Gonzalo Lira On The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

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What is more disturbing to me is that the growing unease of the populace, makes them more receptive to the arrival on the scene of a 'strongman'. I suspect the majority, even though mightily pissed off, would rather follow someone promising them justice (unpleasant consequences to follow later), than conduct a passive revolution.

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Some actual justice would be welcome. What I'd be most concerned about is a Peronist-style dose of "economic justice".

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Agree on the need for justice, but it would need to be meted out by someone who didn't want to do it. Anyone who volunteers for the job should be avoided like the plague.

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No, let me.  I could totally do it.

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Excellent post mr. Lira.

You've nailed the entire amerikan shitshow with this one...

they got a letter from their bank, Wells Fargo: It said that, after further review, Brian and Ilsa had in fact not qualified for HAMP... their mortgage would go back to the old rate... they now owed the difference for the three months when they had paid the lowered mortgage—and...they were assessed a “penalty for non-payment”. 
...Brian and Ilsa sat down, looked at the last letter—which had no signature, and no contact name or number—and wondered what to do. 
On television, the news was talking about “robo-signatures” and “foreclosure mills”, and rank illegalities—illegalities which it seemed everyone was getting away with...




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Rule #3 - Plan ahead.  Just saying, "Fuck it!" is not planning ahead.  There is actually a way to make all these money problems go away.  Did you ever wonder why Andrew Jackson was on the $20 bill?  He destroyed the central bank.  Ever wonder why Abraham Lincoln was on the $5 bill?  He too waged war on the banks.

Here is the answer everyone has been looking for.  Change our money, get rid of the banks.  Pay back the banks in their worthless currency.  Try to learn the lessons taught to us from Jackson and Lincoln, BANKS ARE EVIL.

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there is a solution, just it isn't good for any business who wants to be bailed out (hence, not even getting talked about)


problem solved.

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Hey everyone,

Anytime you are having a conversation with someone and the conversation turns to money or finance, please ask them this question,


"Why does a private bank control the printing of the U.S. Dollar?"


That is all that I would request of you.

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I like to refer to it as the Private Federal Reserve. That really gets their attention, or tell them the income tax was passed the same year.

Most people will avoid talking about this issue because they lack the understanding or they think it is a fringe movement to end the fed.

Nobody wants to be "that guy" although as things get more and more dire, the knowledge becomes more widely known.

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I junked ya. Your putting this same exact message, word-for-word, on every thread on the board.


The essence of JUNK.

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That's not junk. He/She is trying to start a movement of awareness. I applaud. 

At some point we can all complain about the inequities about the system or actually begin to be a force of knowledge and perhaps even revolution. 

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don't know about the other boards but it seems relevant to this one.  the activities of the tbtf and the treserve, combined with the abuse of the mortgage securitization game (from the mortgagor and investor standpoints) seem to beg for the actions outlined in the story, especially that recommended by the wife.  not paying your income tax is also seductive but the consequences are more dire and the individual's leverage less effective.  not paying the mortgage however.... big bird flying across the sky throwing shadow on our eyes.

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I junked you because you are a douchebag.

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I junked ya because I prefer asshole to douchebag. ;-)

What used to be accurate on this site, was replaced by a bunch of people who defined it because they really had no clue what it meant. A douchebag is a pretentious, sugar coated prick, but with emphasis on pretentious and sugar coated. It's not an adjective for an asshole, because assholes call other people douchebags, and assholes are more often than not proud of being assholes.

My wife tells me all the time that I am an asshole. :>)

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"Why does a private bank control the printing of the U.S. Dollar?"


The historical answer should be well known. It is said to be  bad when a public institution gets involved in private economy or worth own private assets. Please read (again) all the discussions about the topic. You dont need to move back long ago; the Europeans revived the issue when they implemented their ECB.

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At that age you don't need to plan that far ahead.  It is honestly not their problem

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Brian and Isla are "Goyim".... The Mortgage Mess is Talmudic Jewish Usury...nothing more nor nothing less...


What did Ruth Madoff say about the Gentiles being responsible?


"a shander fer de Goyim"



The Story behind the Madoff Scandal


Listen at 1:00



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its a sick joke that the images of Lincoln and Jackson are used to promote the brand-name fiat.


anyway, "J. Crew Anarchist".  that is catchy.  


...as for our "keeping up with the Jones's" couple here:

Everybody else is doing it—so why don’t we?  

Is not this attitude exactly what got them into a borrowed house at the top of the market?


why did they not just pay cash for a house and not borrow anything?  


...because they could not afford the 'storefront' that they were presenting to their circle of friends.  

now our 'average' couple wants to blame the banks rather than themselves?

moral of the story for our children:


..."they love golf".  give me a fucking break.  I've been waiting my whole life to see these types of assholes get caught pretending to be bigshots.  they are the symbol of a generation that has lived and voted beyond not just their own means, but the means of their children.  

...and all they do is whine about how unfair it all is. 

The "Greatest Generation" gave birth to the biggest spoilt brats the world has ever known.  It is a pleasure watching it all crumble.  

these people are not victims, they are shallow-minded borrowers and consumers with no character. 

"they love golf".  how nice. 


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Fools make a litany of mistakes in the pursuit of status.  They got that house in the gated community on the golf course that they so dearly wanted.  For a few years.  

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all perhaps true but not really the point of the story.  the point is that when even these paragons of rectitude abandon their trust in institutions and behavior norms to "screw the system" the system might actually get screwed, at least somewhat and for a while.  invest accordingly.

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Well said and correct, but I understand where Chopper is coming from.  I struggled to stay focused on the point of the story rather than on what douches the people are.

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Is anyone else concerned that the photo above is a stock photo? You can see it on another website too. What are the chances the story is fake?



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So what - if they went and bought an "average" house they would still be underwater because the machine Wall Street made in collusion with the govt to pump house prices. The only problem in this story is the fucking Fed and the banks that own them. EVERYONE outside the system is poorer because that is how the system was designed.

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true dat.  the joys of centralized money planning, fiat, and fractional reserve lending.


do not forget the "chicken in every pot" policies of Fannie and Freddie which created that extra boost of artificial demand so that these buffoons could really get an education on market dynamics.  


...still, i hate posers.  


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You will say this until it is you.

You will say it until you have to do a reverse mortgage on your paid off house to pay for a simple surgery or routine procedure; or when the gub'mint takes your IRA and 401K away from you "for your own safety".

The game is to make you feel good about being "responsible" and "prudent" while the banks and politicians are neither.

Then, one by one, they take away our savings, assets, the sweat of our brow and the blood of our children for their own avaricious lifestyles.


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If what you say is true, Chopper, I would think that society at large is getting mixed messages, wouldn't you agree?

We are told to strive, to make things happen for ourselves, to stretch our wings, reach for the impossible, have confidence in our own abilities, faith in the American system/way/dream.

Then we are chastised, by people like you, for daring to "over"reach. Who draws the line, how and when?

Many people were played in this economic disaster. These loans were handed out like free money, then the price of oil was manipulated in order to make the inevitable happen: the price of everything went up, the value of everything was questionable.

You are being played even now if you truly believe what you just wrote.




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We are told to strive, to make things happen for ourselves, to stretch our wings, reach for the impossible, have confidence in our own abilities, faith in the American system/way/dream.


who told you this, Bitch Tits.  the world needs ditch diggers, too.  apparently, that is you.


no worries, i've got my guns. i've got my gold.  my friends are loading up, too.  come and get them.  ;)

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Re Jackson and Lincoln $20 and $5 bills,

Salmon Chase, Treasury Secretary who coined the slogan of the Free Soil Party: Free soil, free labor, free men, had his visage on the $10,000 bill no longer in circulation.

Woodrow Wilson, who signed the Federal Reserve Act and IRS into law, had his mug on the $100,000 gold certificate used only by banks as thanks for campaigning against the money trust to get elected and fulfilling all its dreams when elected, like current DC pols.




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Downfall is an excellent movie, and this is one of the best parody uses of it yet. The ClimateGate parody was also well done.

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Just picked a place to jump back in. This is beautiful! I love it when ZH blows up! I am a web addict. My drug of choice is the attempt to understand what my (and your) tomorrow will be, today.

ZH is fucking spot the fuck on. I don't fall in love easy. But I do fucking love ZH. I fucking especially love that they fucking 'let' me express my fucking fetish for foisting my adoration of the word 'fucking' without banning my obsenity loving self.

I miss the fuck outa Marla.

I postulate that she decided to stop wasting her time with us bunch of fucks?

If you are a regular, then you know we didn't show her respect, my guess is that she considered respect as the minimiunm requirement for acess to her wonderful and generous  self.

We fucked up.


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What you said (you DO see it!) ... x100!

My business has stalled because I spend too much time here just reading and gaining different insightful viewpoints to consider ... and laughing (my keyboard needs replacing because I have spit and snorted too much coffee into it)! But, hey, I can catch the business up later by being wiser from the experience here.

Many valuable contributors have left because Fight Club is getting a little rough, but some good scrappers have also joined since then. It's the way of all things.

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Like all other *presumably* super hot *presumably* women we get to dream about on the interwebs... in reality, Marla more likely resembles a morbidly obese disabled 50-something male former welder than a hot chick. 


the voice of reason

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No, me 1st. Like watching the movie "Airplane" with al those people queueing up to slap that girl .

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Eric "Empty Suit" Holder won't do it...
    He's AWOL...


            William K. Black will do it....
                  Pick him...

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Too late for Dr Black, not that the PTB would let him anywhere near this mess.

Black would collapse the system at this point, being that its 100 percent fraudulent...

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I for one would never ever, want the job of putting the greedy bastards in jail, or perhaps in front of a firing squad. Please do not pick me..

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I think I need to put together a web page on how to tie a good noose, strength of rope, knotting, etc.

I would say instructions for drawn and quartered too, but a shortage of horses on Wall Street.  I suppose four cars would do.


Did I say already?  I don't think I've said it enough.


Hey Wells Fargo:  FUCKIT

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I wonder if Gen. Petraeus could run for president in 2012 as a strongman. Geopol recently posted about this possibility, but I haven't heard if Petraeus has any interest.

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I would say that of course he is interested. Actually trying to 'manage' this nation though may be more daunting an assignment than he would dare to accept.

If he really took it on he likely understands that he would suffer the same limitations that he does now. The elite would provide him a dictate and if he strayed, he would go down Kennedy style. He knows that.

Collapse is the only remedy.

Sucks, but it's true.

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It's not sad. I'm looking forward to it, the collapse. When justice and righteousness have been relegated to illegality, the most just thing one can do is to break the law. This is the heart of what Mr. Lira is saying, I believe. What's more is the fact that the most American thing a person can do is tell 'the system' to fuck off. Our nation is based on the principal of fuck you, and only now are we collectively remembering. Fuck the Democrats and the Republicans. Fuck the banks, and their usury. Fuck the 'American empire', the NWO, and the status quo. Fuck the war on drugs. Fuck the scammers on Wall St..... Fuck it all. People here tend to make a mockery of 'Hope & Change'. Well fuck Obama, but hope and change are exactly what is needed, and the best way to get it is the big redux - collapse - revolution. Collapse of a rotten system, to make way for the new, is not sad, it is a joyous turning of the season, and I for one can't wait. Hell if I had less to lose, I'd be out there helping it along in ways I won't put into words. For now.... I'm just biding my time, and telling the system fuck you when and where I can.

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Well said.

Indeed, it's the spirit of your "the most American thing a person can do is tell 'the system' to fuck off" that is causing the oligarchs to perform a scorched-earth controlled demolition of the American Experiment, rather than simply walking away and turning their attention to a larger and more promising paddock of tax livestock waiting to be milked and shorn in Asia.

America was initially created by rebels who left England to do their own thing. It gained its independence from the British monarchy 140 years later because of the rebel spirit in the Founding Fathers (notwithstanding that -- or because -- the FF were slave-owning aristocrats). Another 100 years later, it prospered precisely because it accepted the rebels and dispossessed from all the nations of Europe, Asia and Latin America ... those who had the balls to pack up and move to escape tyranny (or poverty) and build their own tiny (or large) fiefdoms from the ground up. All they needed was freedom from tax slavery.

[history lesson on the oligarchs' successive failed and succussful attempts to re-capture the errant slaves deleted here for brevity]

Rebellion is concentrated in the American DNA. So that DNA concentration is to be destroyed if the oligarchs are to continue unchallenged elsewhere.

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Here here!

I'm with you, can't wait for it, just hope I have a good seat to watch it on T.V. and some popcorn.

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To paraphrase Brandeis; if you want respect for the law, make respectable laws.

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"he has no interest in running for office" and "that's why we love him."

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" Anyone who volunteers for the job should be avoided like the plague."

Absolutely.  And the same goes for anyone who wants to be president or legislator.  Their lust for the job disqualifies them.

Oh, and regarding people who really, really want to be cops....

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The Pinochet version. Justice in the form of real free markets. ( oh, and if you need names for the `disappear`li-st, I can offer some)

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Guillotines in the Capitol Rotunda!!

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Have people changed so much since 1929--is there no longer any decency?

Jump, bitchezhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yge311sFhC8