Good morning, worker drones: This Week In Mayhem

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Good morning, worker drones: This Week in Mayhem

by Project Mayhem




US Troops accused of executing children, can't photograph Xmas lights in Orwell's Britain, Soros suggests gold-backed SDR collateral wealth transfer, Ireland goes cashless to harvest souls, UK State can invade homes for eco-friendliness, Pakistani volleyball explodes into 2010




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1) US Troops Accused of Executing Children



For some time now we have predicting a
deterioration of the situation in Pakistan. Coincident with that, we
are now seeing an escalation of war crimes in neighboring
Afghanistan, with a specific eye to border regions and the Federal
Administered Tribal Areas. Last week we saw the brutal execution of
innocent children by US special forces. The military purpose here is
to destabilize the border regions and to cause civil war.


The problem , however, is that these
actions are completely illegal and immoral and are causing immense
suffering to innocent people who have nothing to do with
state-sponsored terrorism or the operations of clandestine agencies.
These are innocent women and children who are now being executed for
political purposes at the hands of Western powers.


Here is the account of the incident:


“At around 1 am, three nights ago,
some American troops with helicopters left Kabul and landed around
2km away from the village,” he told The Times. “The troops walked
from the helicopters to the houses and, according to my
investigation, they gathered all the students from two rooms, into
one room, and opened fire.” Mr Wafa, a former governor of Helmand
province, met President Karzai to discuss his findings yesterday. “I
spoke to the local headmaster,” he said. “It’s impossible they
were al-Qaeda. They were children, they were civilians, they were
innocent. I condemn this attack.”


In a telephone interview last night,
the headmaster said that the victims were asleep in three rooms when
the troops arrived. “Seven students were in one room,” said
Rahman Jan Ehsas. “A student and one guest were in another room, a
guest room, and a farmer was asleep with his wife in a third


First the foreign troops entered the
guest room and shot two of them. Then they entered another room and
handcuffed the seven students. Then they killed them
. Abdul Khaliq
[the farmer] heard shooting and came outside. When they saw him they
shot him as well. He was outside. That’s why his wife wasn’t


A local elder, Jan Mohammed, said that
three boys were killed in one room and five were handcuffed before
they were shot. “I saw their school books covered in blood,” he



Silence is consent, folks. Are you
going to bring this up during your lunch break?





2) Can't photograph Christmas Lights in


Andrew White from Brighton was
questioned under terror laws for taking photos of Christmas lights


Well well , in actions that would make
Orwell proud, the flagship of the new order , Great Britain, has
detained and questioned an amateur photographer for taking pictures
of Christmas lights. Yes, this is really happening. This is not
chance, this is not an error, this is political policy handed down
from large well-funded think tanks to be implemented as law
worldwide. This is why we are seeing similar incidents in the First
World, although Great Britain seems to be furthest ahead. Make no
mistake though, such Orwellian idiocy is coming here soon.


We can already see it through the
implementation of such invasive and repulsive security measures as
"naked body scanners." (in addition to "take off your
shoes! take off your belt. do not get out of your seat during the
last hour of flying. your papers please!" Are you going to
consent to this? I sure as hell won't. In fact, if you consent to
this, you deserve what's coming -- for being a moral coward unwilling
to stand up to totalitarian State policy which gets worse with each
passing day. The government has no right to scan your naked body,
nor tell you that you are not allowed to take photographs, nor enter
your home without a warrant, and this policy must be non-violently
refused. Do not let this world turn into East Germany.


An amateur photographer taking pictures
of Christmas lights was questioned by police under anti-terror laws.


Andrew White, from Brighton, was taking
pictures in a busy town centre in nearby Burgess Hill when he was
spotted and followed by two Police Community Support Officers.


They stopped him and asked why he had
been taking pictures and if he was a professional photographer.


Mr White, 33, asked why they wanted to
know and was told it was to do with counter-terrorism legislation.


Police said he was stopped for 'taking
too many photographs in a busy shopping area'.



Unbelievable really. Luckily , we can
still take pictures here in DC, though it's unclear for how long,
considering how fast Great Britain is slipping into a totalitarian
wonderland. All aboard the fail whale!







3) Soros Suggests Using IMF
Gold Reserves to back SDR wealth transfer


George Soros , a high-ranking demon,  lays out plans for the IMF
to use its gold reserves for green loans from rich to poor nations at
the Copenhagen climate summit.



Mr Soros [waddled] into the Copenhagen
climate change talks this morning, explaining that the “not
sufficient” money offered by developed nations to help out
developing countries is threatening to “wreck the talks”.


He claims to have “found a way to
bridge the gap” between the two sides, calling on the 192
governments at the summit to listen to his proposals.


Mr Soros believes that developed
countries should hand over their “special drawing rights” –
international foreign currency assets distributed by the IMF – as
loans to help poorer nations tackle climate change.


Developing countries would pay interest
and eventually the whole loan, but in the event of a default, the sum
would be backed by the IMF’s gold reserves.



I don't know about you, but where I
come , politically directed wealth transfer is known as 'socialism',
and invariably benefits well-connected elites -- never the poor.
Transferring our remaining sovereign gold completely to the IMF as collateral to supposedly
'help the poor'? Hahahah! A smarter policy here would seem to me to
be to provide 0% interest loans for productive activity to the people
of poor nations, for purposes of agriculture, textile industry, and
so forth. A first step would be to nationalize the Federal Reserve and tell the loan-shark IMF to take a hike. But that would make too much sense, wouldn't it?


Instead Soros's proposal is for us (the
United States) to fork over SDR's to the IMF (the new World Central
Bank) , somehow collaterize these as gold-backed loans in the form of SDRs, and then force developing nations to pay SDR interest back to the
IMF?  Hahaha! Great work if you can get it. No wonder Soros is well known as an
international banking criminal. I believe he was indicted in France
if I am not mistaken. Regardless, the point here is that policy is
being directed by banking elites for purposes of strengthening the
IMF's role as global central bank -- and strengthening the global currency role of the SDR -- not for the benefit of the poor
or middle class, whether we are talking about the First World or the
Third World. The world must be understood within a framework of
international oligarchical monopolistic finance capital if policy
directives are to make any sense.


Remember in Orwell's 1984 that Emmanuel
Goldstein's book, which was banned by Big Brother, was titled "The
Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" -- mirroring
the structural changes presently taking place worldwide between







4) Ireland Going Cashless


SHOPPERS and businesses will be using
more plastic and less paper money quite soon under a new Government
plan to reduce the amount of hard cash in circulation.


A task force will be set up in the new
year to come up with ways to cut down on cash transactions in the
economy, the Irish Independent has learned.


Ireland is going cashless! Oh poor M0!!
Now our favourite monetary aggregate going to plummet. But really
what is behind this is a proxy for further government control. Cash
is connected with anonymity, black markets, freedom of transaction,
tax avoidance , and so forth. In a sense, cash (while it still
functions prior to currency crisis) is a means of freedom of exchange
of both use-value and exchange-value. When a government implements a
policy to eliminate cash, we must consider the motives behind this.


Last year, during one of the housing
bailout bills, a rider was attached which mandated that all credit
card transactions be reported directly to the IRS. Most people are
not aware of this. The purpose of this mandate is not for tax
purposes, but rather for data mining and profiling under resurrected
TIA (total information awareness) programs. A similar situation is
likely the case in Ireland. Governments love data, especially with
advancements these days in massive computational data mining for
individual profiling, under the auspices of Western defense
contractors(cough Booz Allen, Mitre, Mantech, cough) operating in
conjunction with the National Security Agency.


Regardless, as long as cash still
functions, it will be important for us to demand the ability to
operate in cash, as this provides us with the freedom of anonymity
and the ability of our transactions to avoid government and corporate
data mining. Say yes to cash!






5) UK State Can Invade Homes to Ensure
Eco-Friendly Appliances Used



The 20,000 snooper army: Vast number of
town hall bureaucrats get power to enter your home without a warrant

Snoopers: Town hall bureaucrats now
have powers to enter homes without warrants


As many as 20,000 town hall snoopers
have assumed powers to enter people's homes without a warrant and
search for information, a survey revealed last night.


The research details for the first time
how a raft of intrusive laws has allowed council staff to barge into
homes and businesses uninvited.


These include checking for fridges
which do not have the correct eco-friendly energy rating, making sure
a hedge is not too high and inspecting a property to ensure 'illegal
or unregulated hypnotism' is not taking place.



As mentioned earlier, Great Britain is
often the first place Orwellian policies are implemented prior to
such policy going worldwide to other Commonwealth states, ultimately
appearing in the United States. In Great Britain, local councils
(vaguely reminiscent of 'Soviets') are allowed to enter homes without
warrants to make sure eco-policy is implemented.


In November, I warned that global
warming was a scam being used to implement Orwellian State policy.
Many could not understand or believe this. Now we see how this is
happening, namely, that environmental regulations are being used as a
pretext to enter people's homes in Great Britain. This soon no doubt
will be implemented in Canada, and ultimately worldwide.



The government can enter homes in the
UK -- without a warrant! -- to check the energy star ratings on
appliances! If this is not insanity I'm not quite sure what is.
What needs to happen here is simply non-violent refusal. If a
bureaucrat shows up at your door , you send him away. Neighborhoods
must organize to have these individuals fired. Their houses must be
picketed. They must be shamed for their reprehensible actions.
These people have no right to enter your home, regardless of the
policy directives of Soviet-style councils, and these policy
directives must be non-violently refused if we are to have any hope
of putting a stop to this insanity during 2010.


So remember, do not let the wolf in your





6) Pakistan volleyball tournament explodes
into 2010


(CNN) -- The death toll climbed to 99
on Sunday after a suicide car bomb exploded Friday in the middle of a
group of men playing volleyball in northwest Pakistan, police said.


Thirty-six others who were injured in
the attack remained hospitalized Sunday, said Mohammed Ayub Khan,
police chief of the Lakki Marwat district. Those killed included at
least six children, and most of the other victims were teenagers who
were watching the volleyball game, he added. People who lived near
the volleyball court also were among the casualties.


A paramedic treats a suicide blast
victim at a hospital in Lakki Marwat, Pakistan, on Friday


A suicide car bomb ripped through the
Afghan capital this morning at the gates of an upmarket hotel - Dec
15th 2009



So as predicted, Pakistan continues its
rapid descent into chaos, destabilized by the clandestine activities of foreign intelligence agencies. A serious political crisis should occur in
2010, with a real possibility of civil war. In the latest foreign
Affairs issue (Jan-Feb 2010), Zbigniew Brzezinski makes it relatively
clear Iran is temporarily off the table, but Pakistan is very much on
the table. It is possible a deal was cut with Israeli policy elites.
The Western political establishment does not want simultaneous war in
Iran and Pakistan. These wars are apparently going to be sequential.
More analysis on this tomorrow.


On the bright side, it is clear
Brzezinski is afraid of the blogs, which his specifically mentions in
his new article. That, my friends, is very encouraging. This means
we are doing our job.



Have a great week!   Happy New Year!







source: cmegroup


Construction spending comes in Monday,
Factory Orders on Tuesday. Watch for the ADP unemployment report on
Wednesday and Jobless Claims on Thursday, ahead of the consumer
credit report on Friday. Should be a somewhat interesting week,
given that it is the first 'real' week after the holidays. Gold has
started out the week by rebounding to $1121 after end-of-year
mark-to-market which occurred below $1100. We expect gold to
continue rising through the summer of 2010.



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