Good morning, worker drones: This Week In Mayhem

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Update on UN to produce bullion coins as world currency

I have contacted the original author and here is his response, in part:

The article is by my TFN, "The Future News; Good news ahead of its time" and
is for discussion purposes only.

Conclusion?  Fantasy presented as fact.   You've been punked!

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I support ethnic cleansing if the the only ethnic is blackwater.

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Wrong map under "Middle east theater of war" title. The map shows entire kashmir area inside Pakistan which is not ruled by Pakistan. The map before it showing Pakistan and India is the correct one.

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WE are increasingly being regulated by agencies and programs that we didn't "vote" for... Here is a discussion from which covers some of the clean air issues...

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Not much to add from me this week though i would like to reiterate my call that Obama will have them marching into Pakistan.  I'm trying to figure out if the USA will simply confiscate all the nukes.....

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Lessons from Rich Banker Kid Incident:
1. "Fighting them over there" didn't work.
2. HS spying on Americans and making them take off their clothing didn't work.
3. What actually did work was ordinary Americans wrestling Rich Banker Kid to the floor. That's an impromptu Militia. Militia WORKS, which is why the Founding Fathers said it worked, and why they put the SECOND AMENDMENT in our Constitution.
4. The Founding Fathers did NOT put HS in the Constitution, or trillion-dollar invasions of other people's countries, because those things DO NOT WORK.
5. The only way we can ever beat Terrorism is for us ordinary Americans to "fight them here", with Militia, with the Second Amendment. (For starters, pepper spray on the airplane.) Everything else does not work, and bankrupts us while it is not working.

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Another great post, thank you PM.

Just having a pre-cocktail cocktail, it's frigin' cold up here today.  I received Black Swan as as Christmas gift, mine published by 'Random' House.....and I see Empire of Illusion is, of course, written by a 'Hedge's.... have I had too much to drink?

I'll be buying that one with a Christmas gift card from Chapters.  Just tryin to kep the economy going.

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Ron Paul questioning latest plane incident (in response Ben Stein calls Ron Paul an anti-semite):

Obama gives world police new powers superceding the constitution, this should be news:


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Thanks for the heads up!  The scurrilous accusation against Ron Paul ought to finally bring us to this conclusion:  It’s time to stop calling people names and fashioning agendas contrary to U.S. interests and time to begin asking questions.  Ron Paul’s questions demand answers.

In this material, I’m struck by a question being asked in the news report, Obama Gives Foreign Cops New Police Powers in U.S.: Does INTERPOL have a file on Obama – or his associations?

Obama’s Executive Order change (his Dec. 16 amendment to Executive Order 12425) gives the international police force, INTERPOL, immunity to operate in the United States with exemption from being subject to search and seizure by law enforcement, exemption from U.S. taxes, and immunity from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, etc…

Does this Obama action now lead to placing America into the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court?  In light of the actions taken by Obama and his banker masters, supported by their congressional puppets during 2009, the resulting grand question then becomes: Who is Obama?

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Who is Obama?

He's the president, stupid. :)

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Just when we thought Goldman was having all the fun with ratings and crashing and shorting and all that profitable stuff, MorganStanley gets slapped with a bazillion dolla lawsuit on Christmas eve alledging fraud;


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Did you (would you) get your H1N1 shot?

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NO their available.

I take the A & B types, no prob, if you have EVER had the Flu, you will take the shots...Once was enough for me.

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You guys were hard on OhMeOhMy and KernelPanic. They had the ramp up from 666 correct, no? Wonder how? Maybe they know something about the R6. And that was foul of you to trash Mr. PJM. Cosmopolitan, not nice!

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"With $150mn under management, this is unlikely."

Are you saying that The R6 has a legal responsibility to make all AUM visible or the SEC will fine them for secretly trading the FED's book?

LoL, with all due respect PM, I'm not sure I agree with you.

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Needs more deflation whale!

PM, thanks for the book recommendation, brother!

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Ah, 2010.  What’s our biggest New Year’s problem?  The Congress of the United States.

Exhibit A:  Joseph Lieberman. Here is the neo-con’s pal, praised by the Hannitys and the Let’s-Kill-Them-All right wing; meeting regularly with the Democratic Caucus, all the while a sure vote for Obama care--no way was this senator going to deny Obama his State of the Union victory lap—a dancing red target to give the Progressives their late December enemy, but in the end delivering the goods for the Progressives and the Connecticut-based insurance companies, the most reliable vote for the Israeli lobby. The most perfect example of the exploding growth in special-interest pressure, including Big Bank Money--the reason for the death of representative government in America.

Who, just who, is that mysterious United States citizen that Sen. Lieberman represents?

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Gee, why not mention the Senator Lieberman's passing resemblence to Senator Palpatine while you're at it?

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Why Lieberman is the distinguished Senator from Zion, of course....  Oh, I meant Connecticut. 

Strange slip of the tongue.  How could I have made that mistake?

Strange how the neocons truly seem to believe that a US-led WWIII against all of Islam would somehow be in our or Israel's interests.

My primary concern is the USofA, and I say time to cut our losses and get the fuck out of the whole region (maybe with some support presence in Iraq a while longer).  Periodically irradicate the poppy fields from the sky.  If the Taliban comes back, bomb the crap out of every govt building, highway and bridge in the area.  If they come back again, bomb again.  Always from they sky.

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I am more at a loss where they come up with a $500.00 figure on the Gold Coin.

IF that's a 1oz. coin........what would that do to the Gld Mkts....

Plus, where the hell they going to get enough Gold to mint what would be required?.

Not enough on the planet "Mined" to come close to enough,esp at $500.00..............

Something stinks.

We going back to a World Std on what it's WORTH?.
Yep, that will send folks on a trip taht paid $1200.00 an oz. for it......or even less.

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Did you ever think to consider what the size of the coin is before sharing your random thoughts?

You are either a troll or ignorant and have never traveled to Europe because you would have handled a Euro coin which is much smaller than an ounce.

We can be sure that the Rothschilds have gold and silver stockpiled or controlled (major ownership in mining companies) and are pushing for a gold/silver standard.  If I had the worlds largest copper supply I would probably suggest a copper monetary standard.

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Do you actually think the banking oligarchs would move to a sound money system?  Now if they have stockpiles of gold that would be to their advantage but doesn't the ability to print magic money and manipulate value benefit them more?  Or do you see this as the next stage when nations print themselves into worthlessness and this to be an alternative to pacify the population?

I've heard this theory before and it's intrigued me so I have to ask my questions :)

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So many confuse money with what is more important - control. All paper wealth is an illusion, physical assets are real.

The elites wanted a gold standard previously and William Jennings Bryant said you will not crucify humanity on a cross of gold - they only wanted a gold standard because they had the gold. Elites invest in properties and precious metals with some paper investments.

Global cap and trade is an attempt at world domination with the introduction of taxing and controlling carbon dioxide (with that you can control production, transportation, human beings, and animals). They are interested in this because they control the carbon trading exchanges, they want more power, and they have the World Bank lined up to administer this for global governance/government.

You are probably aware that the UN, World Bank, and IMF are all run by the same group of oligarchs in charge of world central banks. If audit the fed went through or people around the world lost faith in paper currency, they will want to offer the alternative but still stay in control. The coin with a "chemical marker", per the article, and UN mint might trace ownership and prior transactions. This would reduce counterfeiting, drug money, and ensure all transactions are taxed (cash can not be traced).

The ultimate endgame will be the RFID chip implanted (currently in most livestock, pets, and stupid humans) which can record all health records, financial & tax records, and perhaps carbon tracking which could be a form of currency with debits and credits. See the Aaron Russo interview discussing Rockefeller comments for confirmation. We may not get the RFID chip right away, they will have a few iterations advancing us in that direction through synthesis/anti-thesis first - using fear.

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Have a friend in Kiev doing a DOD project for the last 6+ years. He got the flu and was out for 2 weeks. He doesn't relate and major problems.

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Thanks for the book recommendation, I will pick it up. I wish you and the rest of the crew at ZH a Happy New Year!

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I thought that the U.N. was broke?  How can they afford to mint coins?


Remember the game 'Risk'?  War always happened first and foremost in the Central Asian region.

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Seignorage is a nice source of income for sovereigns and wanna-bes (e.g., UN).  It also gives them a foot in the door for taxation.  After all, if it is their currency, they can tax it.

Also, it gives them a lever to use against the US.


[By the way, in Risk the war generally started in Australia as it was the best place to use as a base.  Central Asia is impossible to hold.  Of course, all that is beside the point, I just happen to be a fan of the game]

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In reference to the U.N. producing gold/silver coinage:  The reference is a 3rd level reference to the original article.  The Vancouver-Humanism-Examiner article's author is Dwight Jones.  Here is a link to his website:   I've downloaded and searched the U.N. Trade and Development Report 2009.  There is no reference to the coinage in the .pdf at all (granted, none is promised).  Detlef Koffe (Koffee) is not found, bullion currency is not found, as other other key words I entered. A further search at the U.N. website shows no references either.  Also, checking the Federal Reserve site for PATRICK PAULSEN gets nowhere.   A link to "the panel" is not provided anywhere, and I was unable to do a good search for its existence or report due to the loop-back to the quoted article.  Round and round. 

I'll apologize in advance if my search skills seem to be ineffective and inadequate to some.  Can we get some links to any U.N. statement about producing said coinage?  I really want to get some meat on that skeleton.  Help from anyone?

Otherwise, I say you've been punked!

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My reading of it was less to do with them minting and more them licensing mints to make their coins and sell them.  That was my reading of it, but I might be mistaken.  If it is licensing then it would be quite cheap for them since they would only need to make the stamps/molds for the coins if that.

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Our government of fascists and crypto-fascists is readying us for the next aggression beyond Iran, this time Yemen, and mostly based on a botched airliner bombing. Given the very strange circumstances leading to this episode, the bomber being given access to the flight without his having a passport and after clear warnings from his family about his instability, one has little trouble conjuring up the faux causus belli these brownshirts will use to justify it. A couple of links that ought to illuminate in this connection:

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Seriously, you think Barry would start a new front?

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You think he would not? Why?

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Since you prefaced your comment with the word "seriously", I'll take it on its face, otherwise I'd think you were being appropriately sarcastic. :-)

Well, since Obama is simply a willing front for the interests, I'd suspect he'll simply do what they are so avidly pressing on him: War, whereever and as soon as possible. Raimondo's piece above forcefully suggesting that this whole "terrorist" episode is simply a set up bears notice. His is an excellent analysis. Yet even if this thesis should prove falacious, there's the omnipresent agitprop vomitted by the Likudist neo-cons, the Israel Lobby and their ReichsChurch stooges in Evangelical Christianity. These folks want war and want it at all costs. They are not above lies and public deceptions to see that their aims are realized. Remember the WMD puke they foisted off on a gullible public prior to the aggression against Iraq. These vermin are unconscionable. And when the peoples' time arrives as eventually it must, the scum in government and the lobbies that have made the suffering and deaths of so many possible through calculations of this kind will be behind barbed wire awaiting interrogation and public trial. In my view, long sentences at hard labor in some public penal colony would be suitable for these snakes. After all, some redeeming value needs to be extracted from these otherwise worthless pigs, eh?

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and their ReichsChurch stooges in Evangelical Christianity....

I used to be one of those. Out of a mega church of more than 20,000 perhaps I and I alone came walking out of the fog in Dec, 2004. Don't ask me why it happened. But it did. I can never go back. I wish everyone would wake up and realize what is going on.

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We can re-instate the Gulag Archipelago for them.  I can only imagine what M. Putin would do to these criminals...

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and it's only the beginning - next will be behavioral monitoring


funny how a bungled and inept Xmas day situation has advanced us one step closer to police state status

Incrementalism will be (has been) the word that will define our future

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as predicted - here come the full body scans

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Great post again PM!  Have to agree about the lunacy of them magically drawing a line between underbomber and Yemen.  But it does make sense to secure another oil route if we invade Iran and they shut down the Strait of Hormuz.

I'm torn on UN's probably bullish on gold but my hate for the UN is strong...

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If I don't own gold, I'm a what kind of idiot?

Shameful's picture

Sorry you got the wrong guy, I like gold but I think there are a lot of good investments out there, and I expect some of them to out preform gold.  I picked gold because I'm not a professional trader and think it's easier to navigate.  So you'll get no name calling from me.

And I'll clarify the UN comment.  I know people who work for them and they're great folks I just see the UN as I see most Gov entities, corrupt and far more trouble then it's worth.

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So they're corrupt great folks?

Shameful's picture

As an organization sure, individuals decidedly less so.  Our Fed Gov is massively corrupt but I don't claim that my mailman is on the take.  That privilege is reserved for the big boys.  Sadly my circle of friends does not include the rich, powerful, and corrupt...if it did maybe I wouldn't have to work for a living :)

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I picked gold because I'm not a professional trader and think it's easier to navigate.  So you'll get no name calling from me.


/applause.  This is the reality.  Silver and Gold are good investments for people who aren't traders and want to plan for the future.  We need more people talking like Shameful and few less gold bugs.

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Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine

Deadly flu spreads across Ukraine

"Deadly flu continues to spread across Ukraine, criminal World Health Organization lies to the public, MSM maintains radio silence. "



You forgot to include a report telling us that this is at least the sixth week in a row that the msm have conspired with the 'criminal' WHO to kill the story about the deliberately released killer-flu in Ukraine, and didn't report the millions of casualties they must still, no doubt, be covering up.  LOL!!

Internet Tough Guy's picture

That killer Ukranian flu story is so November 2009. On to the next, even more terrifying conspiracy.

Harbourcity's picture

I think my neighbour killed his wife, can I submit that for a future Project Mayhem article?

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, almost as funny as the loons who claim Global Warming is a fraud and the researchers are faking and deleting information to meet...oh, wait.

Project Mayhem's picture

Hey Lou,


The pairing of mutations D225G and H274Y have spread worldwide.  See


What you don't seem to understand is that the disasters that are unfolding serve a political agenda.  A highly lethal pandemic will come sooner or later, most likely by the end of 2011, which is why we must be vigilent for the emergence of more lethal strains of H1N1.   The emergence of lethal flu will be used as pretext to impose quarantines and travel restrictions, to initiate mass health  monitoring, and to blame the collapse of the economy when the bottom ultimately falls out .  If you cannot see the bigger picture, or do not have a willingness to search for the truth,  then you'd do best to troll elsewhere, because there is no one that can help you.


I do the best I can given the information available.  What I said is that a new flu strain emerged in Ukraine, and that is precisely what happened.  A new varient emerged with a case fatality rate of 0.2% , half of my initial estimate.  I stand by my article, the only part that was inaccurate was the Ukrainian government figures and thus estimation of the case fatality rate -- which did jump by an order of magnitude from the previous strain. There was a receptor binding domain change which increased tissue tropism for alpha 2-3 sialic acid receptors in the lung.


I assure you, a highly lethal flu pandemic will emerge -- whether it's next month, or two years from now.   Do you think the authorities have spent billions upon billions on preparation for a non-event?   Do you think NORTHCOM is running influenza drills with Canada and Mexico for a 'just-in-case' scenario?  The military trains for probable scenarios.  This goes hand-in-hand with the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), where militaries and law enforcement are merged into regional and ultimately global blocs, a process called global elites call 'harmonization'.


USNORTHCOM hosts Canada, Mexico at pandemic influenza conference


Above: Northcom conducts Operation Lighning Rescue 08, involving containing a highly lethal flu pandemic.


Never let a good crisis go to waste.  There will be more war.  There will be more terrorism.  There will be more crackdowns on civil liberties.  There will be famine and collapse of global trade.  There will be a lethal flu pandemic based upon the recombination of H1N1 with H5N1.  There will be global currency crisis. There will be more false-flag terrorism as a pretext to go into Iran, Pakistan, and other Central Asian States.  There will be increasing conflict between NATO and Russia and China (SCO).   That is unfortunately reality, not illusion.   If you want illusion CNBS is 24/7 they'd be happy to have you.