The Greatest Shell Game Ever Continues As The Whole World Is Now Insolvent; Updated Thoughts From Chris Martenson On The Upcoming US Funding Crisis

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Sir or Madam,

Let's say I were to tell you that you have a very serious disease but it is treatable and the prognosis is reasonable. But only if you were to take this 30 page memo of instructions to read and carefully follow. Would you read and follow it?

9.9 out of 10 people would immediately say "yes" they will. Of those 9.9, how many do you think would actually read it cover to cover until they understood it? 6 or 7? And of those who read it, how many do you think would actually throughly follow the instructions? 2 or 3?

We have just determined the number of people who value their lives to a high degree. The real question is, would you read and follow the memo. You just answered my question.

Considering Chris Martenson is one of the easiest and most comprehensible reads on this planet, I can't fault Chris for the ignorance nor the ongoing Ponzi. But I can and will blame you. Because the only reason the Ponzi continues is because people remain willfully ignorant and by extension powerless.


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Here, here.  But if we still must try to communicate to the lazy, this quote pretty much sums it up:

Taken together, this means that in only two short years, 2009 and 2010, as much new Treasury debt will be auctioned off to the public as was outstanding in 1995.  Since government borrowing never gets paid down, at least in modern history, it means that the last two years have seen as much borrowing as happened over the period in which electricity was strung to every house, the highways were built, and our population tripled.  What can we point to that was created over the last two years to rival those accomplishments?  

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"What can we point to that was created over the last two years to rival those accomplishments?"

A big screen in every living room and Facebook, what more could you as for? /sarcasm off



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JP Morgan's Interest Rate Swap Book?

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you guilted me into reading it.  very good piece. 

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Chris Martenson is the guy I respect most - he has a great thing called the 'Crash Course' on his website  Its in video format so I think you can handle it - har har.

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That's a good thing.  Rest assured, there will be a pop quiz!

The fuse is burning. 

If, or when, these deceptions are revealed, I predict that we will experience a pretty significant market dislocation that will take the form of a chaotic bond market, with yields that rapidly gyrate higher, currency perturbations that will shake markets, and an extended banking holiday, with capital controls imposed until a nightmarish derivative mess is unsorted.

If anyone doubted the wisdom of a few precious metals purchases, now is the time to reconsider.

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PMs are inexplicably cheap and available! Why tell everyone you know to buy them? Why waste your breath and increase the price! The problem with "I told you so!" is that no one is ever grateful - in fact, they will feel justified in hating you. And they will know where to come to get them by force if necessary.

Greedy? Selfish? Dumb bastards don't want to hear the damn truth. Fuck 'em.

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You have to understand that 9 of 10 people reading it and having any opinion about it are dependend on income coming from financial wizardry. You can't expect them to change anything because their livelihood depends on it! Just play it as long as you can.

Our lives depend now on that shit, we cannot work anymore, that's the TRUTH!

We can not expect people living of the system to undermine it, they know it's just smokes and mirrors game but if it ends what's left?

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Sorry but I don't buy into the idea that my life or life style is dependent upon the continuation of the Ponzi. This assumes things are going well now and that I'm living well under the present conditions. It's a faulty premise to assume. 

Besides, I'm simply asking for the wholesale thieving, corruption and extortion to end. The system can be changed over time. The Ponzi ends now.

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That's pretty selfish of you, asking to end wholesale thieving, corruption and extortion. Next you'll be demanding the rule of law.   

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I know. Shame on me. My bad. :>(

For my penance, I shall disable my mouse for two hours and clean my keyboard.

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that is what i have been advising as well. walk away from your keyboard, CD†

get some of that finger grease off those keys, it will thank you in the end.

psst, fight club on robo's page.

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Two hours? CD. There is a new keyboard blob goo ($3) that you push into the keyboad and it gets out the junk. But first start with the can of air and swoosh the junk onto something else that collects dust well (TV's are good for that). Then blob goo in, blob goo out--5 minutes tops. 

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When I was younger and just out of college a colleague went around and made a bet with several of us concerning how many of our coworkers had read an actual literary work in the past year.  Understand everyone who worked there had, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree.  Only about 5% of what we term the “educated” had bothered to read a book...


I doubt it has gotten much better.

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Three cheers CD! Its like selling your car for gas money if you look for answers and fall away on a good word.

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I read the whole thing when Chris put it up the other day. And he is the easiest and most comprehensive writer of monetization of the debt, Treasury issues, amongst of host of other subjects he tackles will brilliance and just the facts.

Your reply was calm and succinct as to what is wrong with the morons who can't be bored to read very important information. Furthermore, we seem to be getting a plethora of idiots around here lately and rather than letting them get by with comments as ignorant as too long to read (as Miles has advised me to do for my health and sanity--and I respect Miles beyond measure) I am thrilled you are doing the job of referee, judge, jury, et. al. Keep it up CD.

I appreciate your taking the load off of my hot headed responses because you actually have the ability to make a point brilliantly without directly calling the asshole a fucking lazy ass, shit for brains, waste of space on the planet.

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You were doing great until the 3rd paragraph. :>) I suggest you keep you're responses down to 2 paragraphs from now on.

Regarding the "others" I try to not shout too much because the point can usually be made much better with some dry insults. But I agree, the inmates are taking over the asylum. The reason is simple. Tyler stopped letting anons post, so now the anons are registering and are back. If you click on the ID of some of these, you will find they have been around 3 weeks or less.

Another thing I've noticed over the past month are a lot of IDs and avatars that have suddenly reappeared after being away for many weeks/months. You click on the ID and then click on track and you'll see some of them registered 25-30-35 weeks ago and had very little activity until the past month or less. Now they are back with a vengeance and many of them are unpleasant.

Something is going on here Howard and I suspect it ain't good.

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what are you suggesting?

bob dylan: something is happening here and we don't know what it is, do you mr. jones?

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Are you thinking of Buffalo Springfield?

velobabe's picture

no bob

i remember you mr creosote

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"ballad of a thin man" not "for what it's worth"  (both tricky: titles not in the lyrics)

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One of the greatest Dylan songs of all time...

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I have lurked here for about a year now and have followed a few regulars very closely. I do not nearly have the knowledge and insight of the issues as most have. I have wanted to chime in often. Alas, if only I had your penmanship! KITGW. I enjoy your posts.

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Technically speaking, CD, that was 4 paragraphs.

Just joshin' -- type away (after you get that keyboard cleaned).


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long read was worthwhile to me even tho i barely understand the fine points.

Thank you for the presentation. Well done.

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You should. Martenson is the guy that did the crash course presentation.

If you havent gone thru that, catch up.

Stop only reading headlines.

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if you have watched the crash course anything chris writes is compulsory reading. imho.

in $1000 bills stacked, how high is 1 trillion dollars.?  (answer below).

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answer.  67.9 miles high. i will remember that forever.

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Why did you even bother posting a comment? A dissenting view we can tolerate and even appreciate, but your comment = nothing but an indictment of your intelligence. If you want entertainment go watch t.v.. You are the epitomy of what is wrong with a large segment of our society. I know the kool-aid tastes good but its not healthy.

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It is worth every second and minute of it.  This guy is spot on.  Very objective and removed from any sensationalism.  His line of thought is impecable when it has to do with the the US bond market.  He is accurately sounding the alarm that there is something fishy with the indirect bidders.  If there is a brokerage account (Custody Acct.) for foreign central banks to hold treasuries, why in hell now, the indirect bidders are labeled as foreigners.  Based on the FED, 40% of the auctions have been sold to indirect bidders which supposedly are foreigners.  It doesn't add up.

"I described the Custody Account in some detail back in August of 2009 in The Shell Game, so I won't rehash how it operates here, except to say that it is basically a gigantic brokerage account held by the Fed on behalf of foreign central banks."

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And of course, Chris's worry of horrendous problems around the corner still assumes the published numbers are correctly represented and/or reported, numbers produced by a government and Fed well known for statistical manipulation, fudging and out right fabrication. 

As far as I'm concerned, there remains no credibility in this (or any) department. The only reason others believe the numbers is because desperate men do desperate things and desperate men love other desperate men for company. Once everyone is in the sinking boat and far enough away from shore to preclude rescue, all differences of opinion evaporate away when you either bail together or drown together. Or both. Misery loves company and thieves bail together.

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A couple of days after I buy gold, I always seem to get hungry and want to buy more.


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Bought  a digital callipers today and started to measure the dimensions of my coin collection - noticed how shit looking Krugerrands were when compared to philharmonics or maples.

Everything is to spec unless Larry implemented a gold coin to tungsten scheme , my Pamp suisse 10oz seemed fine.

First and only time I have seen all my gold bitches together - I almost got a hard on.

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Sometimes taking gold out and looking at it, or holding it helps the addiction. Very relaxing. 

But I start feeling guilty about every electronic $FRN I "own" that isn't in physical already -- not out of greed for forgone future profit, but for what can be "saved" by turning fiat debt into real wealth.  Like the end of Schindler's List -- "I could have saved one more!"

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i remember as a boy always wondering why scrooge had so much gold and so few bills, the latter of which were "real money" to me (1950's).  now we know.

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ditto who are you lol , mr beer can

feeling frisky.. a wonderful addition to the discourse .

who is any body. 

who what where and why ...