Goodbye $44

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Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:18 | 1185194 velobabe
velobabe's picture

tyler, bitchez†

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:26 | 1185248 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

It is starting to look like the rise in value is accellerating.  

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:35 | 1185288 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

"Hyperbolic" one might say.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:43 | 1185345 narapoiddyslexia
narapoiddyslexia's picture

As I noted elsewhere, a friend of mine just returned from an extended trip to China. Gold is selling in a frenzy, as silver cannot be had. Banks are selling silver for future delivery months out. Everyone is buying it, and there is none to be had. She also reported that wealth is widespread, and Chinese are starting to stray away from stocks and real estate and seek out precious metals. Especially silver. How many people are there in China again? And what is the literal translation of the Chinese word for "bank?" [Ans: Silver House]

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:49 | 1185373 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

I have a receipt here... 10x10 oz Engelhard bars from Provident Metals... (100oz)... $1,425.80

LOL and that's when I started buying.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:55 | 1185425 Just Observing
Just Observing's picture

I dug out some receipts the other day.  500 one ounce rounds at 5.03/ea with shipping.  First two bags of 90% at 3599 with shipping.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 20:36 | 1186358 Hacked Economy
Hacked Economy's picture

Crap.  I didn't get in until $26.

Hey...if you ever need someone to watch over your silver for you while you're away on vacation...  :)

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 22:10 | 1186586 Braverdave
Braverdave's picture

Yeah, I was doing the same thing last night when I decided it was time to count what I had.

My first bullion purchase was 5 x 10 oz bars of silver at $ 19.60 (Canadian $ which were at par more or less in early 2008) per oz (shipping included) and 5 x 1 oz wafers of gold @ $ 956.00 (Can. $ shipping inc.).

And I have been buying periodically ever since and hope that years from now what I bought yesterday has done as well as my first purchase.

But the best deal of all was my Dad giving me his silver coin collection which at last count is about $ 1500.00 melt value ( with a handful of those coins worth more than melt to the right collector) since those coins cost only the face value from when he was a younger man. Thanks Dad!




Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:13 | 1185495 Strider52
Strider52's picture

It's been a good 2 weeks for me - today I just doubled-up on silver. I bought 16 POUNDS (american lbs) at $22/oz.

  Last week I doubled-up on gold. I bought at $720, it went flying thru $1440.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 18:54 | 1186024 snakeboat
snakeboat's picture

and y'all are still buying like me, no?

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 06:53 | 1187297 DosZap
DosZap's picture

And pray tell how did you steal it at those prices?.

Find a elderly blind person?,working a Estate sale.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 07:28 | 1187376 tarsubil
tarsubil's picture

Where are these half off sales?

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:49 | 1185385 Oracle of Kypseli
Oracle of Kypseli's picture

And what is the word for money in Peru? Plata. (You all know what that means.)

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:31 | 1185797 Hook Line and S...
Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

And what is the word for give me your food in downtown LA soon? Plomo!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:07 | 1185485 nkktwotwozero
nkktwotwozero's picture

>Silver House

And what's a vault? A "Gold Box".

Wealth = Gold, Silver = Trade and Commerce

Is the more accurate breakdown.


Much more relevant is that silver WAS money in China.

It was on the Silver standard.


Japan, on the other hand, you dont see the mania for silver.

You sort of do for gold. Although, still, the Yen holds sway over the populace.

But Japan WAS on the gold standard.

And gold was money in Japan before the western standards.


So the history isnt exacltly clear as to why silver would be favored by much of Asia.

Gold seems the better bet if you're expecting a Chinese led price bubble.


That said, I like the "short squeeze the hell out of JPM" narrative.


Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:03 | 1185464 JLee2027
JLee2027's picture

Warp Speed when metal runs short and outright panic hits.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:37 | 1185291 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

You would think so he :) 36 seems like ages ago but it's only 2 weeks! I'll see your 44$ silver and raise you a buck by tomorrow!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:45 | 1185360 MarketTruth
MarketTruth's picture

And MONEX is overpriced, sells silver American Eagles for $2.49 over spot and they pay for delivery too.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:31 | 1185805 Pants the Silve...
Pants the Silver Shorts's picture

you could also see what's available at


somebody might actually have a sell order out there for the price you like

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 18:20 | 1185934 Math Man
Math Man's picture

36 seems like ages ago but it's only 2 weeks!

How quickly we for get that is was at $18 in September..... just over six months ago.   Parabolic blow off top any one? 

Can you say bubble?  Say it with me. Buh-bell!

It's really going to suck for you longs who aren't taking profits when it's back below $20 this summer....


Tue, 04/19/2011 - 18:39 | 1185970 akak
akak's picture

"Only $5 .... to get out of ground ..... $5 .... out of ground ..... only $5 ..... to dig from ground ..... only $5 ........ only $5 ....... only $5 ........... must eat brains ....."


Tell you what, Balding_Snails, there is only around $3000, tops, in raw materials in any new pickup.  By your "logic", I should run to my nearest dealership and demand that they sell me a brand new, fully-loaded pickup for $3000, right?

Or how about I go to the grocery store and demand that they sell me a loaf of bread for eighteen cents, since that is the price of the wheat and other ingredients that it contains?

Or what say we march over to Saudi Arabia and insist that they sell us a barrel of oil for $20 ---- since that is what it currently costs them to "pull it from the ground"?

What I am trying to say is, your reasoning is full of shit.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 18:37 | 1185973 Burnbright
Burnbright's picture

I don't see you calling Apple a bubble even though it has prolly gone up even more. 

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 20:11 | 1186292 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

Dip-shit! Did I get it right? Perhaps I should go work on my delivery some more?

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 20:44 | 1186381 Hacked Economy
Hacked Economy's picture

Not bubble...escalator.  It'll have its ups and downs while continuing to climb higher.  Oh, we might indeed have a larger correction at some point, but the days of $20 are gone forever.  When QE3 is announced soon - by whatever warm fuzzy name they use to try to hide it - it'll serve as another pillar to prop the "bottom" for silver up another tick or two.  We might see a fall in price for a while if certain events (unforeseen perhaps, like the ME/NA riots?) spring up, but silver is making a permanent comeback.  The price floor is now well above $20 and rising.

So the next question I buy some more this week in preparation for the soon-to-be-passed $50 spot and make a little more profit?

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 22:12 | 1186587 HoofHearted
HoofHearted's picture

Please please please let silver go back to $20 per ounce. I don't see it, but we can hope. And yes, my thousands of ounces would be worth less fiat. But I'd be getting rid of whatever fiat I have left for that $20 silver...

And stop calling yourself Math Man. It pisses off those of us around here who can actually do some math.

Wed, 04/20/2011 - 06:31 | 1187286 fiftybagger
fiftybagger's picture

Yay, the shills have arrived.  Rally on!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:27 | 1185256 redpill
redpill's picture

And I'm getting tired of seeing a fucking Porter Stansberry commercial everywhere I look these days.  Would someone throw this guy in jail already?

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:33 | 1185286 spiral_eyes
spiral_eyes's picture

geez those end of america commercials are total spam. the end of america is coming, but the guy is an asshole, and a shyster who sells fifth rate stock tips to any paranoid idiot who will listen. i subscribed to a couple of his letters a few years ago. nothing special. 

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:59 | 1185688 EcoJoker
EcoJoker's picture

You're entitled to your opinion but his s&a resource report  has made me a lot of money.   Don't generalize.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:10 | 1185728 redpill
redpill's picture

Generalize?  You should do some more googling on this guy, he's been leaving a trail of scams and financial wreckage for a decade.  The "Aids vaccine" incident was one of my favorites.  How this guy is still in the business after all that is a mystery.


Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:15 | 1185511 KingdomKum
KingdomKum's picture

+100 !

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 19:39 | 1186200 Al Gorerhythm
Al Gorerhythm's picture


Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:24 | 1185549 barkster
barkster's picture

annoying, annoying videos...

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:45 | 1185642 XenOrbitalEnginE
XenOrbitalEnginE's picture

Hah!  Thanks to other respondents answering on this.  I was half curious about what that scheme was.  Now no need to investigate, it's as I thought.


Perhaps you could set annoying ad-copy to music in your head. Sorta works fro me.

I want my MTV. Look at them yo-yos!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:42 | 1185330 Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection's picture

Impossible... RoboTroll and MethMan called a top months ago.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:59 | 1185448 Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson's picture

turd happy

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:40 | 1185612 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

You should be your ZH birthday is today.  Happy 1st!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:02 | 1185708 Creed
Creed's picture

creed happy turd happy


now post more

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:20 | 1185752 JailBank
JailBank's picture

Turd when are we going to get those margin hikes so the cartel can knock this price down for 3-4 minutes?

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:21 | 1185195 MaxVernon
MaxVernon's picture
Substitute "parrot" with  "dollar" and you pretty much have the picture of the future of the USD system.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:32 | 1185267 Misean
Misean's picture

Pining for the fjords?!?! We're Fjucked!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:39 | 1185320 MaxVernon
MaxVernon's picture shows gold at $1499 and change right now...

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:19 | 1185196 ZeroPower
ZeroPower's picture

This has been an epic 2 weeks. Something is in store, watch.

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:29 | 1185263 Arius
Arius's picture

i think you will be safe to assume 1500$ will take a long long time to be breached...

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:34 | 1185277 MaxVernon
MaxVernon's picture

If by "safe", you mean "on crack" then right you are, Sir!


Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:19 | 1185524 MayIMommaDogFac...
MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Put the pipe down, sir!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:36 | 1185304 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Yes, weeks if not months...

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 16:00 | 1185447 aVian
aVian's picture

today after hours it will be

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 17:06 | 1185714 Creed
Creed's picture

This has been an epic 2 weeks. Something is in store, watch.




Tue, 04/19/2011 - 15:19 | 1185197 Long-John-Silver
Long-John-Silver's picture

$50 next week.

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