Grading Equity Analysts: Failed & Over Bullish for 25 Years

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I was a sell-side analyst for several years.  I agree that most of this stuff is rather obvious.  In my opinion, the problem is mostly capture theory related.  That is, the analyst has to please the corporate client, and the natural long holder of the stock as well as the investor community in general.  Piss off the 1st two groups and you'll have neither info flow nor commission revs.  

Many sell-siders have become good analysts at hedge funds.  They didn't get smart all of the sudden.  They had to leave the sell-side to drop the baggage of the first 2 constituent groups I've mentioned.  

A fair analogy might be a MSM news reader/reporter.  The day they say anything original or insightful is the day their career ends.


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Who needs a study?  Most analysis work for firms which don't make money unless stocks are bought.  Duh.

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"n average, analysts’ forecasts for earnings have been almost 100% too high in the past 25 years"


Isn't that an enough said moment?

Chicanery, deceit, outright criminality.

The world of Mammon is going under, under it's own weight!

Good riddance,


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 all of us are trapped in this 'world' of yours including yourself

I don't know what good will be done by this annihilation

Dooms'day scenarios are fun to read, but not to be in one!!!!!!

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I agree maddy. Our world. But hard as it may seem, destruction always follows creation. Like clockwork, yin-yang.

A good time to peer inward is all.

"Runaway" is a dominant theme/meme, yes?


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I wasn't given the choice to opt out of it but I at least get to make the conscious decision to open my eyes or stick my head in the sand.

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Finally... the obvious is confirmed!