Got Dramamine? 30 Year Vol Surges As Long Bond YoYo Continues

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Up, down, up, down. The daily volatility in the 30 year is now openly inducing nausea in the $60 trillion bond market. But at least the Fed is clearly instituting price stability for 98 years running.

Expect to see a break out in MOVE

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Confetti bitches!

trav7777's picture

but what kind of confetti?

You have some kinda aversion, don't you, to just saying it

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I'll say it...

Catholic confetti.

jeff montanye's picture

and the argument for it is as follows:  the greatest impediment to honest government, oxymoron though it is, is campaign contribution reform especially re corporations and the vastly wealthy.  the greatest impediment to such reform is the supreme court which regards such as unconstitutional restriction of free political speech by said corporate "persons" and the vastly wealthy.  the votes for that supreme court position are from five catholics (kennedy, scalia, roberts, alito and thomas).  the sixth, sotomayor is yet to be heard from and does not seem as reliable as the others on this matter.

JimRogers's picture

trave7777: Not sure I follow. You asking me to tip my hand?

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture

He's wanting you to say "Jew" confetti, because Trav has become, sadly, a fucking KKK lunatic.

There was a time when the guy posted pretty damn cool stuff.  Now all he does is drag his knuckles from thread to thread, day after day, posting his redneck, trailer-park, KKK buffoonery.



Libertarians for Prosperity's picture


Maybe, but there's a real difference between Trav and JW.

JW comes from generations of money, at least that what he pompously brags about all the time. JW is your typical rich, disrespectful pig and you can see it in his posts - often long, obnoxious, drunken, thread-destroying, cut/paste garbage that disrupts entire conversations. You can see the sense of entitlement in the garbage he posts, and the selfish way he does it. He's the typical Palm Beach, Rodney Dangerfield character who still farts on the dance floor and pukes in the planter. We all know the guy that's too rich to be mannered.  

Trav is a different kind of pig. He probably comes from the southern trailer park culture - no money, at all. He's probably the first person in his family to go to graduate school and the first in his family to use a fork and knife.  That, too, you can see in his writing.  There's no sense of rich entitlement in Trav's posts - just rage, anger and hatred because once he entered the real world, the sad truth hit him: no matter how smart he is, his life would still be a struggle because he doesn't quite fit in, doesn't have the connections of the elite, the plutocrats, or those damn jews who control everything.  All those people less intelligent than him have the one thing he doesn't: connections.  He's the summa cum laude guy who still gets the raw deal after graduation because he doesn't. fit. in. 

You can take the guy out of the trailer park, but you can never take the trailer park out of the guy.  And that will forever drag him down

.... y'all. 



fuu's picture

I bow to your deeper understanding of their natures.

StychoKiller's picture

Gideon come in with his eyes on the floor --
Says: Y'ain't got a hinge, you can't close the door.
Moses stood up a full six foot ten --
Says: You can't close the door when the wall's caved in!
I asked him for water, he poured me some wine.
We finished the bottle then broke into mine.
You get what you come for, you're ready to go;
It's one in ten thousand just come for the show!


Know where I'm comin' from?


IQ 145's picture

 reply to the post itself; I'm not interested in whatever this bitching about confetti means; with regard to the post itself; you shouldn't be looking at these charts. Look at the "US Bond Chart" on the website. the drama is greatly exaggerated here. It's just another week in the bond market; they go up and down. 

JimRogers's picture

Confetti bitches!

Version 7's picture

"Better than cocaine"..

Silver Bug's picture

Trading like junk bonds, wait a second, that is exactly what they are. If not worse.

SheepDog-One's picture

But wait, as long as there are promises of more paper confetti, that means 'all is well' and bullish!

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Bring the chart porn Tyler. I want more! More of this please!

slaughterer's picture

Does this yoyo action have a meaning or interpretation?

GeneMarchbanks's picture

'Does this yoyo action have a meaning or interpretation?'

Looking for causal attribution, are we Mr slaughterer? So soon. Nothing has any meaning anymore, pal.


JohnG's picture

Treat it as a drinking game, makes it a little less horrible.....easier to take anyway.

francis_sawyer's picture

Rocky Balboa on yo-yo's...

"You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends! Y'see, it's simple mathematics."

Careless Whisper's picture

word of the day, courtesy of larry summers on cnbc



GeneMarchbanks's picture

Also rhymes with: hyper-inflation.

geminiRX's picture

That some good banksta rap!

scatterbrains's picture

If the vigilanties keep pushing the issue the berstank is gonna tank equities. Keep pokin the tiger bitches.

Stoploss's picture

Is this due to the mexican standoff between the dollar and euro?

Those two have a real problem right now. They are deadlocked

and both set to go the wrong way.

GoinFawr's picture

The MXN stands to do well in such a showdown.

francis_sawyer's picture

Like having a 'humidifier' & 'de-humidifier' locked in a room battling it out...

dumptakn's picture

What does it all mean? all this information?

It means its dump taking time.

Misean's picture

It's funny, just before things fail completely, parts break loose and flap about...

Cdad's picture

just before things fail completely, parts break loose and flap about...

As good an explanation for the behavior of the 30 year as any.

I expect this particular signal of distress to intensify this week.

SheepDog-One's picture

But Cdad isnt 'all is well'? I hear more deliveries of duct tape and bubble gum are being promised!

Cdad's picture

The only people confused about how the debt situation is NOT sustainable are criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers and the Senate.  I like my chances betting against the next duct tape plan, Dog.


StychoKiller's picture

The wheel is turning
and you can't slow down.
You can't let go
and you can't hold on.
You can't go back
and you can't stand still!
If the thunder don't get you
then the lightning will!

Small wheel turn by the fire and rod.
Big wheel turn by the grace of God.
Everytime that wheel turn round,
You're bound to cover just a little more ground!

-- Grateful Dead, "The Wheel"

PaperBear's picture

Gold/silver have finally ripped up again.

scatterbrains's picture

RBOB is clearly setting up to launch up over the highs. They better fast track that chained cpi.. or will they back date it a few years?

malikai's picture

Looks a lot like the action in gold+silver.

scatterbrains's picture

I'm guessing as long as the long end of the bond market can tank without affecting equities they will buy pm's hand over fist. The moment the bond market spooks the stock market though, I think the whole shit house, pm's and all will come a tumbling down.

slaughterer's picture

These bonds are supposed to be a safe haven store of value.  Suddenly they are trading like a high-beta, low-cap momo stock.  WTF?  Get Obama on the screen!   /sarc  

SheepDog-One's picture

30 year bonds arent even supposed to budge, yet now trading like a .com bubble stock on earnings day. Ah but all is well.

monopoly's picture

Well miners may come down on a bond dump but I truly believe they will be the first to recover and move to new highs. For now, enjoy. GDX over 61 gives us lift-off.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

OK, I'll bite..... give me a feel for "lift-off". GDX already +9% in the past 6 days