has been perpetrated by GS for years. Now that they are a near monopoly, its only gonna get worse.

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Where Distinct Experiences Create Lasting Memories...

boy, they weren't kidding!

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Is there any financial deal on this planet that Goldman is NOT involved in? BTW, when are they planning to foreclose on the White House?

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I don't believe in any religious prophecies but you tell me who this description matches:

The antichrist will seemingly provide for the needs of the people but deny the ultimate salvation.

...working all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs, and doing all kinds of evil...

 Daniel 9:27 mentions an "abomination that causes desolations" setting itself up in a "wing" or a "pinnacle" of the temple.

The shoe kinda fits Goldman, no?? LOL

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They already own it, why foreclose on yourself....maybe to get a tax payer sponsored bailout!

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That'sa big calamaro. Hungry.

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Amen !!

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What's next? Blankfein writes  Krona/NKE/GS 3-way swap for Tiger's ex-div (divorce)?

It is agreed that if the krona rises, Nordegren goes down, and NKE makes all Tiger payments in full, then GS shall receive all right, title, and interest to Nordegren in 3-way swap, etc, and so forth...

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You are SICK!
But that's really funny!
Except Blankfein receives all Nordegren benefits previously accruing to Mr. Woods.

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We are positive that the latest reality series to come out of Hollywood brain trust "Who wants to marry a Goldmanaire" is just months away.


Well done, T.D. 

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Obviously they have an overseas buyer already lined up.

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The squid re-trades deals all the time...

but they do it very politely.


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live 5 miles away - that news came largely out of the blue as there was very little to no local talk of distress prior to today.

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followed by "Lifestyles of the Rich & Shameless" starring Laura Blankfiend.

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If I were running the PGA I would immediately announce the PGA is pulling all sanctioned golf tournaments at Sawgrass until GS works out a deal with the current owners.

Many Americans are about to declare Open Season on Goldman Sacks pricks.

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And free condoms with every stroke or put


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 I like the where is my axe?

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Tiger's really got the touch.  I wonder if GS will end up owning him too.........

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Reality beats fiction any day!

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Goldman will bankrupt you, take your real estate, then rent it back to you. Oldest trick in the book.

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I thought goldman was the vampire squid.

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I guess we know how to direct a alien presence when they arrive.

When it asks to take him to our leader we can call out Lloyd to show him how this little planet of ours works - although it would have to be a very sophisticated creature - with CDOs SPVs CDSs etc it may find life on Earth a tad complicated for your average run of the mill alien.

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Oh god cnbc has now ripped off the STUPID index from zerohedge.


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jeez. that's rather blatant of them. release the hounds!

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CNBC's *Senior* News Editor looks like he's about 14 years old. LOL.

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F the wolves (and Im not talking TBTF'S)

Hundreds of wolves have been killed in Idaho and Montana since March 2009 because the Obama administration eliminated federal protections for these animals. Ashley Judd has recorded a new video urging folks like us to write president Obama and encourage him to restore these protections. I watched the video and took action, and I hope you will too. Just visit to help

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If the wolves were killing my livestock and pets I would shoot them as well. Before you buy into bullshit treehugger propaganda like this you should get both sides of the story.

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Let's all sneak onto the course at nighttime and take a massive collective dump on it!

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The level of cynicism you guys have is just tremendous.

It touches a chord in my own little heart.

Hmm so this golf course is only like 20 minutes away from me.

I've never been there.

It looks just lovely.

I always liked the Marriot Courtyards in particular.

Lovely hotels.

But I'm still not sure how all this ties in with Disney Land

and what Goldman is going to do with that when they come to own it.


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downhill lies and hole in none