Good morning, worker drones: This Week In Mayhem

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Mayhem bodyscanners being deployed across Canada

but the next generation is on its way

Ben-Gurion Airport revolutionizes security with Unipass biometric system

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PM, the House-passed climate change legislation (ACES or Waxman-Markey) includes a new cadre of US Energy Dept. 'housing inspectors' to conduct similar raids.  States that can't show an aggressive housing code enforcement program could lose billion$ in energy efficiency funding.

Now, about that missing weatherstripping over to your right...yeah, you know what I'm talking about...we're on to you evildoers!!!


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father time will eliminate soros soon.

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If they are looking at me, they must be pretty bored.

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either that or you don't have any assets...

win a lottery, and i bet they add you to a few lists... :^)

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How do I track you? Let me count the ways:

Credit cards/Debit cards
Cable/Satellite TV
Food Store membership cards
Check writing
Tax Filings
Phone records
Library cards
Public Camera surveillance
Stop light cameras
Internet petitions

Coming soon, permanent government computerized medical records

Did I miss anything?

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Insurance records

Voting records

Bank statements

NICS system background checks/Concealed Carry license requests

Social networking: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

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You're entertaining PM, but you bring out the kookiest around here. 

I haven't been struck down by a bio-engineered Ukrainian flu yet.  Let you know as soon as it happens.

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Ukraine Fatalities Spike to 805 - One Day Record of 38
Recombinomics Commentary 05:20
January 4, 2010

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I'm more concerned about the rising fascist tides in Britain and the US/Canada. Bureaucrats performing warrantless searches of private homes? Airlines performing virtual strip-searches? Credit card transactions reported routinely to the IRS? Ireland trying to stomp out private individual business dealings that aren't under electronic scrutiny? These are fucking horrifying, to anyone who doesn't think Big Brother is entirely on 'the people's' side.

What the hell is this New World Order police-state we're coming into?

And yes, I do mean 'we'. Aus is leaning more toward China-friendly policies, but is still horribly US/UK led and still frighteningly likely to follow its OECD leaders over the cliff. Aus still loves its inflation, its taxes, overdevelopment/service 'industries', corrupt bloated governments, and insolvent sheeple citizenry.

I wonder if there actually *are* any 'safe haven' countries left, or if the next 'people's revolution' will have to be global. Where the fuck is Guy Fawkes when you need him.

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Well, Houston probably isn't a safe haven.  Just wait'll these puppies are armed and start seeing tactical use.

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In the Aaron Russo interview describing his relationship and conversations with Nicholas Rockefeller, he describes how Rockefeller viewed the ultimate goal as the cashless society. It is total control. Chip everyone, turn off their credit cards and troublemakers starve.

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Excellent work, as usual, PM. I see many people here have trouble accepting the reality of the fascist nation that America has become, but that is no reason to doubt the quality of your work. Pay no attention to the naysayers PM and keep on doing the good work.

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I see my teaching have not been lost on you.  Good work soldier.

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A divided Nation....yes. Just rememeber that when details of Mi-Lay started to come out, there was a feeble attempt to cover up, then an attempt to just deliver a lowly, junior rank Lt. Calley led to mass protests and to whitdrawal from VietNam. I spent a lot of time working with European Special Forces teams in counterterror ops, and all i saw going down were duly armed enemies. But there were teams we didn't had a clue from where they were coming and what they were doing and for who....except that no one was on the need to know list so those teams operated in a black hole of intel. They definitely did not belong to any recorded military unit...the key word is "recorded". I left Special Forces with an unblemished record and i know i pulled the trigger only on armed enemies. But there were people out there that did not have to account for what they did, contrary to us that had almost to justify the expended cartridges one by one.

Said so...disinformation is happily practised by all parties, specially in the Internet age.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." Buddha

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Oh, now this is rich...  Budd Fox responding to Gordon_Gekko on ZH.

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Gordon--1st of all, u know I luv u sexy.


My problem with this is NOT that it would never happen, but I would like to see more sources cited, preferably several different ones. It obviously will not and cannot be MSM, but thats a pretty serious allegation.


I think ZH readers deserve more meat on the bones of this child killing stuff, and I want more.


furthermore, as pessimistic as we all are, that doesn't mean we should not keep an open mind. Anyone who believes everything they read off the internet without an idiot.


Having said that:

In any event, if this happened its a clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

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You should've continued the post instead of misleading people into believing that violations of the Geneva Conventions deserve anything more than a slap on the wrist, especially when you're dealing with a "single, ruthless superpower, whose leadership intends to shape the world according to its own forceful world view."  Despite being "the supreme law of the land" and the foundation of contemporary international law, these Conventions are shit upon all too often.  


Now that I've emerged from the workday consciously, I read a quote from the HUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM at Harvard who supports violations of the Conventions on "lesser evil" grounds.  Unfortunately (fortunately?), I think bombing Washington seems all to interesting an argument on those same grounds.   

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+1 Gordo,

PM, I particularly liked your assessment of Soros:

George Soros, a high-ranking demon...

I don't know about you, but where I come , politically directed wealth transfer is known as 'socialism', and invariably benefits well-connected elites -- never the poor.

To all you naysayers, don't think for two seconds that Soros hasn't structured his affairs to benefit from the "strengthening the IMF's role as global central bank -- and strengthening the global currency role of the SDR."

He isn't submitting proposals to the IMF because he had some spare time over the holidays.

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US Special Ops murdering children??? Are you on drugs? Jesus H. Christ this sort of thing just kills whatever credibility you thought you gosh man have you NOT read the Al-Qaeda manual on fighting against us? This is EXACTLY the sort of claim that they know carries weight with fools like you and Ron Paul. Ron Paul has some interesting things to say about economics but he is a fool about most of the other areas he ventures into.


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You're dreaming if you think it doesn't happen, Billy Dreamer.  And just because AlQaida says it should be exploited doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You're exhibiting strong logical fallacies.

1. AlQaida claims US troops kill children.

2. Children were killed.

3. The claim of US troop fault is untrue.

I believe that is called Affirming The Consequent, Pierre.

You do no better with your 'fools -> PM -> Ron Paul -> fools' fallacy.

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You are just full of good news aren't you?

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Ah the Daily Mail, "racist in public so you don't have to be." I am stunned anyone could be dim enough to believe that the things that they read in the Daily Mail are actually true. Perhaps you are un aware that the editorial board of the Daily Mail simply make things up? It's more of a neo-nazi commic than a newspaper. Perhaps you'll be posting their stories about 'London buses on the moon' next -i kid yea not- ? It's also ironic that the Daily Mail are complaining about state contol when it is, the last unreconstructed bastion of Facisim in western europe, but then "the worst form of govenment is the dictatorship you don't agree with." The Mail compains about everything because it's had a chip on its shoulder ever since the British Facist Party was trounced in the nineteen thirties' elections, despite the hysterical support of the Mail.

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PM, i have a love/hate relationship with your work.  I love reading it but, I hate understanding the implications of what you write.


sheep seem really happy, dont they? 

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The whole world cannot wait for US to trip and fall, en fin. I cannot blame them. Good work, PM. Anybody see Lou around? Usually he's here by now to stir up the hornets.

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Last year, during one of the housing bailout bills, a rider was attached which mandated that all credit card transactions be reported directly to the IRS. Most people are not aware of this.

PM, do you have a bill number for this, or a link to it?  Or a way to find the text itself?  I wasn't successful with a google search for some terms that might hit.

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I remember Ron Paul mentioning it in one of his articles.

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Last year, during one of the housing bailout bills, a rider was attached which mandated that all credit card transactions be reported directly to the IRS. Most people are not aware of this.

PM - do you have a bill number for this, or a way to reference the source? This is a very interesting development, and would be well-received by many if publicized.

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And all this and more in our name. Therefore mutual karma.

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<Last week we saw the brutal execution of innocent children by US special forces. The military purpose here is to destabilize the border regions and to cause civil war.>

Seriously PM, I assume that since you've started your newsletter you're trying to hold yourself to higher standards.

For you to just flatly declare that US troops handcuffed and shot children execution style, with no additional references or critical look at the claim is just flat out sloppy. 

Of course the US said they have proof to the contrary last week.  I certainly don't expect you or anyone to take that assertion at face value, but until the evidence is presented there is more to come out on this.

"The U.S. military said Tuesday that it had intelligence photos proving the dead were militants."

Also there are indications that this was a hit squad (probably US led) that was not operating as part of our armed services. 

"Conventional US units told investigators that they had no knowledge of the operation, in Narang district in eastern Kunar province. Assadullah Wafa, who led the investigation, said that US troops flew to Kunar from Kabul late on Saturday. Nato sources said that the foreigners involved were non-military, suggesting that they were part of a secret paramilitary unit based in the capital." 

On its face I don't doubt that some US led team executed those kids.  But as I'm sure you're well aware a government sanctioned hit squad is miles away from a division of a country's military.  If anyone is relying on your observations for accuracy that might be a distinction they're interested in.

Yes our country does some real fucked up things, but don't paint our whole military with a broad brush based on a very limited set of information.

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So, it must have been Blackwater. And you have no
problem with this?

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Doesn't do much much for the credibility of the mayhem report.  As a retired member of the military, the people in the military generally reflect the values and culture of the general populace.  In general the quality is actually higher because many of the undesirables are weeded out along the way (slackers, drug abusers, etc).  The special forces folks are even higher caliber.  We have a completely volunteer force, can we dispense with 60's stereo type of the drugged up, drafted, killers. 

I put the chances of the story being true based on the premises you state at about .5%

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Does the military really have control over Blackwater? Anyway military standards have been lowered to include those with criminal records. Also, the oath of allegiance is now to "Mein Furher", I'm sorry to the President and not the Constitution. The military authority is totally undermined by contractors.

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In general the quality is actually higher

Considering the countless innocents that the US military has murdered throughout the world, especially in Iraq, I seriously doubt it. Most of the law enforcement/military are nothing but armed THUGS. BTW, given what the world has seen the US Military "accomplish" this past decade, I put the chances of the story NOT being true at 0%.

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Just another blathering idiot.

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Obviously, you have a pretty sheltered life or watch too many movies....

Yes, our military and police are just a bunch of right wing, blood thirsty, psychotic killers without any conscience or morals.

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Jim--Unfortunately, you'll get some abuse for your views here.This place is starting to become: "all conspiracies---all the time Central".


(You should of added mindless killing robots too).

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Whenever you see a post from Project Mayhem that's your cue to head over to CNN and MSNBC, that is, if you are looking for real news that every other zombie knows about. OMG! someone threw a bouquet of flowers and it hit Lady Gaga in the head! They're waiting for you...

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No, just the generals Patreus and McChrystal, who are certifiably psychotic.

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PM sure knows how to bring out the military-industrial complex apologists. Uh, is this what you would call reverse-sarcasm?

Here, let me try to help you:

Yes, [many] military and police are just a bunch of right wing, blood thirsty, psychotic killers without any conscience or morals.

There, that seems more like it. Cheer up, good chap. The fireworks are about to begin!

Wait, is that you, Lou629?

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"Wait, is that you, Lou629?"

It is now, asshole.  See above for my more detailed reply.   

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A simple, "Links, please." would have sufficed. I've seen you around here picking fights, as your avatar suggests, so I automatically figure you will not provide anything new, interesting, or unique - especially if it is evidence to the contrary. You critics have only one thing: a keyboard.

I can choose what I want to believe or not without squawkers running around telling me a freaking blog is diminished because of comments and articles. Thanks for confirming my first prediction for 2010: that you would be back here, running your mouth.

Contribute, ask sincere questions, or get the fuck out of the way.

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Actually, I am getting bored with the thread, but I will close with...

Given a choice of spending the holidays with their families 99 out of 100 military would rather enjoy nice warm winter camping in Iraq, dodging sniper fire/IUDs, eating nice cold meals, sleeping in the dirt.  What a life! 

Winter vacation packages starting at.....

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In the wake of the recent wave of stories about private military contractors--and the CIA's extensive use of Blackwater on actual missions--it seems to me quite plausible that some of these personnel could be over there operating in such a way as to commit such killing. That locals might mistake the contractors for military is probably not that hard of a stretch either.

I do agree that the caliber of military and special forces is higher than they are often given credit for, but I have zero such respect for the private contractors I have met. In personal point-of-fact, of the private military contractors I know, exactly all of them are hard-drinking cocaine users, one of whom is a prolific wife beater. Certainly not people to respect. They go overseas because they have little else they can do in a civilized society.

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Nichol--"Plausible" and "correct" are 2 different things.


I think if one is going to be a contributor, then one must have the chops to check and re-check facts from a varierty of sources before publishing this child killing stuff. If one is going to "research" then provide the research.


I think if we do not take the responsibility to a) be accurate and b) have some journalistic integrity, then we're no better really, than MSM.


Just sayin'


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Militants or not, we should not do - ever- hit squads.