Google Got Flack Over Leaked Diaoyu/Senkaku Sino-Japanese Boat Clash Videos

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By Static Chaos

The video of the infamous collision between Japanese coastguard vessel and a Chinese fishing boat off the disputed Diaoyu or Senkaku Islands in September was recently leaked and surfaced on YouTube (below).

From the YouTube video, the Chinese fishing boat--Minjinyu 5179--collided twice with Japanese coast guard ships Yonakuni, and another collision with patrol boat the Mizuki. The whole footage was 44-minute long, and only the actual collision part is posted here.

The video looks like was taken from the Japanese coastguard boat, and had previously only been shown to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, security officials and some lawmakers, but not released to the public. Japanese foreign minister Seiji Maehara told a parliamentary committee that the Japanese government would investigate the leak.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that the collision had occurred because the Japanese coastguard was undertaking "illegal operations" within Chinese territorial waters in the East China Sea. "The so-called video cannot either change such a fact or cover up Japan's illegality," Hong said in a statement on the ministry's website.

From the news coverage I've read so far, most marine experts believe these leaked videos do not establish that the Minjinyu 5179 deliberately rammed the Japanese ships.

Meanwhile, Google's got flack in Japan over these leaked videos as well. Tokyo prosecutors have seized Google's records in order to investigate how the leak managed to happen.

Some worried that this could reignite more tension and dispute, but I personally don't think things could get any worse regardless of these leaked videos.


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It is likely that Coast Guard staff leaked the video.  They had access to it for days.  Many people in Japan consider the leaker a hero for doing something the government refused to do.  That said, the Kan administration and the Obama administration screwed this incident up from the beginning.  No wonder Medvedev decided to push the issue over Japan's so-called Northern Territories.  Japan is being humbled on the world stage. 

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From the video, it looks like the Japanese vessel is a lot faster than the fishing boat.  Does the truth ever matter any more?  if the car hit the bicycle, is that really biker's fault?  It is a friggin ocean there, not a neighborhood stream.

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"most marine experts believe these leaked videos do not establish that the Minjinyu 5179 deliberately rammed the Japanese ships."

"the Chinese fishing boat--Minjinyu 5179--collided twice with Japanese coast guard ships Yonakuni, and another collision with patrol boat the Mizuki."

Gee, the Chinese ship only hit two ships for a total of three times. It must of been a mistake.

"One time is happenstance, two times is a coincidence, three times is enemy action."

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Listen to the voices of the sailors, that is the key.  You don't need to know the languge.  The Japanese are furious, the Chinese boat is not turning away, yielding, slowing, or in any way recognizing the Japanese boats or sailors demand that they "get out of our back yard".  It is not about the particulars of the event but the emotions of the people's and cultures behind it.

A little scrape of the boats, yes; however, deadly knife fights or shootouts are started by the bumping of shoulders, a step onto "turf", or words or a glance directed at the other man's woman.

This conflict is centuries old, and it is highly charged - we are Japan and South Korea's Ally and will be drawn into conflicts that they become engaged in.

Besides, the Pacific must maintain free, and ultimately dominated by our Navy, or we lose the Economic war completely and our ability to defend our continent.

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This is what we get for playing nice with China. 

I'll have to side with Japan on this one and say that the 5179 had all the opportunity to get out of the way but didn't. 



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The 5179 does not have to get out of the way.

The Japanese boat was overtaking and it was her responsibility to stay clear.

The Japanese boat was also to port of the 5179. In this position she is the give way vessel and the 5179 has right of way and has a duty to maintain course and speed.

Either overtaking or crossing the japanese boat was obliged to stand clear.

Of course, under the prevailing international system of rights and obligations this incident is all China's fault and if not China's fault then the fault of Hezbollah and I'madinnerjacket.

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truth is the antidote to tyranny...censored news is a tyrant's best friend. long live leaks!!

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What you don't see is the Sea Shepherd hitting the Japanese coast guard vessel on the port side precipitating the collision.

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Looked like the Chinese boat was just trying to get the fudge out of dodge.

Nice little James Bond treatment at the end with the diesel exhaust.  (clap clap)


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Just a little "Saturday night street racing" trading of paint. No harm, no foul.....unless you're looking to stir up the hornet's nest.

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Mao's Eighth Route Army specializes in figure 8

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If Mao had all the financial and military help the Nationalists got they would have won the war very early. The Nationalist Chinese army colluded with the Americans, Japanese and the Nazis. One of the few times that the US backed the same horse as the Japanese and Germans. In the end the Nationalists hatred of the peasants, alliance with the Japanese and sheer corruption was their downfall.

Nice to know the remnants of the Nationalist Chinese army are still in Burma running drugs and weapons and laundering their money through Tawainese and Western banks. The US has been helping them ever since they were ousted from China.

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Gee, if only Chairman Mao was still alive.  He could have planned some evasive action running the ship into a very complex repetitive figure 8 maneuver, then starved a few million Chinese after American pilots from Kunming pulled his ass out of the Japanese stir fry.

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Your idea of factured history? The US never backed Mao. The US did everything it could to stop the Communists from coming into power including colluding with the Nazis to arm the Nationalists.

If the US had not backed Japan's invasion and occupation of Manchuria and Korea one wonders if the Communists would have ever come to power in both countries? You can thank Teddy Roosevelt for that little scewup. Blowback is a bitch.