Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

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where's Russian FSB/KGB? they blew up a few buildings in 1999, including 2 in Moscow, which all led to "2nd Chechen War" and election of "strong-man" Putin?

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I've spent a lot of time trying to disprove to myself that 911 was not an inside job. I have failed. I spend a lot of time talking to very intelligent, informed friends of mine who simply will not believe that 911 was an inside job. Most of these people are conservatives who recognize that Bush was a failure and that the republicans are frauds. I invariably find that they simply have not spent much time investigating the 911 situation. Why? I don't know. When I first had serious suspicions around 2003 that 911 may have been a false flag operation, I spent hundreds of hours trying to find out the truth. I had to know the truth. Why so many others i respect do not have a similar compulsion to know the truth -I do not know. The 911 operation was perhaps the most significant event in our nation's history. It was a reckless gamble by a bunch of fanatic traitors that will forever alter the course of our nation's history- and not for the better.

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Keep talking. I've done the same with my friends. You might be surprised at some of the ones who say something along the lines of "I've known all along". But most won't, at least not yet.

One of my friends said something along the lines of "what you are saying makes sense but it is too horrible to believe, so I choose not to believe it". At least that person was honest about the reason for refusing to acknowledge reality.

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True wisdom comes from knowing what is a fact and what is a lie. Vox populi is easily manipulated because people will not make the effort to think. These cases of governments commiting a crime to further their own ends must be eliminated from the realm of future geo-politics. The more justice in a nation the more divine blessings it receives.

Adam Neira
Melbourne, Australia

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There are plenty of these kinds of activities taking place.

But I'm afraid it's a stretch to assume that 9/11 was one of them. It's not so much of a stretch to assume the CIA is selling weapons to insurgents. More likely, however, they've been stolen since so much of what got sent to Iraq was badly managed.

I'm not blind to possibilities. But whenever events of this nature have taken place, those carrying out the activities eventually suffer a form of remorse and SOMEBODY talks. Strangely, several events believed to be carried out by the CIA or the US in general (even by accident):
Flight 800

have yet to see anyone step forward and claim knowledge or responsibility.

I have some knowledge of events in Iraq, due to a friend's being stationed there, which indicate less that the US is promoting insurgent activity, and more that US incompetence allowed quite a bit to occur.

But convincing people who love a conspiracy that the facts are the facts is very hard. They so truly WANT to believe, that they are unwilling to accept fact as a basis for disproving their belief system.
Religions rely on this to keep the more traditional parts of their dogma alive.

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History shows us that it takes a good deal of time before someone comes forward.

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It's no stretch at all to assume 9/11 was a False Flag Attack. Do some research on PNAC, David Ray Griffin, Stephen Jones (physicist). The 'official' story seems to be the biggest conspiracy out there. How did Osama in a cave plant demolition explosives in Tower 7?

There is a concept known as 'The Big Lie' - an event (false flag) so enormous in scope that no one would dare question the official story. This article mentions one notable 'Big Lie' - the Germans setting fire to the German parliament building - and using the event to justify attacking Poland.

I don't 'love a conspiracy' as you would imply, I love the truth. And when the truth is so obviously different than the official story or lack of a story, someone needs to be held accountable. (That's why I love Zerohedge - they are exposing the truth and identifying the people we need to hold accountable - it's a shame Zerohedge didn't have legal authority to single handedly administer justice.)

Convincing people who cringe at the word 'Conspiracy' and trying to get them to consider anything counter to their belief in the official story is hard. Those who blindly believe what they are told in any (official) story are unwilling to accept fact as a basis for disproving their belief system. That's what makes False Flag operations successful - a population who wouldn't dare consider anything from the official story.

Watch this 2-minute video and tell me why this isn't a demolition. How did a man in a cave get operatives through all the security in WTC7 with explosives to blow it up? Tell me why WTC7 was never mentioned in the Official 9/11 Commission Report? If a 47-story building blew up anywhere in America it would be top news for months - this one never gets mentioned.

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Your question:  How did a man in a cave get operatives through all the security in WTC7 with explosives to blow it up?"

A:  Bush was running security for the WTC. 

9/11 Security
Courtesy of Marvin Bush:

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Come on, 9/11 has not even had an enquiry held, other than the one where the commitee said it was not a whitewash?!? what is that about. WTC7 falling despite being a building away from the other two? and the building in between still standing with minor damage?!? Lieberman on tape telling the fire chief to "pull it down"?!? and it just happened to house; CIA, ?!?the Pentagon being hit by a jumbo jet but no fuselage left?, no engines?, no bodies? and the hole in the building significantly smaller than the plane?!?. I am dumb but not that dumb!.

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I'm really surprised the article didn't mention 911, the most recent False Flag attack with the most continuing and material negative impacts. Most Americans don't even realize that 3 towers collapsed on 911; WTC7 being the third building. WTC7 wasn't hit by a plane, collapsed as a perfect demolition. What foreign terrorists got inside WTC7 to plant explosives? What Americans had time to plant them on 911 after the attack? Google David Ray Griffin, PNAC, stephen jones 911 and you'll find information as good as what's here at zerohedge. Here's a starter video for anyone not familiar with this stuff - please take 2 minutes to watch this.

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Good article. There is plenty of evidence of this and many more atrocities against the common man.

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i ever wondered why the germans did follow Hitler all the way. Now i know, today the same thing could easily happen again, maybe other countries are more endangered then Germany, cause we were teached for 60 years that this must be avoided in the future. Most people dont give a fuck what the government does, as long as they are save (they have jobs, a house or a nice neighborhood). People are afraid to loose their status quo, they will follow anyone who promises to defend it in tough times.

I cant wait for a total collapse of the current western civilization and our stupid gadgets, cars, kitchens, fashions and all the other stupid piles of crap.

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Webster Griffin Tarpley, if you don't know.

9/11 no doubt...the WTC '93 as well....

you all know what tonkin was....and pearl harbor....northwoods?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, MLK, and Bobby.....

OKC was, they found undetonated bombs in the Murrow building..... 

The underwear bomber for sure.....

These guys will do anything to get YOU to give up your GOLD!

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 In the interest of moving the agenda of the empowered elite of this world, it seems no act, however vile, is off the table... while actions taken are the result of conscious choice, at some point catastrophic, unintended consequence is a significant probability.

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Funny, the guy left out 9-11...the most elaborate false flag of our time.

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I'd post right now but the Black Helicopters are outside!


I'll just low crawl over to the window and pull down the shade so I can post.Hang on a second....

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 Don't be silly.They read everything they want to anyway.And they can see through the walls too!

 If you think you have any privacy, you are living in a dreamworld.


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Yeah, I've been hearing rumors that these new flat screen monitors are actually a two way monitor, or "camera" that can be accessed remotely. Kinda like what happening right now at Harriton High School, PA.

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On the school district...they are in trouble!Now think how easily the power to invade the privacy of the students corrupted them....and think about the vastly superior scope and power of the agencies here in the US.That much power is dangerously corrosive.


 There is no telling what some of the people behind the curtain know....or what they are capable of.

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 I don't think that is a danger unless you have one with a built in camera.If you have a camera attached or built in...good luck.

 I am serious about the seeing thru walls.Far infrared and very short wavelength microwaves are obvious choices.I am afraid it is currently impossible to be paranoid enough on this count.Drones and satellites provide great images too.And the problem is those with these capabilities operate for the most part in the "black" world.Consequently, there is far too little oversight.It is amazing what "national security" conceals.

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"From an economic standpoint, terrorism has been described to have four main effects... First, the capital stock (human and physical) .. is reduced as a result of terrorist attacks. Second, the terrorist threat induces higher levels of uncertainty. Third, terrorism promotes increases in counter-terrorism expenditures, drawing resources from productive sectors for use in security."

This sounds exactly like a bad divorce and custody fight, doesn't it?

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I don't disagree with your basic premise, which seems to be that false flag attacks are an excuse to strip civil liberties. They clearly are. What I have a problem with is the sensationalist tripe about shooting down an aircraft. The implication is that they would kill US citizens to accomplish this. If you read the declassified docs, this is clearly not the plan. It is one of about 9 different scenarios and the US citizens would be safely on the ground when the unmanned plane was blown up. Still evil, but not as evil as killing your own citizens to create a FF incident.

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then where, pray tell are the US citizens, who were on the 911 planes?  guantanamo ? diego garcia?  abu graib?

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The US gov't would never lie like that.

We fought back against those N. Veitnam's that attacked our boats in the gulf of Tonkin, we also paid back those Iraqs' that helped wit 9-11.

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I hope that you're joking and not that naive. 

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Pete, to be on this site you have to have a modicum of intelligence and a Colusseum full of wit

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The ease with which Yoo suggests creating a terrorist organization is remarkable.  While he doesn't say it, such an organization would need to carry out some actual attacks in order to establish some cred.

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Yoo is a terrorist. Anyone who can twist constitutional law into torture is the ultimate terrorist

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great!, i love these 911 threads.

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i have little doubt that false flag events happen (are happening).

i have little doubt that wikipedia is not the reference it appears to be.

careful on both counts.